Steps of Madness

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Steps of Madness
Omni Forest - 800x2800
is a dungeon located deep in Omni Forest close to Omni-1. Just right-click on the giant rolling eye in a rock which is the entrance of this dungeon. It is highly recommend that you be level 50 to solo the dungeon, or level 30+ with a team of players around your level. As a note, there is no level lock to this dungeon, so if you have a high friend that would like to help you out in here you can bring them as well.

The story behind it is quite interesting. The place was opened during the Halloween season of 2001. At that time you needed a blood soaked teddy bear which you got from an Uncle Pumpkinhead (a mob that reappears every Halloween), to enter this dungeon. These days the teddy bear, "Childhood memory" isn't require the to enter SoM anymore, but if you find one during Halloween, they make a scary souvenir.

All players can reach it by talking to
Zyvania Bagh
Andromeda - 3158.1x899.3
in front of a small tent at ICC HQ. She'll give you a bit of brainwashed information on this dungeon as well as free ride to "enlightenment".

As you can see the place is dark, full of fire (that cannot hurt you by the way) and skeleton remains...not too friendly. You will find that in the room where Pulsing Hatred is located, it is full of lava. The safest way to get to it (if you want to kill the ugly thing) is to run on a bridge which is safe between the entrance and the small island where he is. If you fall in the lava get out quick, you will get 25 points of toxic substance damage every second you are in it.

The dungeon is dull of twists, turns and surprises. For the most part, the layout is one long cave filled with mobs with the sole purpose of taking you out!

Here is a map with locations of the most important mobs:

Here are the mobs you will face in this dungeon:

Note: Figment of the Imagination has different looks, the images you see are of 2 versions of it, there is also atrox, solitus and nanomage of different genders.

Some of the monsters have a chance to drop special loot:

drops from Unrelenting Fear

drops from Pulsing Hatred

drops from Notum Habit

drops from Sanity's Edge

drops from Thief of Reason

drops from Fragment of Sanity

drops from Jealousy

drops from Suppressed Emotion

drops from Betrayer of Memory

drops from Mind Shard

drops from Notum Habit
and Mind Shard

Essence of Pure Jealousy can be used to create an Aggression Multiplier, check this guide for details.

General loot:

You must be careful, since there are rooms in which mobs are very close, sometimes 4-6 of them which means that if you're in there may be looking at a tough battle.

Steps of Madness has an interesting individual living among the creepy monsters in those caves. His name is Neleb the Deranged (well he must be to live in that place). The creatures seem to obey and protect him, so at the end you will face him and 6 mobs protecting him.

A team should have no problem handling this situation, but be prepared for Neleb because he may look weak, but he swings his Battlerod like there is no tomorrow. He can cast a rather nasty init debuff from time to time, so be prepared to be able to stand your ground for awhile if that happens. He will nuke and drain some of your nano, so watch for that as well.

If you manage to kill him, this is what you are likely to acquire:

All the items apart from the Dark Dreams appear to have 100% droprate. And what's maybe even important, you can upgrade Neleb's Notum Battlerod, Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe and Fractured Sanity. Check this guide to learn how.

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