Upgrading Mantis Weapons

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Level: 176-220
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This guide will explain how to enhance weapons found in Smugglers Den. Unfortunately not every weapon found in there can be upgraded; those that can are Mantis Scissors and Queen Blade. You need the same item to upgrade those two, namely Diamond-Matrix Mesh. This item drops from the Diamondine Soldier. The
Diamondine Soldier
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1920x1445
is located in Eastern Foul Plains at coordinates 1920x1445. She isn't a pushover, so bring a team with you. The mesh doesn't have a 100% drop rate.

Since both weapons and products are no-drop, the user must do upgrade themselves. Good news is that anyone can do it with buffs alone.

This requires 92 Weapon Smithing.

This requires 100 Weapon Smithing.

Note : Mesh will get used up in the process.

Like the originals, the enhanced versions aren't crit weapons. With high requirements and slow recharges they aren't everyone's weapon of choice. Yet, will all that said, they can still be valid weapons, if used right.

Last updated on 10.15.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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