Diamondine Soldier

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Level: 150-220
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You went to the lair, you killed the Mantis Queen and her little mantis followers... and now you want your Mantis Weapon Upgrade?! Too right too, strive for being the best of the best. To get your upgrade you need to visit Eastern Fouls Plains.


Eastern Fouls Plains, 1900 x 1455.

Bunker in Eastern Fouls Plains.

When you get to the location, you are likely to find yourself face to face with
Diamondine Trainee
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1900x1455
and her guards, Valkyrie of the Triumvirate.

Valkyrie of the Triumvirate.

In addition to this, if you are of clan affiliation, you may draw agro from the other omni aligned mobs present at the location.

The Action

The Diamondine Trainee is a placeholder for the Diamondine Soldier.

Diamondine Trainee.

The trainee was UBT-able and didn't appear to have any particular tricks up her sleeves, apart from shooting quite hard!

The trainee can drop the Diamond-Matrix Mesh, which is the upgrade needed for the Mantis Weapons. However, it is not a guaranteed 100% drop.. on the occasion we were there, we managed to get some very unuseful Nadir armour.. at least the shop vendors might like it!

Once the Trainee has been killed, a 15 minute period later you are in with a chance of the Diamondine Soldier spawning.

On spawn of the Soldier, we found that UBT was not happening, although if you are able to UBT her, please let us know!

The Diamondine Soldier.

The Loot

On killing the Diamondine Soldier we gained the following loot:

Good luck!!

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Researched by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
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