Nostalgic Guide - ICC Shuttleport Island Quests

Nostalgia Guide! Please note that this guide contains information for quests or gameplay areas which are no longer available!
Class: Trader, Soldier, Nano-Technician, Meta-Physicist, Martial-Artist, Fixer, Engineer, Enforcer, Doctor, Bureaucrat, Agent, Adventurer
Faction: All Factions
Level: 1-15
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[i] Note: If you had a character on ICC Shuttleport Island, you have not lost that character. You may log in and continue play to remove that character to the main land. These characters can not be transferred to the new Arete Landing area.

These quests cannot be completed by Shades and Keepers as their starting grounds are ONLY in the Shadowlands.

When you reach the Island, you will spawn on the shore, just a bit off from the crash site. You will also notice that you have a completely empty inventory.

You will see Brandon Thorn just a bit inland to the north of your point of landfall:

As soon as you open dialogue with Brandon, you will receive your first level!
You received 1450 xp. New Level: 2!

You will also receive your start up equipment which includes your start up Nano/s, your weapon and your start up treatment and first aid kits.

As you now have your first level, you will have now received extra Increase Points that you can distribute on your skills. Use the Skill Window for this (Press U).

Brandon has a series of quests and information to help you get to know the Shuttleport Island. Lets get started!

His first quest helps you to get acquainted with the area and the wildlife, and is to find the four types of animals that roam the vicinity. This is a "target subject" mission, and the four types have to be found in a predetermined order. See your mission window for details. You can make it visible by pressing control-4. To find the targets, you can make use of your "Tab" key on your keyboard.

Once you have finished with this, talk to Brandon again for your reward, 400 XP and credits. You also will receive a Light Bar!

This directly leads to his second quest, which gets you acquainted with actual combat. In order to test your reflexes and get you used to the standard equipment, he wants you to kill one specimen of each creature you just found. He then proceeds to give you an overview about handling equipment, skills and how to use the weapons at your disposal to fight. Good luck!

Once you succeed in killing one of each animal type, go back to Brandon Thorn to talk to him again. As soon as you tell him you killed them, he will award you with 600 XP, credits and give you an unusable belt. This belt leads us to our next step.

His next task for us is an item delivery to one Equipment Vendor "Antonio Stacklund"

You also have an option for handing in monster parts to Brandon Thorn - for each 3 monster parts you give him, you will receive medpacks and stims, these appear to be dependent on the level you are when you trade with him.

Before we even get away from the Beach, we ran into ICC Bio Inspector. He is located at 835 x 755.

If you tell him you will help him, and ask him about the cull he will give you some information about the wildlife and gives you a mission which will lead you west along the shoreline. Your mission is first to kill Reef Salamanders. Then three Tropical Stalkers. Finally, three Cliff Malles complete your list for the culling. While you are fulfilling the mission, be aware that Rollerrats will still agro if you are in their *I want to pick on you* range. When you have completed all your kills and you return to the ICC Bio Inspector, you will be rewarded with a "Shiny Band" which will add +20 points to your Hit points when you equip it. You should also receive 350 XP and 350 Credits.

He has another quest which you can take, which involves you tagging all the animal species leaders, these are better known to us as "bosses". If you check your mission data, you will find that your first target is the Snake Leader, you will not have an upload to map option, however, you will find the snake as shown on this picture:

To tag, you need to stand quite close to the Leader and target it (click it)

Next up is the leet leader:

And next is Salamander leader:

Next up is Malle Leader:

and finally, the Rollerrat Leader

Upon tagging them all and returning to ICC Bio-Inspector, open conversation with him and you will receive 350 XP, 350 Credits and a Range Meter. He will now give you a mission to go and speak to Adri Afeli.

Adri can be found at 900 x 840.

He will engage you in a chat about weapons and will ask you to go and find him some compenents. Time to open up your mission window (CTRL 4)

The list of compenents we were asked to find were as follows:

- A Power Supply :: Cargo Droids : Found at 900 x 900
- A Compression Chamber :: Waste Collectors : Found at 950 x 950
- Stalker Limbs : Stalkers :: Found at 720 x 720
- Rollerrat Intestines :: Rollerrats :: Found at 630 x 780
- Bone Plates : Cliff Malles :: Found at 680 x 620

When you have found all your components, head back to Adri. Trade all 5 items plus your start up weapon with him, he will reward you with an upgraded version along with 400 XP and 400 Credits.

When you have finished this. You can speak with him again. He wants to send you on another killing spree. This time, you will be after Droids, Waste collectors and 2 bosses.

You can start this at 900 x 900 again and kill the three Cargo droids for the first part of your mission.

And now for three waste collectors:

Now for the Android Leader who can be found at 950 x 1020:

and finally we need to disable the Junk Bot Leader, we found him here:

Now to return to Adri. When you speak with him, for completing the mission you will be rewarded with 450 XP, 450 Credits and a small backpack!

Adri suggests you go to see Travis Molen, this is actually Adri's last mission. So, let's go and do that. Go back through the tunnel and you will come into a small valley with a ramp to the south. Follow this ramp upwards. At the end of it, turn north and follow the sign towards the Main Terminal. After another small ramp, you will be on the platform.

On our way to Travis, we bumped into Antonio Stacklund and... we still have the mission to complete from Brandon! You will find Antonio at 933 x 873

Deliver him the belt from Brandon and he will reward you with a Blackmane's Belt. You will receive a small introduction on how to equip belts and NCU Chips. Oh, and as a small further bonus, you will get one of them NCU chips as well as 50 XP and credits for the trip.

While you're there, be sure to ask Antonio about his weapon innovations. With the help of his Adaptation Factory, you will be able to enhance your starting weapon quite considerably, in some cases even allowing you to dualwield them.

For our next Quests, we are going to need to speak to Travis Molen. He will give you a run down on current situations. Speaking to him will reward you with the quest comlpetion from Adri, and most importantly, your next quests!

You will find Travis quite near to The Teleport Tower at 930 x 890.

Two of his quests lead to gaining Omni or Clan shoulderpads. These involve the Clan Field Surgeon and Unicorn Squad Leader Fixx.

Firstly we chose the option to try to help some of the medics here. This reward is for CLAN use only. Travis will explain how the medics are working really hard, but that you could make sure they have enough medical supplies to help the wounded soldiers. He also requests a status report from the surgeon.

To reach Elsa, run back down the ramp towards the aliens. She is located at 910 x 830.

When you start your conversation with her, your mission will automatically update. After talking to you for a while, she will give you a mission to scan some lifeforms. You will receive a scanner in your inventory although you dont have to physically use it. First on her list is the Alien Spider - Zix.

To get to the Zix quickly, you can jump off the platform to the right of Elsa. The spiders are located at 900 x 900. All you have to do is target it for your mission to update.

Your second target is the Reef Salamander. You will find these back near the coast line. So run through the tunnel and make a turn to the right. You should find them quite quickly.

When you have targetted the salamander, your mission updates and requests you to return to Elsa. Give her back her scanner, upon doing so you will be rewarded with a Joint Clans Shoulderpad.

At this stage you can tell Elsa that Travis wanted a status report. She will give you the report. Return it to Travis who will then give you a Xp and Credit reward.

For those Omni sided people who want to get their pads. Speak to Travis and tell him that it looks like he needs some help here. Suggest that you help him with the Unicorns.

Travis will send you on a mission to speak with Unicorn Squad Leader and also to retrieve him a status report. The Unicorn Squad Leader is located at 810 x 830. As soon as you open dialogue with him, your mission will update. The unicorn needs you to exterminate some aliens. In fact this is 3 Alien Spiders. So jump down next to him and run through to approximately 900 x 900. Each kill will update your mission. When you have killed all 3, you must return to the Unicorn. When you speak with him he will reward you with your omni-Tek Shoulderpad and also allow you to ask him for his status report.

Return the Combat Status Report to Travis who will reward you with some XP and Credits.

Travis also has quests which we can embark upon to get ourselves some armour!
So, lets open chat with him again and get ourselves some missions!

He has some Newcomers armour left, but he needs us to complete some tasks to obtain it.

He will ask you which you are interested in, but infact you can pull all the missions at once. So, keep clicking until you have covered all the options!

None of the missions have waypoints or coordinates. So, lets get these started one at a time.

At the bridge, the first mob we encounter are the Cross Wired Junkbots.

These mobs are for the "boots" part of your missions. You need to kill 3 of these mobs. When you have killed all three your mission will update and ask you to return to Travis. But we have got some more killing to do!

As we continue on the bridge to the right, we came across Stowaway Rollerrats and Shuttle Sabatours.

These are for your gloves and sleeves respectively. Rollerrats have an ability to aggro even if you thought you were nowhere near it, so keep your ears open! You will need to kill one Saboteur and three Rollerrats for your missions to update.

The next mobs we found, continuing clockwise around the circular area near where the aliens are, were the Climbing Salamanders and Giant Snakes.

Again, you have to kill three of each of these mobs. Watch your back though as they are quite social wildlife and like to bring their friends to meet you as well.

When you have finished here you should have killed everything Travis requested of you, so its time to return back to him.

When you open dialog with him, one after the other let him know you have comlpeted his missions and you will receive your new armour pieces as well as some XP.

And.. if you are as sexy as the model we found on the island - you will be lucky enough to look just like this with your own set of Newcomer's Armor

It is possible to upgrade this armour if you are Clan or Omni. Go and visit your side's equipment vendor who are located quite near to Antonio and you can buy badges to change your armour to Omni-tek or Clan Newcomer's Armour!

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Written by Uragon and Ukblizzard
Updated following 16.4.4
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