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There are lots of strange happenings going on in The Longest Road. It appears to center around a certain renegade Biological Materials Reseach Center hidden within the innocent looking Foreman's office of an Omni-Tek mining operation.

Never heard of this place until you run into Cody Monkie on shores of Newland lake?


Well, if you have decided to help him with delivery of Defense Unit Remote to Captain "Rik-Rak" Johnson, you'll learn what he meant by it's been difficult for him to deliver it. You won't have easy time either. If you head to this guide that explains quests you get inside this dungeon, you'll notice Rik-Rak is located almost at end of it. But since Monkie didn't set any timeframe by which he needs delivery done, you might as well get a task or two done on the way.

Both OT and Clan investigators are looking into what's been happening, and they request your help! OT seems to think that the nano-virus that infected Phillip Ross may have come from Biomare. It's up to you to get the relevant information back to the investigators. You can find details on the quests for Omni and Clan: here

General Info

You can get to the Foreman's office via the Whom-Pah system. The direct route is from 2H0. How you get to 2H0 is your business. Clanners can run/fly from the Bliss Whom-Pah, and there's a fixer grid exit near the entrance to mining crater.

There is a Fixer grid exit really near Biomare.

You can walk or run toward the biomare entrance.

Easy access through Whom-Pah.

Yes, this is an OT facility. There are OT guards that occasionally wander by and shoot at clanners. Plan accordingly. Best is to run back inside, because if you get flagged you could really screw things up for you team, especially with pets around.

He and his friends will shoot any clanners.

Time for some action! Go inside!

Loot Table

There are a few items not to be missed while inside the Biomare Research Facilities.



Security Officers



[Image comming soon...]
Executive Defender


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