Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

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Required Items

You will need the following items to make a piece of OT Steel-Ribbed Armor:

The Hacker Tool can be bought from general stores such as Fair Trade in Borealis. Omnifiers drop from various Rubi-Ka mobs such as Medusas. Steel-Ribbed armour can be rolled as mission reward.
Note: the Steel-Ribbed armour must be QL 200 or lower. Higher QLs cannot be used.

The Lock Pick of Eight can be tradeskilled with loot from Hollow Island. This tool is optional; it can be used instead of a Hacker Tool to lower the skill requirement to hack the leather armour.

The Process

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Requires 6x QL of the Leather Armor in Breaking and Entry.


  +    =  
Requires 4.5x QL of the Leather Armor in Breaking and Entry.

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And voila! You just created a brand new piece of equipment. You can do this with sleeves, gloves, pants, helmet and boots.

The Result

AppearanceStats at QL 200

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Special thanks to Members of R.U.R (RK1) for providing a model to wear the armor
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