Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

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Faction: Omni
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Another set of armor, obtainable from tradeskills.

Required Items:

You will need the following items to make a piece of OT Steel-Ribbed Armor:



Nadir Steel-Ribbed


Obtru Steel-Ribbed


You will need 1 per armour piece you wish to make.

The armor pieces, Omnifier and Hacker Tool drop from missions and can also be purchased at regular shops (except Obtru Armor). Lock Pick of Eight needs to be made.

The Process:

Requires x6 in Breaking and Entry Skill.
Note: Armor over QL 200 can't be hacked. However, this process applies to all armour types below QL 200 that are listed above.


Omnifing your armor:

And viola!, you just created a brand new piece of equipment.


Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

Stats for ql 200 Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

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