Upgrading Alien Weapons

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Solid Clumps of Bio-Material can be found rather often. However, only a few can upgrade alien weapons. Usually the Bio-Materials for upgrading alien weapons can be found on the city raid 'boss' and the 'boss' on the alien ship.

You can pre-check the kind of Bio-Material you have looted by asking your prefered bot (eg. your org bot) with the 'inspect' or 'bio' command, or by placing it in the tradeskill interface along with a Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. For Bio-Material used for city buildings please look at our City Building Guide.

To convert your Bio-Material clump from its unprocessed state, you now need to tradeskill. As an example:

Obviously, depending on the clump of bio-material and its QL, you will gain different end results.

The Kyr'Ozch Structual Analyzer can be gained by doing the Uncle Bazzit Quest or Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer.

Applying this to the Clumps of Bio-Material can render you several types of Bio-Material, please see the table below for what which type adds.

The process requires 6x the QL of the weapon in Mechanical Engineering and Weapon Smithing.

To combine the bio-material clump with an untyped weapon, the weapon must support that type. Also, the clump needs to be at least 90% of the QL of the weapon. Once a weapon has been typed, you cannot add another type to the weapon or clear the type.

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