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Levon Karubian is a troubled man. He's usually found walking between grid and whompa in Borealis, trying to blend in with the crowd. In his recent trip to Camelot he namely "borrowed" a book from there.

Unfortunatly he was seen doing it by Sir Bedivere and he's afraid he's comming after him with interests. So Levon needs you to travel there and see if Sir Bedivere is still there. He should be at round table, which you can find up the spiral stairs in first room.

This castle is located in the Clan City of Camelot in the northern zone of Avalon, it is home to the Knights of Avalon Clan, which is lead by Lord Galahad. This clan is dedicated to the old and long and mostly forgotten traditions of earth chivalry.

Getting there is a bit easier for clan players because the town is owned by their faction, but in omnis should have little problem reaching it. The fastest way is to use the grid to Camelot (top level inside the grid), that will require that you have 375+ of Computer Literacy Skill to use that exit.

Camelot has 2 Whom-Pahs, one from Wailing Wastes and another from Bliss (located in The Longest Road zone).

You enter this dungeon through the gate to the castle, there is a drawbridge that leads across the lava moat.

Inside, the dungeon itself is in two main sections. The first and upper floors are the actual castle itself where is safe for any players (even omnis) due to it's 75% gas suppression. The many Knights guarding their castle will not fight anyone unless they are attacked. As soon as you enter the place, use the door on the left side and continue to a large room with pillars. This room will have a door on the south side that leads to a set of stairs to the basement of the castle. That is where the interesting part of this dungeon lies.

This place is for level 150+ players, for a few reasons. One is the PvP part of it, and another is the last boss that you will encounter. I would recommend lowering your graphics setting a bit to avoid any latency (lag) due to the possible high number of players and actions being made in the basement.

A few things and tips you need to know before you go downstairs.

- Once you cross the door you are entering a 25% gas suppression area, the entire basement has that setting and there is no safe place to sit down or rest. In other words you are in PvP territory.
- You will only have a few seconds before you can be attacked, use every second to go as far inside as possible.
- Stay with you team always, don't get separated and don't split in different directions.
- Don't be surprised if you are ambushed by a rush from a team or group from the opposite faction trying to kill you.
- Be well prepared with ammo and medical supplies.
- Everyone in your team should be buffed and ready to run and/or fight.

It is in the first area of the basement (where there are actual rooms) where omni and clan players fight for domination of the basement. Those who remain in control are the ones likely going for the grand prize which is killing the genetically engineered giant dragon Tarasque which is at the bottom of the basement. Mobs will be level 100ish, for the exception of the bosses.

These are the mobs you will encounter before facing Tarasque:

Ghasap's Minion

Rider Lizard Scaly Lizard

Jaded Lizard Arc Lizard

Scarred Lizard

Ghasap's Minions have a chance to drop these items:

Here is a map with locations and important mobs:

As soon as you come down the stairs on the right side you will see that the first dungeon boss is located. Lady Morgan Le Faye is a wicked looking woman who is level 115, and she is not too pleasant to interact with. She will attack on sight. You don't have to fight her unless you want to, she will be carrying some torturing devices which she loves to use on trespassers. Be aware she warps people to her and calms pets. She will respawn 9 hours after being killed.

Morgan Le Faye is likely to drop these items:

A bit further down you will have a chance to take a path to the left, which will lead you to a large room where Lord Ghasap (level 150) awaits someone (or anyone) to challenge to a fight, may as well be you right?

Of course there will be a catch. Once you kill him, he comes back to life as Reborn Lord Ghasap (level 200) who seems to be bigger, and not only that, he comes with 4 bodyguards named Lord Ghasap's Elite (level 150). This time he will be a much harder kill, it's is practically impossible to do without a team (unless you're level 215+). He will respawn 9 hours after being killed.

The bodyguards don't drop any loot.

Lord Ghasap

Lord Ghasap is likely to drop these items:

Reborn Lord Ghasap Lord Ghasap's Elite

Reborn Lord Ghasap is likely to drop these items:

Both patterns are used to make NT nanos, for more details check this guide.

Now go back from the way you came and go deeper into the basement by going down a set of stairs. They will lead you to the first PvP encounter area. This specific room is called "the box" by many players, because of it's square shape and the boxes that lay in it. Both factions usually hold their ground here first to hold back the opposite faction. Defenders will be standing in two areas, right in front of the door into the room by boxes and around the corner by the door leading into the caves to cover more ground and eliminate any incoming rush of players.

It is here where the excitement starts, with one side holding their ground and another rushing to break through. But this is not the end of the conflict in the basement, at least not most of the time. As you go past this room you will enter the caves where giant lizards roam. At the end of the fist long cavernous corridor there will be a left and right openings, go left to travel towards Tarasque's lair.

The last room will be pretty large, with 14 Scarred Lizard spread out near the walls of the room. Most will not be in your way, so don't bother killing them. Now comes the second PvP encounter area. Usually players will stand near the door inside the room, waiting for the opposite faction to open the room and rush in. It is here where sometimes a last attempt to overtake the basement takes place (check the map).

In the middle of the room is where Tarasque will spawn in all his gigantic glory. I was lucky enough to participate in one of the regular raids which is run by the tnet raiding bot (I'm a member) from the Atlantean Server to take images of the dragon and players in action.

Tarasque even though it's level 200 will take more than 1 team to take on if you only have Classic AO, however if you have the Shadowlands expansion a single team of 210+ can deal with him. Be ready for a long fight, he has a lot of health (look at his size, and you will understand why). Don't try to pull him anywhere else because the spot where he appears is the best place to take him on, and he will never leave this room even if you tried.

The dragon is often lovingly nicknamed "Tara" or "Chicken" by many players who have done a raid in that room. Now comes the good news, Tara drops a few of the most valuable items in the game, which leads me to the not-so-good news. It is because of the loot that a large number of high level players rarely pass an opportunity to raid and get a shot at the loot. As a side note, and to show how many are into raiding Tara, tnet has over 2,000 members and most joined for this reason alone. This of course has lead to PvP battles on a regular basis between factions.

Tarasque spawns every 9 hours after being killed.

Note: If you fall into the lava you will suffer 25 points of toxic substance damage.

These are the items that Tarasque is likely to drop (not 100% on any of them, and only a handful will drop):

You can make Living Dragonflesh Armor from some parts, for more details check this guide. Don't run off after Tarasque falls, because Administrator DeValos will spawn a minute later.

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd. Additional information provided by Trgeorge.
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