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Along with AI came some new MP pets and DoT's (Damage over time nanoformulas).

What you need to get your hands on:

Drops from team mission bosses.

Drops from unique bosses (see below).

From Bazzit's Shop

Meta Physicist Pet

Pattern Name: Pattern of Indomitable Life
Drops from: Bio Dome
Nano Name:Nano Crystal (Summon The Rihwen)
Lvl Req: SL 220

Step 1:

Step 2:

Nano Technician DoT's

Pattern Name: Pattern of Approaching Death
Drop from: Hezak
Nano Name: Nano Cube (Cellular Re-Structure)
Lvl Req: AI 11

Pattern Name: Pattern of Impending Death
Drop from: Hezak
Nano Name: Nano Cube (Poisoned Thorns)
Lvl Req: AI 14

Pattern Name: Pattern of Inevitable Death
Drop from: Ghasap
Nano Name: Nano Cube (Frost Blades)
Lvl Req: AI 19

Pattern Name: Pattern of Imminent Death
Drop from: Ghasap
Nano Name: Nano Cube (Magma Covering)
Lvl Req: AI 21

Pattern Name: Pattern of the Occurence of Death
Drop from: Bio Dome
Nano Name: Nano Cube (Self Illumination)
Lvl Req: AI 24

Step 1:
Pattern of xxx Death
  +    =  Image
Nophex Cube of XXX Death

Step 2:
  +  Image
Nophex Cube of XXX Death
  =  Image
Nano Cube (XXX)

Last updated on 02.17.2011 by Trgeorge
Information originally provided by Gellex to the AI Library Forums and by Cim and Snurre to the Official AO Forums.
Additional information provided by Sloshmonger.
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