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Around the grid in Omni-Ent and Tir are special recruiters, Channeled Force Arbiters. They are seeking people brave enough to visit Biodomes. Well, not to actually step inside them just yet, but at least to speak with Research Dome 1 Wardens. They'll try to convince you to do that. But that's team endeavour and needs some preperation first.


The Biodome raid is considered as one of the most difficult raids on Rubi-ka, and frequently fails due to ill-preparation and poor management during the raid. It requires a high level of cooperation and knowledge of raid details on the part of all raiders in order to complete it successfully. It consists of two parts divided into several phases: farming the actual key to get inside of the Biodome, and then entering the Biodome and killing the boss inside.

You can't miss these biodomes, they are huge.

The Biodomes are located in two playfields, Belial Forest (Clan version), and in Southern Artery Valley (Omni version). There are three different biodomes in each playfield, located at various locations throughout each zone, in the swamp or forest areas. They are easy to find as they are isolated and very large dome-like structures.

Each biodome has a warden

This guide is focused on the Omni version of the raid, however, if you are Clan you can simply repeat these steps in Belial Forest. The name of the keycard will be different as will the name of the loot armor (and slight variations on stats), however, the process will be the exactly same.

To prepare for the first phase, you will typically need about 1-2 teams of level 200+ players depending on how powerful the players are, with at least 2 docs and a tank-type.

PHASE 1: Get the key to the Biodome

For phase 1, you need to kill Ressurrecting Swamp Hags located at different Biledrinker camps (labelled as Swamp Houses and Swamp Villages on Saavick's Map)

Belial Forest (CLAN Version)

Southern Artery Valley (OMNI Version)

There are 7 camps in Southern Artery Valley but the Hag will only be spawned at 3 of the camps. You get one key part from each Hag, so you will need to scout the camps and find which 3 of the 7 camps the Hag is located, one by one.


Notes for killing the Ressurecting Swamp Hag and the corresponding adds

1) The Hag AoE nukes for 3-7k, NSD is not affective. A good strategy for killing her is to send an enforcer or someone with tanking ability in right near her. Ranged weapon users should keep a distance out of nuke range, and melee users should be very careful. Docs should get nano range buffs from an NT if possible so they can stay out of range of the AoE. Docs might be best using Alpha & Omega if there are a lot of melee weapon users in the teams. She will occasionally warp attackers, so docs should be wary of who's being warped in and whether they need heals from a possible AoE nuke. If there isn't a doc present on raid, the player being warped into the camp should run away from the team, instead of back to it. This way only the warped player is affected by nuke.

2) After the Hag dies, there will be a respawn process of roughly 12 respawns, each with corresponding swamp-type creatures and a central boss in each spawn. An assisted caller should direct the raid force to pick off the adds while the tank focuses on the boss. When all adds are dead, have the rest of the raid force focus on the boss again. Rinse and repeat until the final boss dies (he looks like a large biledrinker), and you can retrieve one of the three key parts with some additional loot (see loot table for phase 1 below). NB : after final kill, there's a cooldown of several hours before a new Hag pops again, so be very patient if it's not up when you arrive ...

The key parts will combine to form words:

CLAN Version

OMNI Version

Once you have the correct key for your faction, you can start the next phase at any of the Research Domes located in your factions area. (As shown above on the maps)

Loot Table for Phase 1:

Drops from Ressurecting Swamp hags, and bosses prelude to final spawn process boss:

Folded Cardboard Box
Makes a novelty backpack item

The Extruder
Trader tradeskill item

  +  R-click (+1k credits)
(req 250 Pharmaceuticals)

Final boss drops of this phase:

PHASE 2: Organize teams for Biodome boss.

Organize teams, ideally with one doc and one reflect buffing profession (for example soldier or engineer), in each team. It's recommended that you form 3 or 4 teams, however, with experience it may be possible to do it with 1 or 2 teams with as many docs and high damage dealers as possible.

Ideally a 210+ enforcer (for his massive HP and taunting ability) is needed to keep aggro and tank on the main boss in the biodome itself (enforcer should not mongo! only single spec 4 taunts). A soldier is a great secondary tank if an enforcer isn't available.

Important note: Make sure at this point that everyone takes note of what type of damage their weapons or pets do, and bring a weapon of alternative damage type if it is possible. This will be come into effect later.

PHASE 3: Get everyone their Pass and Enter Biodome

1) Hand the Broken key card to Biodome keeper at the entrance to the Biodome, and a fixed key along with a box of passes will be given to you.

2) Make copies of this pass that will last 30 minutes each by right clicking on the box of passes. One click = 6 passes.

A raid leader should hand one pass out to each person in the raid as quickly as possible, right-clicking once each set of 6 passes are handed out. There are a maximum of 30 passes that can be made, so the maximum number of teams that can enter the dome is 5.

The 30 minute time-limit on each key basically means you have one shot at killing the main boss inside of the biodome because there won't be enough time to get back if something goes wrong. (Unless you have more passes to be distributed from the box, then, just need to reform outside of the dome, and right-click the box of passes again.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure everyone has their pass equipped in one of their HUD slots, or they will be killed if they try to enter the dome without it equipped by 4 Security System Deletion Turrets! All raiders must obviously enter the same dome.

Watch out for these 4 Turrets, aggroing one can wipe the entire group

Doesn't look too hard does it? It will kill you.

PHASE 4: Kill the main boss inside of Biodome.

Once inside you need to spawn the boss. To do this right-click the fixed key card on a terminal. This will spawn the boss, Urqhart the Absorber, who looks like a giant tree. Note that this boss is probably the toughest raid mob you will ever encounter.


1) 210+ enforcer or soldier should be tanking this boss.

2) It's important to take down this boss as quickly as possible in order to minimize the risk of failure: it will be difficult for docs to maintain that level of healing, especially when Battle Group perks have been used up.

3) After a certain period of time and/or HP goes down to a certain amount, the boss will put up an almost constant 1000 reflect shield, so docs need to be working their hardest to heal and not attacking. He will also AoE nuke.

4) After a certain time, boss will rotate between reflect shield damage types. For instance, he could put up an energy reflect shield. This might require that all energy attackers should stop until he changes dmg to another, and then those people stop attacking, etc. Raid leaders should take note of the dmg being taken, and direct raiders who use a certain dmg type to either stop attacking/limit attacks or switch to another damage type if that is possible.

5) Nothing that affects the area in damage or as a debuff should be used. This includes Shadowbreeds, AoE nukes, AoE debuffs such as calms/roots/snares, Enforcer Mongos (IMPORTANT) and AoE perks. This is VERY important to remember. This could draw aggro from the four defense turrets near the center of the dome, and they could start aggroing and killing random raiders. If this happens, it will effectively end the raid.

6) Doctors should not be attacking, only healing!! Doctors' focus needs to be healing only (with use of all available healing perks, items, etc), and not attacking, because they will have their hands full with healing. If a doc takes dmg/reflect shield hits they then have to heal themselves as well.

Loot table for Biodome final boss:

Kegern's Molybdenum Plate armor
(Drops from SAV dome boss, Omni version)

Jathos' Molybdenum Plate armor
(Drops from Belial Forest dome boss, Clan version.)

Pattern of Indomitable Life (component needed for creation of level 220 metaphysicist pet) and Pattern of the Occurence of Death, which is used in the process of creating Nano Cube (Self Illumination). For more information check this guide.

As for Molybdenum Plate armor, it can be upgraded with items found Inside the Machine. For more information check this guide.

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Information originally provided by Hollowburn. Additional information provided by Windguaerd.
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