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The mercenaries encounter is one of the most difficult, and time consuming experiences on Rubi-ka. However, if you manage to complete this raid successfully, you'll be very well rewarded.

Step 1 - The letter

Before you can even see the Mercenaries, you'll need a letter to give to a fellow named Otacustes, who hides in the Mercenary camp. It is fairly simple to obtain.

First, go to ICC in Andromeda. Here you need to find the ICC Peacekeeper Commander. He's usually in the middle, close to the statue, but he's been known to wander.

ICC Peacekeeper Commander

Talk to him, and ask him about a man named Joe. When he asks :"Joe Who?quot;, reply Joe Two-Fingers. The commander will then tell you where to find him. He will not always be at the same place each time you ask for him, but the commander will give you a hint to his whereabouts. Here are the different locations that he can be found.

Joe's location is identified by a letter on this map.

A. "Somebody said he was checking out the OT settlement north-west of here earlier today. Maybe you could have a look up there."
B. "I heard he was at the outback training camp west of here earlier today, you might find him around there."
C. "I heard he was checking some illicit use of pesticide on a farm far north-west of here earlier today, you might find him around there."
D. "Okay, but you didn't hear this from me. I heard he was roaming around a mutant village east of here earlier today. He might still be there."
E. "I heard he was hanging about a small village north of here earlier today, you might find him around there."
F. "Apparently he was looking for a certain cave south of here earlier today, you might find him around there."
G. "Alright sport, but keep this to yourself. I heard he was observing a mutant village north of here earlier today, you might find him around there."
H. "Word is he was checking out some strange stone formations north-east of here earlier today, you might wanna have a look around there."
I. "I heard he was measuring some crops at a farm quite far west of here earlier today."

When you find him, ask him about a man named Otacustes. He will ask you where you found him. Answer Eastern Foul Plains. He will ask you about the camp where you found him. Tell him that you found him inside the camp. He will look worried by that statement. He mentioned how dangerous the mercenaries are, and warns you to stay away from them. He does however ask you to give Otacustes a level. Tell him that you'll Contact him.

Joe Two-Fingers

Step 2 - Spawning Otacustes

This is the most time consuming part of the mercenaries raid. First, make your way to the Primus camp, in Eastern Fouls Plains. Here is where you have to spawn Otacustes by killing a place holder. He is marked on the map below.

There are many theories flying about good ways to make Otacustes spawn faster, but from what I've seen, you just need to kill the placeholder. If you have a few people with you at the camp however, it's good to kill everything in the camp, as the mobs there drop some nice stuff, including QL 200-300 empty implants, and Ebony figurines. Beware of the Notum Profundis. These mobs are rooted, and have the ability to warp you to them. If you plan to attack them (they drop some of the highest implants), make sure the entire team goes to them. It would be a good thing to get rid of the adds that are around them.

The spawning process can take from 15 minutes to a few hours, so be prepared for a long camp.

The layout of the camp.


When he finally does spawn, take this time to assemble your raid force. Otacustes doesn't despawn for a while (An hour or so). The reason why it is wise to assemble your raidforce now, is that as soon as you give Otacustes the letter, he will spawn the mercenaries. At this point, they will stay up for 1 hour. Gather people ahead of time or you probably won't have time to kill them all, thus you will lose some loot.

You will need a fair sized raidforce. While it is possible to clear the camp with a single team (this would be a tweaked 220 team), it is way safer to have 2-3+ teams present. Make sure you have at least 2 docs, a couple of tanks, an MP for NSD, and lots of DD. The faster you can take them down, the less chance you'll have of them despawning. When you're satified of your raid force, give Otacustes the letter and the Mercernaries will appear. Don't take too long to give him the letter. While I have personally never seen him despawn, I never waited too long to find out if it was possible. I have also heard rumors saying not to talk to him in vicinity as this will despawn him. (if anyone can confirm, or prove this wrong, it would be appreciated)

Step 3 - The Mercenaries

If step 2 is the longest and most annoying part, step 3 is definitely the hardest. The mercenaries spawn in the arena, inside the Primus camp. Have your raidforce wait outside the camp, just south of the bridge. Here, no mobs will bother you as you fight the mercs.

Assemble your raid force here.

Inside the arena, there are two wooden ramps. To pull one of the Mercenaries, it is no longer necesary to have a pet to aggro them. They are standing quite near eachother, but it is possible to body-pull them one by one. Try to avoid using the cracked (north) ramp since it can have pathing issues, the other (west) ramp should be fine.

If you are careful to not create too great a distance between you and the Mercenary you pull, it can be a good idea to pull while in your yalm.

Use this ramp to pull the Mercenaries out of their Arena.

Once you successfully pull a merc the rest is simply killing him. If you are well prepared, and have a decent raidforce, this part shouldn't be too difficult, maybe with the exception of Ian Warr. I suggest that you don't pull Ian as your first target. It would be better to practice with a weaker merc first. I'd also suggest that once you're done killing the merc, the puller should go pull another one immediately, while someone else hands out the loot. This way, you'll minimize delays, and maximise your time killing mercs. Again, if you take too much time, they might despawn.

The loot

Azure Reveries Armor

All mercenaries drop, or have a chance to drop, this armor.

Each mercs also drop individual loot. Here they are :

Ian Warr

1 Breastplate of Azure Reveries
1 random piece of Azure Armor
1 random Item from the list below

Nelly Johnson

1 Nelly Johnsons Little Black Dress
Chance for 1 Anything
Chance for 1 random piece of Azure Armor

Patricia Johnson

1 Pain of Patricia
1 Reign of Patricia
Chance for 1 piece of Azure armor
Chance for 1 piece of Luxurious Armor

Peter Lee

1 Random piece of a Notum Tank Armor
1 Random piece of Azure Armor

Ris Lee

1 Fancy Stethoscopic Glasses
2 Random pieces of Azure Armor

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