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This is a list of abbreviations and phrases you may see in the game's chat. The collection has been gathered over the years from various ingame chats, so some of them are outdated, others may have changed in meaning over time.

The guide is mostly aimed towards those of you, who have little experiences with chats. Still other who have gathered many chat experiences surely find some abbreviations or terms useful, since several are purely related to Anarchy Online and other may be used in other games with different meanings.

By no means this list could be considered complete or finished, game & chat language is a living language. New abbreviations are "invented" daily. Keeping up with this (game) language evolution would be nearly impossible for single persons.


abbreviation/phrase Description
AAD add all defensive: Your overall defense rating (including Nano Resistance) is enhanced without boosting the skills itself. AAD is “just” added to the game mechanic calculations for attack rating vs. defense rating to give you higher chance to evade an attack.
AAO add all offensive: Your attack rating is enhanced without boosting the skills your weapon sets as variables for your attack rating. The AAO influences the amount of damage dealt by your weapon though.
Basicly means you can not twink a weapon with AAO equipment, but increase your damage. Guide on attack rating & damage
Abandoned Facilities A seldomly used name for the Biomare dungeon in the Longest Road playfield
AC armor class: 10 AC reduce damage by 1 untill the minimum damage range of the weapon. This effect only influences the damage type the weapon deals, the different damage type armor classes do not cumulate!
ack(!) Exclamation used to show fear or surprise
add Means more mobs are starting to attack you/the team than were expected
Ado Adonis, the fourth playfield in Shadowlands
adv The Adventurer profession, also called advie or advy
AE 1. Aegean, a playfield on Rubi-Ka
2. Another way of saying AoE
AFAIK as far as I know
afk away from keyboard: Basicly the player saying "afk" won't interact with you or the environment.
The "/afk" command can set your character afk for the system with an automatic reply to everyone trying to send you a private message (PM/tell). Also the auto-afk option in your preferences sets your character afk.
On the battlestation the afk flag instantly removes you from the battlestation.
aggro Aggression a monster directs towards a player. Some items will not work when a player has aggro like treatment kits.
Every monster has an "aggro list" which simply determines who the monster attacks directly, during combat this list alters due to damage dealt, taunts or "annoying" actions like heals.
agi The Agility ability
AH Athen Hill: The raised area in the middle of Old Athen with a huge tree, a common meeting place
AI Alien Invasion Expansion: An expansion which adds organisation owned cities, org shops & the GMS on Rubi-Ka as well as combat versus aliens.
Note: The GMS is only usable by player who own this expansion!
alpha A high damage output attack used to open a fight, usually in the form of one or several weapons specials and offensive perks fired off in quick succession.
alt alternate/alternative: A character you play additionally to your most played character (main) or your highest level character.
AMS Augmented Mirror Shield: The extension of Soldier's Total Mirror Shield (TMS) nano line available with the Shadowlands Expansion.
AN The Andromeda playfield on Rubi-Ka
Andre Andre Bottle: Quest giving NPC at the ICC Shuttleport
anon anonymous: When a player is flagged as anonymous he/she won't show on the /list command.
To use this command type "/anon" in any chat window.
AO 1. Anarchy Online
2. Alpha and Omega: A doctor team healing program
AoE area of effect: An attack which affects a group of mobs within a certain range of the target. Often Nano-Technician area damage nanos are called AoE nukes, but also means offensive area effects from buffs/auras.
AoRK Atlas of Rubi-Ka: A 3rd party map with location marker for Rubi-Ka playfields. You'll find this map as download at our map download section, developed and updated by Onack.
AoSL Atlas of Shadowlands: A 3rd party map with location marker for Shadowland playfields. You'll find this map as download at our map download section, developed and updated by Onack.
APF Alien Playfields: Special raid zones for players with the Alien Invasion Expansion. You'll find several guides within our Alien Invasion Knowledge.
Additionally the way to the Legacy of the Xan (LoX) playfield requires you to pass the boarding area of the APF.
APT Anti-Person Turret: An immobile turret coming with the Lost Eden Expansion specialized to fight versus other player (not in a mechanical vehicle) in certain playfields like the battlestation.
AR 1. attack rating: A number stated in your Stats Window (Ctrl+9) and used by the system to calculate your chance to hit your target and the damage dealt. The number is the result of your attack skill(s) and your AAO. Basicly: the higher the number the better! Guide on attack rating & damage
2. Assault Rifle: Either the skill or the weapons get called AR.
ARK Advisors of Rubi-Ka: Player volunteers who are the ingame connection between the player and Gamemaster (GM) by answering petitions. ARKs appear ingame with their names in green.
AS 1. aimed shot: A special attack dealing massive damage in a single shot, often found on rifles and shotguns.
2. The Athen Shire playfield on Rubi-Ka.
AT 1. alien title: Gaining certain numbers of alien experiences (AXP) grants the player alien titles and a perk for each title that can (only) be spend in alien perks. See our Alien Title guide
2. Automatic Targeting: A Soldier nano buffing AAO by a small amount.
Ataxia The southern heckler spot along the east brink in Adonis past a narrow canyon.
Atlantean The game's first server, also called RK1.
ATM at the moment
aura Area buffs/debuffs which recycle periodically.
AV the Avalon playfield on Rubi-Ka
Avatar Your avatar is your character you see on screen, also often called "toon".
AVT Anti-Vehicle Turret: An immobile turret coming with the Lost Eden Expansion specialized to fight versus mechanical vehicles of other player in certain playfields like the battlestation.
AXP Alien Experience: A type of XP separate from regular XP or SK for killing aliens. You gain alien titles with them and can spend in the alien perks. See our Alien Title guide
aye Yes. Most likely taken from sailor slang... like "aye aye capt'in"

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abbreviation/phrase Description
baf bring a friend: Term used for two rather similar situation
a) When a mob aggros and brings another mob along (see add)
b) When a team leader asks you to get an additional member for the team, seldomly used these days though.
bah An expression of disgust
barrel Spirit Tech Apparatus: A part of perennium weapons, sometimes called a "barrel" 'cause it's needed for the barrel of the weapon. See our crafting guide for Perennium weapons
bathrobe Another name for the Reanimator's Cloak from the Crypt of Home
BB 1. Bronto Burger, a favourite food provider on Rubi-Ka
2. Billboard: The billboards in the cities
3. Blaster Beetle: Long ago an often hunted monster back in the days without Shadowlands
BBB Blinded Blackbird: A popular submachine gun for fixers and soldiers that drops in Crypt of Home dungeon
BBL be back later
BE / B&E Break & Entry: The skill, required for opening locked doors & chests as well as in some crafting processes.
beach A popular spot for hunting hecklers in Elysium. Located little away from the portal at Port 7.
beam Support Beam: An Atrox only 2hb weapon, once very popular among Enforcer.
beast The final boss of the Shadowlands, sometimes also called "fatty"
BF 1. The Belial Forest playfield on Rubi-Ka
2. May also mean "boyfriend"
bfe bumblef**k Egypt: A humorous name for a really remote and isolated location
big D A dungeon at Sentinels in Mort, the higher level companion to little d, once a busy leveling location now rarely used
bind Insurance scanning binds your character to the location where you scanned so you will resurrect there when you die, it also protects all XP gained before. Nowadays most just call it "save".
bio bio break: To go away from keyboard to go to the bathroom. Indicates only a small interruption.
blackhole What happens when a nano is cast but then fails without any error messages or effects occurring.
blind A hostile nano which causes a player's view of the game world to black out for it's duration, blinds also cause the player or monster it's cast upon to miss more.
blitz To run through a mission quickly, without killing anything, in order to complete the mission and receive the item reward.
BM The biological metamorphosis nano skill
BoB Blades of Boltar: Once a popular weapon for martial arts fighting player (not only Martial Artist), nowadays Shen Stick is prefered.
BOHICA bend over here it comes again: Meaning "we're about to get screwed"
BoP Bird of Prey: A popular Martial Artist attack.
borg Cyborg: A popular mob to hunt for XP - especially for free account player.
Bori/Bory The neutral city of Borealis
bot 1. Robot: commonly referring to Engineer's pets
2. chat bot: A system used on chat channels for raids or other purposes
BP 1. Breastplate: the armor piece which goes in the chest slot
2. backpack
BRB be right back
BRT be right there
BS 1. The Broken Shores playfield on Rubi-Ka
2. bulls**t
3. battlestation: A new playfield solely for PvP fights to gain Victory Points. See our Battlestation guide for more info
4. Backstab: A special attack of Shades & Adventurer
BTS back to start: Often used for hunting outdoors, especially at hecklers
BTW by the way
buff Beneficial nanos or items used to increase stats, skills or abilities.
burst A weapon special which delivers 3 bullets in a single attack, causing up to 3 times the normal damage of your weapon. Amount differs with the amount of bullets that hit your target (game mechanic roll). See our Attack rating & damage guide at the special attacks section for more information.
BwT Blessed with Thunder: An MA attack
BY Backyard: on Rubi-Ka these are the small zones with apartment entrances adjoining the training grounds

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abbreviation/phrase Description
calm A nano effect which mesmerizes a mob and makes it stop attacking. The calm effect is usually disabled by an attack or debuff. Synonymous: mezz
camp 1. The act of waiting for a unique mob or NPC to spawn, usually in order to kill it repeatedly for an item with small chance of dropping (camp for an item)
2. To stay in one place killing a particular type of mob repeatedly for experience (XP camping)
3. An area where a certain type of mob spawns in large numbers, for example "Rhinoman camp"
4. A term meaning to sit and log out, the command is “/camp”. Synonymus: log out
carb Carbonum armor, a popular tradeskill armor that increases the amount of NCU & Nano. (guide)
carebear Another player who cares unusually much about other player.
CAS CAS Symbiotic armor, an armor created through tradeskills (guide)
CAV The Central Artery Valley playfield on Rubi-Ka
CC 1. City Controller: The central device in an AI city, if the CC is decharged by aliens beyond a certain point it must be recharged before the city will fully function again. Also the CC can be charged to high causing random attacks. (guide)
2. crowd control: See entry for crowd control
ccl couldn't care less
CDS Cyborg death squad armor. Fixer armor that drops from cyborgs
CDR Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, a special pistol which drops from the Lab Director in Foreman's dungeon (guide for Foreman's quest and in general)
CH Complete Heal: A powerful doctor heal nano
chain When something happens multiple times in a row or very quickly. Usually refers to multiple debuffs being used on you. At times "chain healing" is used, means (mostly by a doctor) heal nanos are used instead of debuffs & damage.
chained / chaindeath When someone dies twice or more in a short period of time, the game mechanic sends the character to the city of the according faction
char Character, also called toon.
chem The Chemistry skill
chest Armor breastplates are sometimes called chests.
CI Composite Infuses: A Shadowlands nano which casts all 6 Infuses at once with a duration of 4 hours using less NCU than all single infusions
CL 1. The Computer Literacy skill (most common use)
2. crowd limiting: A feature which will limit the number of players that can be present in an indoor playfield, seldomly used. Synonymous: group selector (GS)
clam or clammers Derogatory name used by Omni or Neutrals for Clan or Clanners
clon The Clondyke playfield on Rubi-Ka
clone / cloning Two characters looking very much to exactly alike (either face or visual armor). Also cloning refers to the few options of endgame armor & weapons making everyone look the same.
clr clear: Typically heard in dungeons or missions to indicate all the mobs have been cleared from the dungeon or level/floor
CM 1. Composite Mochams: A Shadowlands nano which casts all 6 Mochams at once using less NCU than all single mochams
2. In low levels refers to Composite Masteries
CoH Crypt of Home: A dungeon in Broken Shores (guide)
congo rats Funny way of saying congrats or congratulations
coop 1. cooperator assault rifle: A soldier only weapon
2. co-op: An expression used at raids where two or more orgs/bots will cooperate to ensure the success
CoP Coast of Peace: A playfield used only for AI cities located south of Lush Fields
CoT 1. Coast of Tranquility: A playfield used only for AI cities located south of Clondyke and the western part of Lush Fields
2. Council Of Truth: Part of the AO backstory
countered When a nano program is successfully executed, but the target manages to avoid the effects. A counter is the result of the game mechanics rolling attack rate of the nano versus nano resistance
crat The Bureaucrat profession
crat suit A back slot item available to bureaucrats (and agents in false profession) only which has the appearance of a business suit
creds / crds / crdz credits: The money in AO
crispies Crispy Chiroptera: A 1handed edge weapon from the Crypt of Home dungeon
crowd control The ability for certain classes (Crat, NT & others) to "control" enemy creatures by rooting/slowing/mezzing/scaring them. Generally this is done so that the team can focus on one mob at a time without worry about adds.
CRU Controller Recompiler Unit: An item found for example in Rubi-Ka missions necessary to recharge a city controller and enable alien attacks (guide)
crunch A buff that reduces nano cost, most commonly gotten from NTs but MPs have a similar buff usually called "web"
CS 1. Customer Service
2. Clicksaver: a 3rd party utility for AO to make rolling missions and finding the rewards you want easier (available in our tools section)
CSPmap A replacement game planetmap, but not updated anymore. See AoSL as alternative
CT Control Tower: The main tower of a a Notum Wars tower site, required before other towers may be placed. When the CT is destroyed the whole base falls (Land control guide)
cuppa cup of coffee or tea
cya see ya: Slang for "I'll see you later"

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abbreviation/phrase Description
d00d A certain type of player distinguished by a tendancy to use short curt sentances, type all in caps and generally behave in an obnoxious way (example: "CREDS PLZ!!! WTF?!")
damage team A team with very little or no healing/calming support, relying strictly on high damage output to survive. In raids such a team is also called kill team (KT), the raid leader often is part of the KT to have a look at the loot first and avoid ninja looting
DAV The Deep Artery Valley playfield on Rubi-Ka
DD 1. Direct Damage: Nano's or Items that do damage directly to the target.
2. damage dealing: Self-explaining I guess. Also items increasing damage are called DD items
3. damage dealer: Player of classes whose main aim is to kill the opponent without having to support the rest of the team.
death loop When you die within a certain time and the game mechanics teleport you to the city of your alignment assuming you are at a too dangerous place. Synonymous: chained.
debuff Nano programs or items used to decrease stats or abilities.
deck 1. Cyberdeck: A nanotech-only item that boosts nanoskills, allows the use of certain programs but blocks access to conventional weapons
2. The slots you can put NCU chips and the belt in. See our Classic AO NCU Guide for basic information.
delta The amount of increase per "tick" to the health or nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill for nano pool and stamina for hit points. The amount of both is determined by Body Development. Commonly used as heal delta or nano delta.
Die Neue Welt The game's German server, also called RK3. Current plans appear to want to shut down this server.
ding An exclamation used to explain that you leveled.
disc Discs are unmade nanos (guide)
DKN Die Kleine Nadel: A piercing weapon most often used by Shades but also Enforcer
dmg damage
doc The Doctor profession
Doh(!!) An exclamation popularized by the TV show The Simpsons meaning something has gone wrong
DoT 1. Damage Over Time: Usually relating to Nano's or Items that do not cause direct damage but instead they steadily do damage over a given time
2. Defender of the Three: A boss mob in Temple of Three Winds
Dovve's An once popular map upgrade that now comes with the game
DPM damage per minute: Also DPS meaning damage per second, a way to compare character layouts, nanos or just weapons. Some 3rd party programs can parse the DPM
dragon 1. People sometimes call Spinetooth mobs "dragons"
2. Tarasque: The big dragon in the Camelot dungeon
3. Adventurer's Calia's Form: Pit Lizard morph
drains Nanos that take temporarily skill or health away from the target and transfer it to the attacker, mostly refereed to Trader nanos (ransack, deprive, divest, plunder), but other professions also have health drains
dressing gowns Another name for the Reanimator's Cloak from the Crypt of Home
dyna dynacamp: A type of mob camp consisting of a boss mob and a number of lesser minions, these can be found scattered around the AO landscape. In Shadowlands this is usually called unique camp.

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abbreviation/phrase Description
EE The Electrical Engineering skill
Eel Omni Supply Master Eel in Avalon: An unique mob killed for armor he drops and also part of several quests
EFP The Eastern Fouls Plains playfield on Rubi-Ka
elite Omni Pol Elite Armor: Black type armor
ELLTS Extreme Low Light Targeting Scope: An item popular for high level PvP that no longer drops in-game and so is very valuable and prized. It increases critical hit chances, but inflicts a penalty to initiatives. The lesser version is called LLTS
Ely(s) Elysium: A playfield in Shadowlands
enf(o) The Enforcer profession
eng(i) The Engineer profession
ES Enhanced Senses: An often asked for agent's buff that raises sense
Ent The Omni Entertainment playfield on Rubi-Ka
EoT Edge of Tarasque: Rare 2 handed edge sword dropped by Tarasque in Camelot
EP 1. Extreme Prejudice: An Engineer nano formula which buffs pistol and grenade +120
2. Very seldom meaning experience points, usually XP is used
EQB Enhanced Queen Blade: A 2 handed edged weapon typically wielded by Enforcers
ess Essence: An Enforcer buff that boosts health, stamina and strength
ETA estimated time of arrival
evac Evacuation: Describes fast teleporting out of an area or room that can be used in emergencies, mainly Fixer's fast-casting grid warps are evacs.
evades Refers collectively to the Evade, Dodge and Duck skills found in the Speed category. Seldomly to never Nano Resistance is included by evades, though it belongs to the defensive skills in the category

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abbreviation/phrase Description
FA 1. Full Auto: A weapon special which empties the gun's full clip of bullets into the target
2. The fast attack melee weapon skill
3. The first aid skill
FAAK Fall/Falling/Fallen Asleep At Keyboard
faction 1. A system of points which are acquired or lost by killing aligned mobs found in Shadowlands. Guardian Faction, one faction type you can gain, is needed by everyone progressing through the Shadowlands. You can see your faction by typing /open faction.
2. Clan and Omni-Tek, in few cases also Neutral are called faction
farming Doing something simple and repetitive with little risk to gain something, for example doing easy missions for tokens or killing friends over and over to get a PvP title
FBR Frost-bound Reaper: A popular 2 handed edge weapon from the Inner Sanctum
FC Funcom
FFA free for all: Used in a team or raid meaning loot goes to whoever grabs it first.
FFoK Four Fists of Kali, a self-only MA buff that raises the MA skill +140
FFS for f**kings sake
FG 1. Feline Grace: An often asked for agent's buff that raises agility
2. Fixer grid: Only fixer can give access to this special grid, it has more exits and is often prefered for reaching remote areas (without own normal grid exit/entrance)
FoL The MA attack Flower of Life
foreman's The more common name for the Biomare dungeon in the Longest Road playfield
FOTM flavor of the month: Refers to the tendency among players to adopt the latest uber weapon type rather than choosing a single weapon type to stick with throughout their career
FP False Profession: An agent nano that while running allows the agent to use some nanos of other professions (example: "I'm going FP trader for a wrangle")
FPS Frames Per Second: In 3D games the more FPS the smoother the motion appears, the more the better
FRN Finely Refined Notum: One of parts needed to make Tier 3 glyph
froob(ie) An affectionate name for new players on AO's free trial plan, derived from mixing the words "free" and "noob(ie)"
FSS Fine Smith Shattergun: A trader only shotgun found in Shadowlands
FT The Fair Trade store: Mostly referred to the ones in Borealis
FTW For the Win: A rallying cry, often used sarcastically
FUBAR f**ked up beyond all recognition: When a situation is really, really bad.
fumble A nano program execution error

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abbreviation/phrase Description
GA Grid Armor: A type of armor that fixers can summon and use which boosts their ability to evade attacks , so far there are 5 versions of grid armor ingame. Please see our Grid Armor guide for more information.
gank 1. Attacking and killing a player far below one's level who has little or no chance of fighting back, although a legitimate tactic in mass combat, when done off the battlefield it is generally regarded as a cowardly and dishonorable act
2. To attack a player of same or higher level suddenly and unexpectedly doing enough damage before they realize what is happening to decide the outcome.
garden Places in the Shadowlands where you can save, buy some equipment and offering travels between the gardens & fixed points in the Shadowlands. Please find additional information in our SL travelling guide, the according garden key guide can be found in the quest section of our SL Knowledge
GC The Galway County playfield on Rubi-Ka
GCB Guardian Circuit Board: A 5-slot NCU belt easily equipable at low levels dropped from Guardian of Tomorrow in the Temple of Three Winds.
GE Gamma Ejector: A low level submachine gun which drops in Foreman's dungeon
GF girlfriend
ggp gotta go pee: Expression for calling a short break
gimp Character that is weak for the level or acts like having no clue about his class. Generally not a nice thing to call others, please try to avoid it!
gj good job: A nice thing to tell a team mate when they do well
GM Usually means Game Master, origin as far as I recall is Genetic Manipulator, basicly persons who are employed by Funcom. GMs are the following part of the voluntary game support (ARK) with the abilities to influence the live game.
GoC Globe of Clarity: Shoulder item dropped from Tarasque in Camelot Castle
GoF The Greater Omni Forest playfield on Rubi-Ka.
grats or gratz Short for congratulations: Commonly used when someone levels or achieves a major milestone or gain a rare item.
gogo Go! Go!: Order to go quickly.
GoT Guardian of Tomorrow: A large robotic dog mob in the Temple of Three Winds.
gph Gaily Painted Hood: A rare and coveted drop from Tarasque in Camelot Castle, the hood gives a -15 nano cost modifier
greenies Most commonly refers to ARK characters whose names appear in green
greeter A type of ARK who is welcoming new players
Grid Is a place where all cities and lands are connected offering a fast way of travelling between fixed points on Rubi-Ka. There is usually a access point to the "Grid" in Large cities.
grid balls Personal Grid Converter (PGC) are sometimes called this because of their icon resembles of a cluster of interconnected balls
phats or phatz Short for "phat loot", phat is a leet spelling of "fat" meaning valuable, loot may sometimes be spelled "lewt". If someone offers to take you to get some "phat lewt" it's a good thing
GS 1. Galway Shire
2. Group Selector: Certain playfields (such as static dungeons, stores, etc) have a maximum number of players allowed in them at once. When that number is exceeded, a duplicate playfield is created to allow more people. These duplicate playfields are differentiated by group selector numbers. So if a bunch of your guildmates are heading for Smuggler's Den and you see them start saying "GS4 everyone", it means you should make sure you're in group selector 4. You can check what GS you're in by hitting shift-F9.
GSF Gridspace Freedom: The top RK fixer run buff which raises the run speed skill by 720 points as well as boosting evades a bit
GTA Guardian Tank Armor: A back item gained from the Guardian of Tomorrow in the Temple of Three Winds.
GTC The Greater Tir County playfield on Rubi-Ka
GTG Means either "good to go" (ready) or "got to go" which can be quite confusing sometimes, for example: "Are we gtg? No, sorry, I've gtg"
GUI Graphical User Interface: A general computing term which ingame refers to the parts of the game window the players use to control their play, such as the map window, action bar, etc. Please see our Basic GUI guide.

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abbreviation/phrase Description
Hack'n'Slash (H&S) A sub-genre of RPG games or a playing style, in which the objective is to kill, kill, kill with your swords, knifes, maces etc. This is often used derogatory about games that lack story or features to make role-playing interesting.
HE Humidity Extractor: A line of NT buffs that restores a part of your nano pool in certain intervals.
heal delta The amount of increase per "tick" to the hit point pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of stamina. Please look at Breed statistics guide for more information on the ticks.
Health Buff Commonly refers to the doctor team max health buff line or Enforcer essence line.
heck 1. Large stone mobs that inhabit the brink areas of Shadowlands, also called hecks or hexx or heckler.
2. Exclamation used to show surprise or disbelieve
HHAB / HH@B Hold Hell at Bay: A ring required to survive in the Pandemonium zone, also provides a large amount of Nano Resist. How to gain this ring is described in our Hold Hell at Bay Ring Quest guide.
HI Hollow Island: A high level outdoor encounter in Deep Artery Valley characterized by increasingly powerful waves of foes
HIW 1. The Hole In the Wall playfield on Rubi-Ka
2. Hollow Island Weed: One of two end bosses of Hollow Island
HoT Heal over Time: A nano that continously heals the target a few points at a time for it's duration
HP Hit Points: Represents the players health
HPO Heavily Padded Overcoat: A mid-level backarmor dropped from Tarasque in Camelot Castle
HQ 1. Headquarter: A meeting hall-like building in an AI city, an HQ must be present before any other buildings can be put down
2. The Omni-1 HQ zone on Rubi-Ka

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abbreviation/phrase Description
IC 1. Iron Circle: A doctor buff that boosts stamina and strength by 20 points
2. In Character: A term for acting with his character in roleplaying manner
ICC Interstellar Confederation of Corporations: A part of the back story of the game, more commonly used to refer to the part of the whompa system that connects the 3 factions and a fast way to the Alien Playfield
ID Only heard this term while talking about nano crystals, ID means instruction disc, a disc which defines the crafted nano crystal. Nano craft guide
idd Indeed / agree
IDK I don't know
IIRC if I recall correctly
im(h)o in my (humble) opinion
imp 1. Implants Implants guide
2. A type of creature in Shadowlands
INC Incomming: A warning that a mob is about to attack the team, sometimes also means when someone reaches the rest of his team / group
Inf Inferno: A high level playfield in Shadowlands with a hellish theme
init Initiative: Refers (collectively) to the initiative skills, namely Melee, Ranged, Physic, and NanoC found in the Speed category
Int The inteligence ability
IOR Izgimmer's Obfuscated Recompiler: The highest NT nano cost reducer buff.
IP Improvement Points: You gain them with every level to invest in skills. IP guide
IPS Independent Professionals Society: The name of the buildings in Jobe where nano formulas are sold
IS Inner Sanctum: High level indoor dungeon that continues the theme of Temple of Three Winds. Inner Sanctum guide

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abbreviation/phrase Description
j/k joke
JCGPP Jobe City Guard Personal Pistol: Lower quality version of the JPGPP
JEPP Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol: A rare adventurer-only pistol
joo or j00 leet speak for “you”
JotR Joy of the Race: A rare rifle found in Shadowlands
JotH Joy of the Hunt: The lower quality version of JOTR
JPGPP Jobe Portal Guard Personal Pistol: A rare soldier only pistol found in Shadowlands
JPN OOC Japanese Out of Character: A rarely used chat channel intended for Japanese speakers
JSPP Jobe Surveyor Personal Pistol: The lower quality version of the JEPP

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abbreviation/phrase Description
K / KK Okay
kewl cool
kiting Killing in transit: Act of attacking a monster and then moving out of it's reach to avoid damage, then attacking again, and so forth, often done by NTs casting area nukes to kill numerous mobs at once. In PvP fights ranged characters also often kite melee fighter, less often used to "wait" for special attack & perk recharges while taking less damage.
kitty Adventurer's Grinning Hunter Sabertooth morph
KOS Kill On Sight: This is a term used to define your standing with another creature. If you are severely disliked by a faction, NPC or monster you are probably attacked when you get too near. Seldomly used to order a team or group to start attacking as soon as a monster is pulled around a corner or through a door.
KS Kill Steal: This is the act of taking a kill from another player that has already initiated combat (Very much looked down on). Note: In AO the player / team with highest damage gains loot rights, not the initial attacker.
kthxbye "OK, thanks, bye": Once intended in a joking way, lately often used due to the lack of intention to type.

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abbreviation/phrase Description
ladder 1. When Trader's "ladder" their drains it means to cast one drain which gives them enough skills to cast a higher drain and so on.
2. To equip intermediate implants to increase an ability or treatment for reaching the requirements of higher implants. This is also called "step implanting".
lag When the game stalls, stutters, jerks or slows down for whatever reason.
lag monster 1. a humorous name for lag
2. adventurer's Pit Lizard form is sometimes called this because of it's tendency to cause lag
layers A buff that absorbs a certain amount of a certain or all damage type, the original is buffable by NTs and Enfos, but other professions have comparable
LCA Land Control Area: An area suited to plant NW towers on.
LD 1. Link Dead: Losing connection to the server.
2. Link Death: A death attributed to going Link Dead.
Leech Gaining XP without being active, i.e. afk in a dungeon while the team kills.
Leet 1. Elite: A well connected high level player group / organisation
2. The name of an adorable little two-legged mob which anyone who has played the game has no doubt encountered. Rumor says Leets invented the famous Leet Speak.
Leet speak A style of chat using intentional misspellings and substituting numbers for letters, taken to extremes it can be almost unreadable (Example: VV|-|@+ |)0 j00 |v|3@n j00 |<@||+ u|||)3rZ+@|||) |V|3? Translation: What do you mean you can't understand me?)
lefts Meaning to follow along the left wall of a mission as a way of helping the team stay together
legos Deathless Legionnaires: Skeletal mobs in the Temple of Three Winds which drop Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire
leveling When you get enough XP, you will reach a new level. This gives you certain advantages, like more IP to spend on skills.
LF The Lush Fields playfield on Rubi-Ka
LFM looking for more: A team that is looking for more members.
LFT looking for team: A player who is looking for other to team with.
LHR Lush Hills Resort: A small city in the Lush Fields playfield on Rubi-Ka. Popular mission area in the mid-levels as well as party location.
little d A dungeon at Sentinels in Mort, the lower level companion to big d. Once a busy leveling location now rarely used
LLTS Low Light Targeting Scope, an item popular for high level PvP that no longer drops in-game and so is very valuable and prized. It increases critical hit chances, but inflicts a penalty to initiatives, improved version is ELLTS for Extreme Low Light Targeting Scope
Ljotur Ljotur the Lunatic, minor raid mob in Deep Artery Valley
LMAO laughing my ass off
LOL laughing out loud
LOS line of sight: When nothing blocks your sight on something or someone. Opposite: out of sight (OOS)
LotV Lord of the Void: A large and very powerful multi-headed dragon mobs found in some of the Shadowlands playfields
lvl level

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abbreviation/phrase Description
M8 Mate / friend
MA The Martial Artist profession
main The main character that you focus on playing, most people have 1 main and a few "alts"
map nav Map Navigation: The skill needed to install map upgrades
MBC Massive Bolt Charger: A desirable weapon from Shadowlands, requiring Heavy Weapons skill to equip
MBS Maximum Beneficial Skill: Maximum skill + alladdoff that increases damage, after the MBS only chance to hit is affected not damage. Usually the MBS is stated in the info window of a weapon. For more information on MBS and damage please visit our damage guide
MC Matter Creations: A nano skill
MCS Mausser Chemical Streamer: Once a submachine gun popular with fixers created by converting a Mausser Particle Streamer with tradeskills to chemical damage
MD The Mutant Domain playfield on Rubi-Ka
ME The Mechanical Engineering skill
meep Fast evacuation to avoid death, usually only Fixer are able to meep with their fast grid nanos
MEP Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol: A complex tradeskill improved version of the engineer solar starter pistol
meatshield A defensive tank, a class who can absorb massive damage and whose role it is to pull aggro away from casters and other weaker team members. In AO the enforcer is the primary defensive tank profession
Medsuit, Treatment suit, Treatment gear A set of treatment-raising items used for installing implants, mostly centered on a set of Omni-Med clothing.
Mercs Mercenaries: A group of high level unique mobs lead by Ian Warr which are periodically spawned at the Primus Camp in Eastern Fouls Plains. Place holders must be killed in order to spawn an NPC named Otacustes (a.k.a. Ota) who is given a letter obtained through a short quest and will in turn spawn the Mercs. A detailed guide is available too.
Merlin Armor Collectively refers to a type of armor found in Inferno, so called because it mentions "Merlin" in the description (Examples: Moon Watcher Helmet, Vest of Torpid Sunrays)
mezz Mesmerise: The ability to stop a mob fron attacking by putting it into a trance, when the mob is attacked the mezz is broken. See also „calm“
mezz pet A type of pet available to MPs calming NPCs
Miir A fashion lable & clothing store on Rubi-Ka
MM The Matter Metamorphosis nano skill
MMD Meetmedere: Once a popular hangout for gankers due to the fact players must cross a PvP zone to use the grid entrance. Now mostly a place to meet for hunting Cyborgs (little & big d)
mob Short for mobile object, a programmer's term that refers to roaming monsters and NPC's.
mocham A series of Meta Physicist buffs that raise nano skills. Also often called "mooch(ie)s"
mod 1.) Moderator: The people that controls boards. Answers questions when they can, make sure we behave nicely on these boards.
Modification: Mostly refers to changing the look of the GUI. Less often mod is used for weapon or armor modifications.
Mooch(ie) Mocham: Meta Physicist buffs that raise nano skills
MoP, MoD & MoR Mark of Peril, Mark of Danger, Mark of Risk. critical hit buffs that Martial Artists can cast on others.
Mord Lord Mordeth: The unredeemed boss in Inferno killed for high level faction
morph An effect which changes the visible shape of the player's avatar (into an animal for instance), usually also buffing the character in some way. Adventurers are the primary morphing profession in AO
MP The Meta-Physicist profession
MPS Mausser Particle Streamer: A so-so submachine gun which can be converted into a better weapon popular with fixers called a Mausser Chemical Streamer
MQ Mind Quake: The top MP DD nano.
MRR Mass Relocation Robot: An item used in several tradeskill processes
MT Mistell: means the previous message was sent to the wrong chat channel by mistake. Also used for mission terminals. (Meet by MT)
mud 1. Mudurlugu: A trader only shotgun found in Shadowlands
2. Multi-User Dungeon
mule Using a specialized character within a certain area to help out one of your other characters. While some use a mule to for example craftitems, usually a mule plays the same role than the animal, carrying items you want to store or for transfering items between your characters
MW The Milky Way playfield on Rubi-Ka

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abbreviation/phrase Description
named Mostly used in Shadowlands to refer to mobs similar to dyna bosses on RK. Named mobs are significant in that they drop pocket boss patterns and other desirable loot. Some named mobs have an actually name like "Joe" others just have a special title, like "Unhygienic Rafter"
nano 1. The AO equivelent to mana, sort of a fuel for using nano formulas which much be frequently replinished
2. Nano formulas or crystals are often refered to simply as nanos
3. The Nanomage race
nanocost modifier The percentage reduction of the nanocost for execution of nanoprograms. The maximum nanocost reduction recognised by the game is based on your breed.
nano crystal An uninstalled nano formular
nano delta The amount of increase per "tick" to the nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill
nano formula The AO equivelent to spells, nano formulas are purchased or found in the enviroment in the form of nano crystals and instruction disks which must be installed and in case of instruction disk crafted before use
Nas Nascense: The lowest level playfield in Shadowlands
Neut Name used for the Neutral (faction).
nav 1. Navigation: The category of skills
2. Short form of Map Navigation skill
NCU Nano Containment Unit. Defines the number of friendly nano programs (buffs) your character can have at any given time. NCU chips equipted in your deck slots increase the total NCU space. For more information about NCUs please visit our Classic NCU guide
Neleb's The Steps of Madness dungeon: So called because the boss mob there is named Neleb. Also the Neleb's Notum Battlerod & Nano-circuit Robe often just get called Neleb's
nerf When Funcom makes something less powerful (If they should reduce how much damage a weapon deals, that weapon is nerfed). Sometimes also used by players facing a really hard encounter
Newbie A new player to the game, considered a friendly term
NF Short term for nano formula, the AO equivelent of spells
ninja / ninja looter Someone who is selfish with team loot/keeps the best stuff. A very bad and antisocial behaviour
NL The Newland playfield on Rubi-Ka
NLC The Newland City playfield on Rubi-Ka
NLD The Newland Desert playfield on Rubi-Ka
NM 1. nevermind
2. The Nanomage breed
NN 1. north north: Name used to describe the northernmost heckler spot along the east brink in Adonis
2. Nano Nanny: A utility for planning implants
3. nite nite: goodnight
nodrop A type of item that cannot be traded or sold
noob Comparable to "newbie", but a somewhat insulting term
NP 1. no problem
2. The nanoprogramming skill: An important skill used for assembling implants
NPC Non-Player Character: A character in the game that is not controlled by a player. NPCs differ from "mobs" in not being usually hunted for XP but rather function as vendors, guards, part of a quest or to serve some other purpose
NS Neuronal Stimulator: NT buff giving 20 Intelligence & Psychic
NSD Nano Shutdown: A MP nano that debuffs all nano skills by -2000 for a short time.
NT The Nano Technician profession
nuke A damage nano, usually direct damage, but can also be used to refer to AoE damage nanos.
NW Notum Wars: The expansion for AO that added org vs. org battles for ownership of notum mining sites (towers)

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abbreviation/phrase Description
OA Old Athen
OB Outside Buffs: Often needed to equip items requiring more of one or more skill(s) than you could get yourself
OE Overequip: When you wear an item that requires alot more in one or more skills than you have by yourself. In case of weapons and ACs of armor the efficiency may drop in 25% steps.
OF The Omni Forest playfield on Rubi-Ka
ofc of course
OHQ The Omni-1 HQ playfield on Rubi-Ka
ohw on his/her way
OIC oh I see: Meaning "I didn't understand before, but now I do"
OMFG like OMG, but with more emotion if you get my point
OMG oh my god: An exclamation meaning something really good or bad just happened
OMHH one more hit healing: Small Soldier healing nano
ommer Name sometimes used by Clan and Neutral for Omni
OMW on my way
ono oh no!
OOC 1. The faction channels. When you are in an area aligned to a faction you can communicate with all other player who are in an area of the same alignment, for example Borealis & Newland. When you are in an area not aligned to a faction you can only communicate with the player of the same faction who are in the same playfield. If I recall right, the abbreviation OOC means Open Orbital Channel - I might be wrong at that though.
2. Out Of Character: Saying or doing something that is not roleplay. Mostly used by roleplayers, as they sometimes need to say something that relates to the real world or have to explain why their character does something.
OOP out of power: A term used by healers to indicate they are out of nano and the team should pause for recharge.
OOS out of sight: When a person, object or monster is behind a barrier, for example a door or wall. In case of a fight you can not attack the person or monster unless you create a line of sight (LOS).
OP 1. overpowered
2. original poster (forum related)
opi The opifex breed
org Short for organisation
OS Offensive Steamroller: A soldier initiative buff
OSB Outside Buffs: Buffs cast on you by others
OST Outside Tank: A high level tank character outside the team, used for power leveling low characters
OT 1. The Omni-Tek corporation, also used as name for the faction
2. The Omni-1 Trade playfield
OTAF Omni Armed Forces: Name of a special (historical) devision of Omni-Tek, also used for a special armor line with the prefix
Ota Otacustes: A NPC which is part of the process of spawning the mercs, see entry for Mercs
overtuning A tradeskill process which removes some of the nano penalties from tank armor
ownz To dominate an opponent, typically used in PvP (example: "I ownz you!"). Also the name of a unique mob near Tir

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abbreviation/phrase Description
pads Shoulderpads: Often refers to the pads given as rewards for the popular Dodga quest
Pan(de) Pandemonium: The final playfield in Shadowlands where the Beast resides
parrot This is the only buff in the game that allows Non-MPs and non-Adventurers to fly without an air vehicle. It is casted by Adventurers as team buff though.
parts This could mean lots of things but often refers to the "suspicious" items which must be gathered from monster to get the new shiny powerful item
PB pocket boss - see our pocket boss guide
PC 1. player character: A character controlled by a customer of the game
2. politically correct
peeps people
Pen Penumbra: An arctic themed playfield in Shadowlands
Pet 1. Player controlled NPCs, like the androids of Bureaucrats
2. Short term for petition, the first step towards the ingame support
PF Playfield: Another name for the "zones" or instances in a game
pffft An expression of scorn or disbelief
PGC Personal Grid Converter: Sort of an access key, sold in stacks, that allows you to access the grid from your orgs tower site.
phats or phatz Short for "phat loot". Phat is a leet spelling of "fat" meaning valuable, loot may sometimes be spelled "lewt". If someone offers to take you to get some "phat lewt" it's a good thing
phear fear
phixxor Fixer
PH Place Holder: A mob which must be killed, usualy repetedally, in order to spawn another mob
phreak When a fixer warps to the grid, from an old hackers term relating to hacking into the phone system
pillows The Concrete Cushions (item)
PK player killer
PL Power Level: To level very rapidly, usually with the assistance of a high level player healing or pulling
plz please
PM 1. The Pleasant Meadows playfield on Rubi-Ka
2. The Psychological Modifications nano skill
3. Personal or Private Message, also called tell
PNH Personal Notum Harvester: The top end NT buff which replenishes the nano pool, also used for the lower versions of the NT buff
POI Point of interest
pool 1. The pool in Adonis is an underwater area you must pass through to reach the interior of the zone
2. A holding area where unsaved xp goes when you die. The "pooled XP" are additionally given back in parts when you gain XP
PoP 1. Pain of Patricia: A pistol which drops at Mercenaries
2. pop: When a mob suddenly spawns nearby creating a potentially dangerous situation
ppl people
PPPE Programmed Photon Particle Emitter:
1. Usually refers to "shape soft" or "shape hard" PPPEs; rare items which may be converted into MRR tools used in armor production
2. Also an intermediate stage in the tradeskill creation of a nano crystal
primus camp The location in Eastern Foul Plains where the raid mobs known as the Mercs are spawned, see entry for mercs
proc A programmer's term, short for process. Meaning to produce an effect of some sort at random intervals, for instance a weapon that randomly produces a stun every now and then can be said to "proc a stun"
PSD Problem Solving/Seeking Device: Buffing NCU memory chips
PST Please send tell: Requesting for a private message
psy The Psychic ability
psycho The Psychology skill
PT The Pharmacological Technology skill
pulling Gaining attention of a creature, in order to make it move towards you without adds. Often used in groups. One person is the "puller", and he/her pulls the monster in the direction of the group, who waits (around the corner) to kill the monster.
puppy Often referring to the Guardian of Tomorrow, a large robotic dog mob in Temple of Three Winds. Some also call their pets puppy
PvM/PvE Player versus Monster/Environment. This is when you fight NPC mobs.
PvP Player versus Player combat.
PW The Perpetual Wastelands playfield on Rubi-Ka
pwn Own: A common misspelling which has become a deliberate part of gamespeak, meaning to dominate an opponent

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abbreviation/phrase Description
QA 1. Questioning and Answering
2. Quality Assurance: The internal department that works with testing the versions before it is put out on the servers.
queen Usually referring to the Den Mantis Queen of Smuggler's Den
QL Quality Level of items, sometimes also means the level of monster
QT The Quantum Force Field Technology skill, a.k.a. QFT
QW Quantum Wings: A MP's buff giving the ability to fly.

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abbreviation/phrase Description
R Ready: Generally used when you are done buffing and ready to start fighting/enter boss room etc.
r u are you
r2r room to room: Means the team are done pulling mobs into the first mission room, and are ready to proceed from room to room
raid 1. A large multi-team effort to take down a difficult unique mob
2. An attack on a tower site
raidbot Special chat bot set up to handle the chat needs of large multi-team raids
rawk Rock: When something "rocks" it means it's cool and exciting
rawr roar: Like what a lion does, a boastful exclamation

RB The Rome Blue playfield on Rubi-Ka
RBB/RBA/RBS Rome Blue Basic/Advanced/Superior store
RBP Robust Backpack: A rare and expensive backpack most notable in that it adds +60 to several damage types
RCL Revolving Cold Laser (not used anymore as far as I know)
registrar A type of ARK who records character marriages in the game
req Requirement: Most items in AO have a requirement of a certain minimum skill level to be equipped
respawn After a mob is killed it will respawn, or reappear, again after a certian amount of time at it's designated spawn point. Respawning also occurs after the mobs have been cleared from a dungeon or outdoor hunting area
Rezz (effects) Cursed term for waiting for stats to return to normal after being ressurected (respawning at reclaim)
RG The Rome Green playfield on Rubi-Ka
RGB/RGA/RGS Rome Green Basic/Advanced/Superior store
RI Reduce Inertia: An MA evades buff raising all 3 evades +120
rights Meaning to follow along the right wall of a mission as a way of helping the team stay together
Rimor The game's second server, also called RK2
RK1 Rubi-Ka 1: The game's first server, known as Atlantean
RK2 Rubi-Ka 2: The game's second server, known as Rimor
RK3 Rubi-Ka 3: The game's German server, known as Die Neue Welt
RL 1. real life: What happens when you're not playing AO
2. raid leader: Raids generally go better when a leader is appointed who gives out orders
RM Real Mean: The most powerful and high level human mobs on RK usually have this in their names
ROF rate of fire: The speed at which a weapon fires
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
root A nanoprogram that roots the target in place for a period of time, the target may still fight and be attacked while rooted
RoP Reign of Patricia: An Adventurer only pistol that drops at Mercs, counterpart of PoP
roxxor rocks: Leet speak often meaning to dominate someone in combat
RP roleplay: Being in character in a game
RPG role playing game: A game where the player assumes the identity of a named character which is defined by various stats which may be developed over the course of the game
RR The Rome Red playfield on Rubi-Ka
RRFE Reactive Reflective Shield - Extended: The top end soldier long-term RK reflection shield buff.
RRG Rome Red Grid: The grid entrance / exit in Rome Red
rubberbanding When you're running and suddenly end up back where you started moving from. Also called "warp lag".
Ruins Usually refers to a hunting spot for cyborgs in Mort near Sentinels

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abbreviation/phrase Description
S&S Shop and save/scan: What you do between missions (sell loot and scan to save xp)
SAV The Southern Artery Valley playfield on Rubi-Ka
site A Notum Wars tower site
Scan The act of saving your character at a scanning terminal.
Scope A number of items which increase the critical hit chance for the Hud 3 slot. Scoping is the term used to describe tinkering with scope QL and inits to optimize one's weapon performance through the use of one of the aforementioned scopes.
SD The Den: Smugglers Den. A static dungon.
SEB The Stret East Bank playfield on Rubi-Ka
sec second (example: I'll be there in a sec)
sen The Sense ability
Sentinels An outpost in Mort where the big d and little d dungeons are located
SFA Superior First Aid: A doctor's +80 treatment buff.
SFH The Southern Fouls Hills playfield on Rubi-Ka
SFP The Southern Fouls Plains playfield on Rubi-Ka
shotty Shotgun
SK Shadow Knowledge: After level 200 players can no longer get XP, instead they receive SK which functions the same as XP but may only be obtained in Shadowlands and by special encounter and quests on RK
SI The Sensory Improvement & Modification nano skill
SL 1. Shadowlands: A major expansion which added playfields set in a mystical world of floating land masses along with many new features
2. Slayer: A slayer droid, high level engineer pets. Very nasty in team missions, very hard to calm/mez.
SMG 1. A submachine gun or the skill of the same name
2. Syndicate Messenger Gun, a high level fixer-only submachine gun found in Shadowlands
smug Clan Supply Master in Wailing Wastes: A unique mob killed for armor he drops and also part of several quests
smurf A fixer in grid armor, so called because the armor's head to toe blue appearence makes the wearer resemble a cartoon Smurf
SNAFU Situation Normal: All F**ked Up
Snare A nanoprogram that reduces its target's runspeed for a period of time.
So8 Servants of Eight: Its a type of MA armour
SoC Sword of Curiosity: An 1he weapon, lower QL version of the Sword of Wonder
Social Used to describe creatures that help out each other. i.e. if you attack a rhino beater and another rhino is around, then that second rhino will attack you also, because rhinomen are social.
SooL s**t out of luck
sol The Soldier profession, seldomly solitus breed
soli The Solitus breed
SoW Sword of Wonder: A desirable 1he weapon found in Inferno
soz Means "I'm sorry"
spam To recast a nano repeatedly, post something repeatedly to chat, or in general do anything repeatedly
spawn When a mob materializes into the game it is called spawning
SPB The QL200 version of the Superior Perennium Blaster or Beamer, a desirable weapon for soldiers or fixer
speeches Engineer and Bureaucrat area buffs/debuffs that recycle every 20 seconds, also called auras. Keeper area effects are only called auras though.
Splitting Mobs Split Pulling, Pull Splitting, Mob Splitting: Using one of several techniques to seperate social mobs so that you can fight them without any/many adds
sploit Exploit: Taking advantage of bugs to bend game mechanics to your advantage, doing this is against the rules of the game
SPS Superior Perennium Sniper: The QL200 version for Agents
SS 1. south south: Describes the heckler spot just north of Ataxia in Adonis
2. south spot: Describes the heckler spot in the southwest of Adonis
3. Senior Subjugator: Second "Vortex" boss in Pandemonium, kill him opening portal to 3th island
4. Superior Sentinel armor
sta 1. The Stamina ability
2. Spirit Tech Apparatus, a part used in the making of perennium weapons, sometimes called a "barrel" since it produces the barrel of the weapon
stacking A technique used by teams with bureaucrats to maximize the advantage of the crat's short term xp buffs. The team will damage 1 mob until it is near death and stop attacking will go on to the next one, when there are two or more mobs down to almost no health the crat will use the short term XP buff and the team will proceed to kill the mobs gaining a massive amount of XP, this can be tricky and fairly dangerous to do
Step Implants Implants that raise a specific stat or skill that are worn for the purpose of installing better implants in other locations, installing maps or NCU equipment, or wearing high QL armor. Step implants are removed and replaced with normal skill implants after you've equipped whatever. Popular step implant sets are for psychic, stamina, comp lit, treatment, and map nav.
STFU shut the f**k up
str The strength ability
sup A friendly greeting, dervived from "what's up?"
Support Class Used to refer to a profession that may help a team in a variety of ways, and is not focused on one specific task such as healing or doing damage. Examples of a support class are Bureaucrat, Engineer and Meta-Physicist.
Suxxor Leet speak for sucks, something not good
SWB The Stret West Bank playfield on Rubi-Ka

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abbreviation/phrase Description
Tank A tank has enough health and defensive options paired with aggro catching utilities. The most common tanks are Enforcer and Soldiers, but other classes can be tanks as well. The original meatshield a.k.a. tank is the Enforcer though.
tara or tarasque A dragon in the Camelot dungeon.
TBH to be honest
TBM The Brood Mother: one of two end bosses of Hollow Island
TC The Tir County playfield on Rubi-Ka
teh the: A common spelling error that has become a deliberate part of game speak
thx thanks
TIM or T.I.M. A unique mob in the form of a giant slayerdroid found at the end of the Biomare dungeon in The Longest Road
TK Trash King: A huge robot mob in Athen Shire that is part of the [/url=index.php?id=14&site=AO-Universe%2FKnowledge%2F&pid=27]sided shoulderpad quest[/url]
TL title level: Upon reaching a new title level skills you were previously unable to raise due to them being "title capped" will again be raisable. (TL 1 = 1-14, TL 2 = 15-49, TL 3 = 50-99, TL 4 = 100-149, TL 5 = 150-189, TL 6 = 190-204, TL 7 = 205-220)
TLR The Longest Road playfield on Rubi-Ka
TMS Total Mirror Shield: A powerful damage reduction nano of Soldiers
TNH The Night Heart: One of the guard bosses in Pandemonium, located in second island
TotW Temple of the Winds: A dungeon in Greater Tir Country
tradeskills 1. The processes by which players may create items in games, usually by combining various parts together
2. Refers collectively to the skills used in the creation of tradeskill items
Training Attacking a powerful social mob, then running to a group of players attacking other social mobs so that the powerful mob you attacked attacks and kills other players. (Really frowned upon. Don't do this!)
TG 1. training ground: The area new characters start in
2. Trade Grid Terminal
toon From cartoon: A term some players use to refer to their character
TS 1. The Time & Space alteration nano skill
2. Turn Spirits: Special loot-only items used to upgrade certain weapons from Shadowlands
3. Tradeskill(ing)
TSS Timid Spectral Scourge: First "Vortex" boss in Pandemonium, kill him opening portal to first island
TT 1. Treatment Transfer: A doctor's perk which casts a +60 treatment buff which stacks with SFA, requires level 201 to receive
2. Torturing Tool: A MA only weapon which drops from Morgan Le Faye in Camelot Castle
TTFN ta-ta for now: Meaning "goodbye, see you later"
TTS Take The Shot: A critical hit buff Agents can cast on others.
TTYL talk to you later
tundra A heckler spot in Adonis, located in the Piercing Tundra area
tweak To improve a character to a high degree of perfection, not to be confused with twink. A twinked character may be tweaked but not all tweaked characters are twinked
Twinking The act of using one higher level character to equip a lower level character with higher level equipment

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abbreviation/phrase Description
u you
uber Meaning super strong
UBT Uncontrollable Body Tremors: A doctor nano that debuffs inits and damage
unique 1. A mob of which there is only one of in the game, uniques are generally very hard to kill and drop uber loot
2. An item flag meaning the player may only have one of the item in their possession
USEB The Upper Stret East Bank playfield on Rubi-Ka
UT U-Turn: Basicly means back to the point you/your team started (see BTS)
UVC Universal Vulnerability Compendium: The best MA crit buff.

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abbreviation/phrase Description
Vanya The unredeemed boss of the Penumbra playfield, significant as a source of high level faction
VE Vision Enhancer: The new version of the LLTS, it is less effective but easily available.
VTE Virral Triumvirate Egg: Playermade shoulder item.
VTS Viral Targeting Subunit: The alien version of Vision Enhancer
VW The Varmint Woods playfield on Rubi-Ka

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abbreviation/phrase Description
WA The West Athen playfield / city on Rubi-Ka
Warp Refers to NT and Engineer warp progams also called beacon. In some cases the garden teleport nanos of MPs are called warp as well.
WB welcome back: Typicaly said to a team member returning after going link dead or having been away from keyboard (afk)
whompa The name given to teleporters located throughout Rubi-Ka. This name was given due to the sound the Teleporter makes when in operation.
woot or w00t An exclamation of joy or happiness due to an acchievement of some sort
wc 1. wrong channel: Same as mt for mistell but less commonly used
2. welcome
weed Hollow Island Weed: One of two end bosses of Hollow Island
WP waypoint: A place or NPC you have to get to during a mission or quest
WS The Weapon Smithing skill
wrangle A nano a trader can cast on others to briefly raise their weapon and nano skills, normally used to equip items.
WRU where are you
WT wrong tell: Like mistell but more rarely used
WTB want to buy: Used mostly on the shopping channels
wtf 1. what the f**k?
2. The Will to Fight PvP dungeon in Stret West Bank
wtg or w2g way to go: Means you did something good
WTH 1. want to hire: Used mostly on the shopping channels to buy a service
2. what the hell: Expression of surprise and disbelieve
WTS want to sell: Used mostly on the shopping channels
WTT want to trade: Used mostly on the shopping channels
WV The Wartorn Valley playfield on Rubi-Ka
WW The Wailing Wastes playfield on Rubi-Ka

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abbreviation/phrase Description
XP Experience Points (used for leveling)
XP ball A frightened rollerrat that pops out of a booby trapped chest, so called because killing it once gave a quick chunk of extra xp. While the expression is still used, the XP was reduced

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abbreviation/phrase Description
Y yes or why - often confusing.
yalm Yalmaha: The sleek silver flying ships you see flying around
YVW you're very welcome
YW you're welcome

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abbreviation/phrase Description
zerg or zerging To throw massive numbers of people at a target with little thought to strategy or planning, hopefully doing enough fast damage to take it down before it kills everyone. From the strategy game Starcraft, where mass attacks of small expendable creatures named zerglings was a common tactic
zodiacs 12 boss mobs in Pandemonium
zone To pass from one playfield to another

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abbreviation/phrase Description
*action* A way of expressing emotes on chat channels other than vicinity (example: *She flutters her eyelashes and looks up with a sheepish grin*), most often used by roleplayer
*G* Emoting a grin
*L* Same as LOL: laughing out loud

:) :( ;) :P :D
These and other variations too numerous to list are emoticons, used to indicate facial expressions in chat, turn your head to the left and you will see smiling and frowning faces emerge
^_^ -_- ^_- x_X O_o horizontal "Japanese style" emoticons, they're intended to resemble faces (Examples: O_o = shocked, ^_- = wink, x_X = dead, -_- = sad or sleeping, ^_^/ = victory, <3 = a valentine heart turned on it's side)
0% A Suppression Gas Ratio: Like 5% but you can attack members of your own guild
100% A Suppression Gas Ratio: no fighting of any kind possible
1337 The word "leet" in leet speak, may also be l33t
1hb The 1 handed blunt weapon skill
1he The 1 handed edged weapon skill
25% A Suppression Gas Ratio: The same as 75%, but you can also be attacked or attack opposite side alignment and neutrals
2hb The 2 handed blunt weapon skill
2he The 2 handed edged weapon skill
4H The 4 Holes playfield on Rubi-Ka
5% A Suppression Gas Ratio: The same as 25%, but you can attack same alignment outside your guild and neutrals can initiate an attack
75% A Suppression Gas Ratio: Mobs can attack you, you can attack mobs, but no PvP is possible

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