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The main aspects of Notum Wars are Towers and Organization Advantages which are based on the land an organization can control on Rubi-Ka. Individual players (who are not in an organization) are not able to either take or control land.

Each notum field has a level range on it, which applies to the towers you're allowed to place there. Ownership of an area is declared with a Control Tower (CT), this is the most important tower in any base, if that is lost then so is the entire notum base. Control Towers can easily be identified since they have a beam of light that is different from each faction. A clan control tower will have a red beam, and omni control tower will have a blue beam, and a neutral control tower will have a white beam.

A Notum Field somewhere on Rubi-Ka

Here you can see a Clan Control Tower on the left.

You can see the current standings between Omni and Clan by visiting:

What kind of Towers can I have?
There are several different towers that you can buy or create and then place on a notum field which your organization controls. They are divided into two different kinds: Guardian Conductors and Turrets.


Guardian Conductors

Placing these towers will give you modifiers (which will boost your abilities or skills) associated with each tower type. While a lot of these can be bought from the Towers Shop the following must be assembled by players:

MC / TS Tower QL40+

Trade Skills / Evades QL250+

Add All Off QL300

Treatment / First Aid QL250+

Melee Weapons QL80+

Bow, Grenade etc QL200+

Add All Off QL200+

Add All Def QL300


These towers provide less in the way of personal modifiers, but more in the way of base defense.

Organization Advantages

The number of advantages each organization can have it determined by the quality and number of land controllers the organization has.

Each of these advantages, when used, applies to each member of the guild.

How many Towers can I own?
Each notum field can only contain a fixed number of towers, and for each one this number is different. If there is no space on a field then you can't place a tower. Also players are only permitted to own a small number of towers determined by your title level.

Level 1 - 140 towers
Level 15 - 741 tower
Level 75 - 1492 towers
Level 150 - 1993 towers
Level 200+4 towers

How many Tower Fields can my organization own?

There are seven (7) types of tower fields. An org can have only one (1) of the same particular Type of tower field.* However, you can NOT hold all 7 different fields. An organization can own a maximum of 5 land control areas simultaneously and thus only support a total of 5 control towers from field Types I to VII.

    *An org can't have two tower fields which are of the same type (i.e. you will never be able to have two Type VII tower field). The type is defined by the QL of the planted Control Tower itself which in turn depends on the level range of the tower field.

Type I1-33
Type II34-81
Type III82-128
Type IV129-176
Type V177-200
Type VI201-225
Type VII226-275

A notum field held by clan side towers

Attacking a Notum Base

Land Control areas a subject to a cycling suppression gas system. When a Control Tower is initially placed there will be 18 hours with the gas at 75%.

Immediately following that the gas will switch to 25% for 5 hours (allowing opposing sides to attack).

Finally, the gas will switch to 5% for 1 hour, which will allow anyone not a member of the owning guild to attack.

If any attacker isn't a member of an organisation with a base then the Shield will first have to be disabled to allow them to attack. This is done with an Emergency Defense Shield Neutralizer.

I believe those are correct, but it's been a while since I checked.

By joining an organization that has a notum base will I automatically receive all the org advantages?
Yes, within a 2 hour period, if the organization has any org advantages (also known as Contracts) installed.

Will my towers boosting my skills do it all the time or only when I'm close, or defending the base?
As long as your towers are not destroyed they will work anywhere you are, including the Shadowlands, the Alien Playfields or in an Alien Ship. In other words, anywhere.

Note: Each tower has two types of modifier, Personal and Vicinity. The Personal modifier works on you anywhere, while the Vicinity requires that you be near your tower (mostly to boost your defensive skills). There are also requirements to place any tower down on the ground depending on what kind of tower you're using.

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