Alien Raiding in your City

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The attack, how it works

Aliens spawn at levels based on the organisation members present in the city. The more org members that arrive, the more aliens will spawn. The more players leave/die the less aliens will spawn.

There can also be random mayhem attacks or a powerful attack. These attacks will spawn more aliens, and on somewhat higher levels than the players, but this is out of your control. If other people from outside your organization come to help you that's all good, but there will not be additional aliens to these people.

Aliens detect members in the city, not those who are inside city buildings. Their target will be the City Controller. This gives you the opportunity to try tactics for raids for instance : Letting newly recruited low level members team up and be left alone in the city. The high levels hide in the HQ for immediate assist if/when needed.

City Controller

The purpose of a City Controller

This is the heart in every city. One of the reasons the Aliens attack the cities is because of the resources the City Controller requires. It is therefore the primary target for the Aliens.

The City Controller has a User Interface Panel which you can access by clicking the Controller. The options you get in this panel depend on the rank you hold in your organisation.

You can see the first tab of the panel here:

You can see the charge of the Controller on the right hand side of the interface. When Aliens are attacking, the City Controller will take damage to it's charge. There is nothing you can do to prevent this except kill the Aliens present in the City as quickly as possible. The most dangerous alien is the Hacker'Uri, which can do serious damage to your CC, it must be taken down as soon as possible at every wave.

When will the aliens attack

The Aliens will not start an attack on a city that has a controller that is lower then 50% in charge. If you have below this in charge on the controller, you are not able to trigger any attacks, and there wont be any regular attacks happening.

Aliens will attack in hours when they have observed 5 or more players online. If the org is online, but not present in the city when an attack is triggered, the Aliens will send a low level Alien that will just be there to destroy the controller. If org players then arrive to kill this low level Alien, the next wave will be more powerful.

When the City Controller is below 10% of its charge, the Aliens will assume they have won the battle and will not attack the city anymore. If there is an attack in progress, the Aliens will stop sending in new waves of Aliens if the controller gets below 10% of its charge and you will not get access to the final outside boss or the possibility to get inside the spaceship.

Cloaking Device and it's features

This is where you are given all the power to control your own destiny. If you have appropriate rank that is!

If the Cloaking Device is ON

This will protect the city against Alien attacks. When the controller is in this status there will be one attack per 7 days on average assuming the Controller has more than 50% charge. When this happens is a good mix of when the members in the org are online.

If the Cloaking Device is OFF

This will make the city more vulnerable to attacks, and the city will get one attack per 3 days on average. The rules for when the attack will come are calculated the same way here as above. It is a mix of randomness and also takes into account the amount of org members online.

If you do NOT have a Cloaking Device

This will work in the same way as when you have the cloaking tower status set to OFF.

If the cloaking device is turned OFF from the state ON

This is where your organization can make the magic happen. As soon as you turn the cloaking device OFF your city will pop up on the Alien's radar. You will then be guaranteed an attack within 5 minutes.

The Alien attack coming will be scaled to the people present around the city controller and in the city (it only recognizes members of the org that owns the city being attacked). Also note, you are not able to change the status of the controller during an attack. To prevent hordes of Aliens and several attacks there is a timer on turning the Cloaking Device ON/OFF. As soon as you have changed the status of the Cloaking Device it will take one hour before you can change it again, making it possible for you to have a new attack each second hour.

If the cloaking device is turned ON from the status OFF

Congratulations, you have hidden your city somewhat from the Aliens, and they will only attack you once per 7 days.

Getting Started

Form teams before you trigger an attack. Make sure you have a good team set up with healing and damage - also make sure that everyone is within teaming level range to ensure that Alien xp is gained.

All teams should get ready before the Cloaking Device is turned off, this means getting buffed, making sure you have nano and health kits, ammo and the best weapon equipped.

The Aliens have a mission to cripple the City Controller. The Boss will spawn after 20 minutes if the Aliens cannot reach their target of getting the controller down to 10% during the span of the attack. (The length of the attack can vary from 20 minutes to 40 minutes). So to make sure you have a possibility of getting access inside the spaceship, make sure your controller is fully repaired.

The Boss may also spawn sooner if the Aliens have no chance to win, even with reinforcements, so the faster you kill the aliens the faster the boss will spawn and the less you need to charge your controller. The Boss level is based on the number of present org members in the city and level. Max level on the boss is level 300, so he can be a real tough one. Also here you can greatly benefit by having other people that are not members of your org present in your area, as the final Boss can be quite a challenge.

Be sure to clarify loot distribution before the encounter to avoid disputes of loot during the attack.

The organization hosting the raid should at all times keep their guests (people not in the org participating in the encounter) informed as to when the aliens have detected the city and also from which direction the aliens will land and attack.

If the defense of the City Controller goes well and the General is defeated, every team that has a member of the organization hosting the raid will have a % chance of being invited to board the Alien Space Ship.

Attacking an Alien General

Boarding the Alien Spaceship

Once the Alien General is killed in the city, boarding teams consisting of players from the org and guests may be allowed to enter the enemy ship. The boarding teams will be made based on the levels of the organization players present. The system will then select out the players that get XP together and will give access to the ship (a playfield) only for these people. You will see the message as a popup box saying that you have been picked for boarding if that's the case.

A boarding team needs to have a minimum of 4 players, and max of 18 players. If there are more players present the game will create up to 6 different insides, with different ranges on the aliens inside.

It is important that everyone is very close to the City Controller when you have killed the Alien Boss to get an invitation into the ship.

Alien Boss in the Spaceship

Once inside the spaceship, boarding teams should work their way into the alien boss room as soon as possible. There is a time limit if the alien Fighter Pilot is not killed. Be aware that the last room is a dangerous place, and that teams will need to be well organized.

Note: Your priority is the boss room, after that is cleared go back and finish off the remaining aliens you left behind in the ship.

Button to Boss Room

There are two kinds of boss room.

Boss Room with Mini-Bosses

In this boss room the first objective is to kill the Fighter Pilot (if he is not killed in time, he will move the ship into orbit which will result in killing all people who boarded the ship), who may have a few aliens guarding him. After he is dead, immediatly run across from where you entered the room to the other end of the room.

The other side of the room from where you enter, a safe area.

You will find that the other side will provide you with cover, be sure to leave the tank exposed in the middle so the each wave can be lured to him while the rest of the team is safe and ready to attack on the sides behind walls. As soon as each wave attacks the team should immediatly assist the tank and kill all aliens as quick as possible. After each wave is killed a mini-boss will spawn (he won't move, so you need to go to him once the wave is eliminated). The boarding teams will face about 9 waves and mini-bosses before the Alien Boss shows his ugly face.

Take care of each wave as they show up, then take the mini-bosses one by one. There is a total of 9 mini-bosses, which means you will need to use the following tactic.

Mini-bosses will show at every terminal on the left and right of the main room.

After the mini-boss Channeler the team will need to switch back to the side of the room from which they originally entered. This is because the wave will be too close to the other side of the room and it may force the mini-boss to spawn sooner, making the team more vulnerable to his attacks since they will be in range. The entire team will be open to attack by the waves from that point on, however they will be next to the button that gets them to the level below in the ship, given them a way to get out, heal up and get back to the team if need be.

Run back to the area from where you entered the room.

Listening to team or raid leaders is crucial at this point of the raid, ignoring instructions or trying to do things on your own will likely get yourself and everyone else killed.

After all the mini-bosses are killed, then the Fleet Admiral will show his ugly face.

Fleet Admiral

Boss Room with Cocoons

In this boss room the first objective is to kill the Alien Reproduction Technician (if he is not killed in time, he will move the ship into orbit which will result in killing all people who boarded the ship), who may have a few aliens guarding him. It may be a bit hard to target the hostile aliens because of the large number of cocoons, so instead of using TAB be sure to target with your mouse cursor.

Looks like even the aliens have a nursery

After he is dead, immediatly run across from where you entered the room to the other end of the room. Be sure to stand behind the walls as close to the corner as possible.

The other side of the room from where you enter, a safe area.

After the Reproduction Technician is killed, then the alien boss, the Recruitment Director will show his ugly face. Here is where things may get tricky. The boss will spawn other aliens to attack the team. It is imperative that the team ignore the adds, and focus only on the boss. The boss will continue to spawn more adds as you kill them, so you will never kill all the adds anyways. As soon as the boss is dead, all the aliens he spawned will disappear and the team will be safe.

Recharging a City Controller

You are able to charge the city controller using CRU items that you use on the controller. Some of these are available in certain profession shops (however these are very expensive), and as well as loot in team missions. Anyone can charge any city controller (even if you are not in the organization which owns the city).

What is a CRU and how to get it

CRU is an abbreviation of Controller Recompiler Unit, players call it CRU for short. They can be purchased from people, certain shops (even though we advice against it since they're too expensive there), team mission bosses and a quest.

The QL of the CRU determines how much of the City Controller (CC) it will repair for. A QL50 CRU will repair for 50% (so if the CC is at 25%, it will end up at 75% charge). To use a CRU, left-click it to pick it up, and then right-click on the City Controller.

Alien XP

The Alien Experience works in almost the same manner as normal XP. You don't gain any new levels though, but you gain new titles. There are a total of 30 titles, and each title gives you the ability to gain a new Alien Perk.

The Alien Experience is not experience that is saved in your pool. You are risking loss of a certain amount of Alien XP permanently, if you die from an alien attack. You will not loose Alien XP by getting yourself killed by another monster, for example in Shadowlands, the monster killing you needs to be an Alien for you to lose the XP you have received. The amount you lose is also based on your level, and the alien's level.

The higher the level the Alien is, the more XP you will get. You are however not able to gain more than 10% of what you need to get to the next title level per kill, and you are not able to loose more than 25% of the XP you need to get to the next level.

Note: If you want to know in which order the mini-bosses spawn, check the Alien Hierarchy guide.

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