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Alien names seems to be built on the model: Rank - Class'Race.


GeneralCity Boss (always named 'Khaz)
EnsignRegular mobs inside spaceship
Fighter Pilot1st alien ship miniboss. +5% nano damage
Squadron Leader2nd alien ship miniboss. +10% nano damage
Wing Commander3rd alien ship miniboss. +15% nano damage
Second Lieutenant4th alien ship miniboss. +20% nano damage
First Lieutenant5th alien ship miniboss. +25% nano damage
Captain6th alien ship miniboss. +30% nano damage
Channeler7th alien ship miniboss. +35% nano damage
Fleet Commander8th alien ship miniboss. +40% nano damage
Brigadier General9th alien ship miniboss. +45% nano damage
Fleet AdmiralSpaceship Boss (always named 'Khazoh)


AnkariLow Evade/Dodge, low AR, pet masters, casting Viral/Virral nukes.Arithmetic Lead Viralbots.
XochHigh Evade/Dodge, casting Ilari Bio rejuvenation heals.Enduring Lead Viralbots.
IlariLow Evade/Dodge.Spiritual Lead Viralbots.
RimahLow Evade/Dodge.Observant Lead Viralbots.
JaaxHigh Evade, Low Dodge.Strong Lead Viralbots.
ChaHigh Evade/NR, Low DodgeSupple Lead Viralbots.


UriCentaurs, casting Viral/Virral nukes
HeruSnakes, casting Ophidian nukes
NakthiFloaters, casting Viralbot cloud area nukes
KhazCity Boss, General
KhazohSpaceship Boss, Fleet Admiral


Hacker'UriPowerful against City Controller, does heavy damage.
ZixComes in different variations. As Pets, and does not give AXP, loot or kill count. As Boss in spaceship boss room. As regular mobs, not spawned by any alien (spawned by Zix boss tho) and give axp and kill count.
Honor GuardPets spawned by General - Ankari'Khaz and Fleet Admiral - Ankari'Khazoh

Note: Mobs listed as being in spaceship are also in the Alien Playfields.

Last updated on 02.17.2011 by Trgeorge
Information originally provided by Roedran to the Knowledege Database Forum at the Official AO forums.
Additional information provided by Goreth.
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