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Classic AO

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Name   Description   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
2HO Graffiti   Deface some more omni landmarks   18.4.9   100-125   All   Clan
A Contingent Spy   Spying on an Omni-Med Research Lab   18.3.2   1-150   All   Several
Basic Shop Lifter   Daily Mission to hack terminals   18.3.2   200-220   All   All Factions
Black Market Bioware   Bring Back Bodyparts   18.5   175-200   All   All Factions
Bliss Graffiti   Deface Clan propaganda to tout Omni supremecy   N/A   50-75   All   Omni
Blood Plasma   Give (somebody else's) blood to help make some medkits.   18.4.9   1-24   All   All Factions
Collecting Carbon   Someone wants a bunch of rocks. People have some really boring hobbies.   N/A   All levels   All   All Factions
Crash Site   Daily Mission to clear a crash site.   18.3.2   79-99   All   All Factions
Criminal Hideout   A Daily Mission to go to the medusa city and kill five criminals.   18.3.2   175-200   All   All Factions
Cyborg Infiltration   Daily mission to infiltrate the cyborg command center   18.3.2   25-50   All   All Factions
Distress Signal   Daily mission to help out a stranded citizen   18.3.2   50-75   All   All Factions
Eavesdropping   Investigate and report about a double agent   18.3.2   150-175   All   All Factions
Elite - Biomare   Also known as Foremans   N/A   50-100   All   All Factions
Elite - Crypt of Home   Daily Mission to the enigmatic Crypt of Home   N/A   75-110   All   All Factions
Elite - Smugglers Den   Breech the breeding caves and exterminate mantis!   18.3.2   100-200   All   All Factions
Elite - Temple of the Three Winds   Daily Mission to weaken the cultists in the temple   18.3.2   25-60   All   All Factions
Elite - The Condemned Subway   Daily mission that takes you into the Subway.   18.3.2   1-25   All   All Factions
Embrace the Shadows   Daily Mission to find the loot the packs of shadows gathered.   18.3.2   75-99   All   All Factions
Enigma Dogs   Daily mission teaching you to train Enigma Dogs.   18.3.2   175-220   All   All Factions
Extraction   Daily Mission to extract and reform.   18.3.2   100-175   All   All Factions
Famous Last Words   Find pages of a lost manuscript   N/A   All levels   All   All Factions
Foreman's Graffiti   Deface some omni propagana   18.4.9   50-100   All   Clan
Four Holes Graffiti   Our client wishes to eradicate some of the Clan Propaganda in Four Holes   18.4.9   200-220   All   Omni
Infestation   Eremites have infested Rubi-Ka!   18.3.2   1-25   All   All Factions
Infiltration Preparation   Get cyborg parts for cyborg costumes   18.3.2   50-76   All   All Factions
Interception   Stop the Omni courier!   18.4.9   175-199   All   Clan
Jewelry   Daily mission to collect some jewelry   18.4.9   50-74   All   All Factions
Killing The Competition   A quick and easy victory point daily mission for those not inclined to PVP.   N/A   All levels   All   All Factions
One Foggy Hill   Daily Mission to protect the Enigma Sprout.   18.3.2   100-130   All   All Factions
One Green Hill   Daily mission to save the Bulky Ottou.   18.3.2   175-200   All   All Factions
Pirate Paradise   Kill pirates! Arrrrrh   18.5   75-100   All   All Factions
PvP Daily Mission   Daily Mission for Victory Points and XP/SK   18.4.9   All levels   All   All Factions
Rats!   Daily Mission to round up rats on Serenity Island.   18.3.2   125-220   All   All Factions
Reclaiming The Land   A sometimes frustrating daily PVP mission with Victory Points as a reward.   N/A   All levels   All   All Factions
Scavenger: Avalon   Recover some expensive gadgetry from the cyborgs!   N/A   75-100   All   All Factions
Scavenger: Perpetual Wasteland   Head out to steal some weapon pieces from the cyborgs.   18.4.9   200-220   All   Several
Scientific Breakthrough   Test an experimental virus for a virologist... On yourself.   N/A   100-149   All   All Factions
Scooplet Outbreak   Daily Mission to control Scooplet numbers.   18.3.2   200-220   All   All Factions
Sentinels Graffiti   Sticking it to the Sentinels   N/A   125-149   All   Omni
System Intrusion   Daily Mission to destroy the mainframe.   18.3.2   85-99   All   All Factions
The Cup   Daily Mission to deliver Plumbo XXX leaflets.   18.3.2   175-199   All   All Factions
The Grid   Complete a routine check of the grid   18.3.2   25-50   All   All Factions
The Hunt   Take out the boss of a dyna-camp   N/A   50-100   All   All Factions
Wasteland Recycling   Daily mission to search for recycling materials.   18.3.2   1-25   All   All Factions