Ice Golem Quest (Redeemed)

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Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 160-220
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Ice Golem

This guide will document the steps necessary to come into possession of an Ice Golem pattern for the Redeemed.

Before starting, you need to be aware that in order to progress from Penumbra into Inferno, it is traditionally necessary to loot A slightly dented molar from the great ice golem and hand it into Ergo. To do so, you must quest for Pocket Boss items, create the PB, and then defeat:
The Great Ice Golem

While The Great Ice Golem is a Pocket Boss, the pattern can NOT be farmed like a regular Pocket Boss, but must instead be quested for.

For the quest, the following items will be required:

NoDrop Unique

Adonis Catacombs

NoDrop Unique

Unredeemed Temple

Option 1 to obtain Vanya's heart,
requires six insignias.

*Option 2 should not require these.

Note: Some find it easier to gather these parts prior to starting the Quest line, others prefer to wait to get them while following the quest itself. What you decide may depend on your comfort and experience playing, or if you run into a glitch in this quest line. *One notable issue may be Vanya's Heart! So let's take a look at that first.

Vanya's Beating Heart

Getting Vanya's Beating Heart is not trivial to acquire, and the quest chain is on a somewhat short timer. However, you have 2 possible options for getting the heart in this quest:

    Option 1. Collect the heart BEFORE starting on the quest. Also, in this particular option, you will farm 6 Vanya Insignias to spawn an Unredeemed mob in the quest. It delays starting the actual quest, but is safer and saves several steps to shorten the quest/item timers.

    This is the recommended way to proceed in this guide due to some buggy and glitchy issues that can occur when following the quest progression line. If you wish to follow this option and obtain the heart prior to starting the guide (recommended) you can open that section by clicking below:

To get the Heart before starting the quest

Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel
Penumbra Valley - 3228x2208
(Option 1)

Once you collect the six Vanya Insignias, head to the Unreemed Temple in the northeast of Penumbra. Once there you will find the mobs you need to Get a Vanya's Beating Heart by entering the temple and then going to the second room, taking an immediate right turn up the steps, and follow the walkway until you reach a doorway just before the end of the walkway.

Enter the doorway and the first mob you need to locate is:

1. Patriarch Prophet Nar Van - Level 185

Kill the Patriarch Prophet Nar Van. Doesn't spawn adds, but if you are wanted and within their level, you may get agg from other Unredeemed mobs.

Patiarch Prophet Nar Van

His death should have popped Acolyte Cama Hume to the East of where the Prophet Nar Van standing on his pedestal. He should be glowing.

Acolyte Cama Hume

Trade him your 6 insignias, (Don't bother talking. Sometimes it bugs out. Just open a trade), and this should summon the Omega:

2. Omega Carlos Truhillo - Level 190

Omega Carlos Truhillo

When he spawns on the pedestal, mobs will begin to spawn around him to protect him and continue to do so throughout the fight. Letting him sit for a minute or two, then pulling him back toward the room's entrance can make that less.

After killing him, Vanya should appear.

3. Unredeemed Vanya - Level 200

Vanya should appear in the middle of the pedestal and like Omega, many mobs will start spawning. These will be higher than before. Pull wisely, as you did with Omega!

Unredeemed Vanya

When Vanya dies loot the heart!

note: Vanya's heart is a 100% drop off The Unredeemed Vanya. However, if more need a heart, you may have to wait out the 2-hour respawn.

    Option 2. Obtaining the heart DURING the quest line. In this option, you don't farm any Insignia but use quest item(s) to spawn Vanya. It's a quicker start to the quest, but can be buggier, and requires more steps with a shorter timer. You can find the guide for getting the heart this way under the Redeemed Cama section toward the bottom of this guide.

Now that you are aware of the two ways to get a hold of Vanya's heart, let's move on!

Starting the Quest

Whether or not you've gathered Vanya's Heart and the Yomi Gomori page before starting the quest or not, (that's right, we haven't technically started the quest), it's time to get the adventure started.

Redeemed Temple: Penumbra

To do so head to the Redeemed temple in North West Penumbra to start the actual quest line.

Redeemed Temple

Sipius Cama Path-Ilad

Once there head to the top of the spiral and find Sipius Cama Path-Ilad (he's on the top floor).

Sipius Cama Path-Ilad

Open a chat with him and try to get his attention. You may have to wave at him a few times. Once he acknowledges you, he will welcome you to "the library of Cama, the all knowing!"

You should then ask him about the Book of Insignificant Rituals. (Oddly enough asking him about the Great Ice Golem sends you back to the start of your chat and asks you to have a look around again.). Sipius does not want to let anyone take the book, and it will take some convincing to get it from him.

He tells you that maybe "there is one thing you could do for me..." He would like you to help him find a page of an old manuscript called The Yomi Grimoire. He suggests exploring the "old Catacombs.", (Adonis).

A Page From The Yomi Grimoire

While A Page From The Yomi Grimoire is a random drop off the Adonis catacomb bosses, and is mandatory to the quest.


So, head off to one of the dank, dark Catacombs located in either Redeemed or Unredeemed temples, and hunt down the Page.

Map courtesy of Spheremap. Boss spawn locations

Good hunting! Bosses in the cats are roughly level 210, so soloing there is not easy peasy.

    Note: Each boss has a chance to drop one. None or several may drop in a run. However, they are NoDrop, Unique. If you have more than one person in your team, you can pick up a couple, if you are lucky!

Once you grab A Page From The Yomi Grimoire Make your way back to the Redeemed Temple and to Sipius Cama Path-Ilad.

Trade him the Page and he will give you the Book of insignificant rituals. He will send you to Ecclesiast Cama Thar, (in the same room as Sipius Cama Path-Ilad but on the opposite side of the room).

Ecclesiast Cama Thar

Open a chat with Ecclesiast Cama Thar and tell him you have something for him.

Ecclesiast Cama Thar

Give him The Book of Insignificant Rituals. No need to talk. In fact, he might not want to help you if you do, he can be ...buggy! Just open a trade and give him the book! But, if you decide to chance it and talk to him, he will eventually yell at you to "GO!" At that point don't waste time after that. Get moving!!. He will spawn the Redeemed Cama.

    Note: Redeemed Cama spawns in the 75% room (in the other room on the north side), so be careful if there are Omni's around. Redeemed Cama gives awesome faction for the Omni's and they won't think twice about killing it. **Redeemed Cama is timed so you better hurry**

Redeemed Cama

    Note: This is where it can get tricky if you haven't already grabbed the heart before starting this quest.

Talk to Redeemed Cama. Speak about Ice Golem and Ergo, and show The Book of Insignificant Rituals when prompted. Redeemed Cama will give you a Sealed instructions to Acolyte Cama Hume and a mission with a 10-hour timer. She will ask you to retrieve Vanya's heart.

    Note: Pay close attention to that 10-hour timer. This is not the time to take a lengthy break! This is the only mission that will register in your mission window. Be sure you are ready to complete the rest of this quest line within 10 hours. If you fail to do so you may find yourself having to start all over, regardless of what Option you choose to get the heart by.

Redeemed Cama

Regular Quest chain for Vanya's Heart

If you didn't loot Vanya's heart before you started the quest, now is the time to go to the Unredeemed Temple and get the heart. You can open that section by clicking below:

To get the Heart by following the Quest line

Kill the Patriarch and loot the Sacred Blueprint of Vanya. You should have receive a Sealed instructions to Acolyte Cama Hume in your inventory from Redeemed Cama.

Open a chat with the Acolyte Cama Hume and hand him the Sealed instructions to Acolyte Cama Hume along with the Sacred Blueprint of Vanya you just looted.

Then kill Omega, then Vanya, and loot the heart. Hurry back to your own temple.

Now that you've got the heart, whichever way you decided to get it... it's time to take your heart and go speak to the Ecclesiast Cama Thar again.

This time tell him you need to see Cama again because you have something to give her. Then hand him Vanya's Beating heart.

He will drop the heart, killing it as he slips and slides trying to recover it with you. What he will then hand you back will be

After he gives you back the now lifeless heart, he will again spawn Redeemed Cama for you in the 75% room. *Remember to look for Omni's before you do this*.

Talk to Cama again, this time give her Vanya's heart, and she will give you the blueprint for the Great Ice Golem already assembled.

    Note: It won't matter if the heart is beating or lifeless. Redeemed Cama should still accept it when offered.

Spawning The Great Ice Golem

Now that you have the pattern you have to Novictalized it before you can pop it. Once it's completed into Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'The Great Ice Golem' you are ready to spawn it.

    Note: If you don't know about Pocket Bosses still, visit out AOU's Pocket Boss guide for details in some of the tradeskills involved and the process of spawning a PB! While you will not need to combine the A, B, C, D pieces for this quest, you will need to Novictalized the crystal.

It must be spawned at the 210 Incarnator in Penumbra
Penumbra Valley - 2492.3x1069.3

First gather your team, or those who need a Molar. Buff up and prepare for battle! Just be careful with squishy lowbie players, and nanoresist noobs. You may want them to stand on the lower ramps of the Incarnator to protect them as the Golem can do AOE nukes.

The Golem will drop 6 Molars. These molars will need to be handed into Ergo at the entrance to Inferno.

    Note: You have 30 minutes once The Great Ice Golem dies to loot the molars. This gives you time to sell or give away any extra molars you or your teammates do not need.

You are finally ready to head to Penumbra's Ergo at the north end of the icy area to trade the molar. You then should receive the Sanguine Ring corresponding to your profession.

Sanguine Ring

Be sure you own a pair of Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer before using it on Inferno's portal. Once you step inside you'll burn up without them.

These boots can be quested for the parts to make them. Unfortunately, much of the quest is in Inferno. If it's your first time in Inferno, and you have no higher characters, you may need to ask someone to help you, or you can obtain a pair of them from another player.

You can find the Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer quest here first or you'll burn in a few seconds of entering Inferno!

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