AUNO / AOItems What the HECK is going on?!?

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AUNO / AOItems What the HECK is going on?!?

Post by Cariadast » Wed Jan 31, 2024 1:55 am

So, there has been some talk, and a few questions popping up on various platforms across the Anarchy Online Internet outlets. These are generally regarding what is happening with Anarchy Online Universe, the use of two popular databases, AUNO and AOItems, and changes that have been made in our usage of them.

I thought I would shortly, but with as much detail as possible attempt to address all the questions about what's happened. ( I know, I know... :shock: )

Some of you may have noticed that AOItems has been down frequently for some time now.


With AOItems being set as the default for when an item needs to be linked or referenced on our guides, this started causing issues for players. Our initial hope was that whatever was happening with AOItems would quickly rectify itself. Efforts were made to contact the owner of AOitems to get an update on what was happening and to see if we could help.

After an extended period with no replies, in November of 2023, the owner let it be known in a post on Discord that AOItems would "be more down than up" while they worked on some things. Real life always comes first, even here, so we are hoping all is well, and when things are back to normal for our beloved AOItems and its creator, we will update everyone on its status in AOU.

At that point, however, it was clear that AOU needed to find a solution until AOItems' situation could be rectified.

To do so, we started by reinstating as the default database option in December.

At first, there were some small issues:
  • The AUNO database was set to default for registered users. That was not intentional, and Khuri quickly made sure that even if the visitor was a guest to an AOU guide, it would auto-default to AUNO's database for everyone.
  • Also, AUNO had some minor item and image link issues.
  • AUNO still needed to be updated to the current patch, (as did AOItems, so little changed there).

Even with these issues, we were still able to utilize the database from AUNO on a regular, consistent basis.

To help us with some of those issues, most recently, offered us the use of their site as a way to fill in some of those previously missing images and item links. So, with the implementation of both AUNO and AOGalaxy, we are pleased to say we once again have a fully functioning guide site for Anarchy Online.

  • Note: While the AOItems drop-down option is still available, we have no guarantee the site will work if you attempt to use the link, and no estimated time frame on when AOItems might return to our default Database.

AUNO recently updated to Patch 18.8.62


now matching the current game patch version


While AUNO is now up-to-date and running smoothing on their current database, for the foreseeable future we are going to continue running both AUNO and AOGalaxy to continue to ensure a fast, and smooth guide site for our players.

A lot of steps went into ensuring AOU would be able to provide AO players with a stable, usable database, and we appreciate your patience with us.

Have fun, and stay safe out there in Anarchy Online!

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