Redeemed temple bosses

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 50-220
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This guide lists all redeemed bosses loot, island by island : Elysium, Scheol, Adonis, Penumbra and Inferno.
Note : the same guide exists for unredeemed.

Always be sure you have enough force to engage the considered target, and bring 6 local sided insignias (that drop everywhere from island's usual mobs) to be able to process the spawn.

Remember your faction is involved while killing following bosses. You are bound to obtain opposite side bosses insignias only to then kill them. Unless you are neutral, if you farm your own side insignias and kill your side bosses, you'd heavily lose faction and rendered unable to perform some sided quests and gain XP.

Once inside any redeemed temple, go in front door, then in upper spiral stair and finally head south-east room where the Ecclesiast stands. Once killed, it spawns an Ardent NPC you're supposed to trade 6 insignias which are named after local sided final boss you're targeting. This should soon spawn Empath you have to kill, to finally obtain sided final boss that should stay around 30 minutes before despawning - if not attacked.

Elysium - 799x907

Venerable Ecclesiast Ocra Lum : level 85

Ardent Pi Shere

Empath Aurea : level 95

Redeemded Enel : level 100

Notes: No loot seen from Redeemed Enel

Scheol Upper - 597x418

Venerable Ecclesiast Ocra Lum : level 130

Ardent Pi Roch

Empath Min-Ji Liu : level 135

Redeemed Ocra : level 140

Notes: No loot from Ocra.

Adonis City - 3017x1799

Venerable Ecclesiast Gil Bela : level 160

Ardent Orma Dal

Empath Joshua Kahn : level 165

Redeemded Gilthar : level 170

Penumbra Forest - 922x2054

Venerable Ecclesiast Cama Bela : level 185

Ardent Gulu Van

Empath Alyssa : level 190

Redeemed Cama : level 200

Inferno - 2320x3240

Venerable Ecclesiast Gal Gil : level 215

Ardent Nar Mord

Empath Sir Gawain : level 230

Note : also drops Sworn Knight's armor.

Redeemed Lord Galahad : level 255

Note : also drops Sworn Knight's armor.

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