Ice Golem Pattern Quest (Unredeemed)

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 160-220
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In order to proceed from Penumbra into Inferno, it is necessary to loot an A slightly dented molar from the great ice golem and hand it in to Ergo. This Ice Golem can be spawned as a Pocket Boss at an Incarnator in Penumbra. See AOU's Pocket Boss guide for details in some of the tradeskills involved and the process of spawning one. However, the pattern for an Ice Golem can not be farmed like a regular Pocket Boss, but must instead be quested for. This guide will document the steps necessary to come into the posession of such a pattern by doing a quest for the Unredeemed.

Along the questline, the following items will be required:

Since both of these items are not trivial to acquire and the quest chain is on a considerably short timer, it is advisable to collect both of them before starting on the quest chain itself. Cama's heart is a 100% drop off The Redeemed Cama. For the procedure of spawning him, see our very own Vanya Sanctuary Quest. The relevant part of the chain starts with the death of Watcher Cama Hume-Ulma. The Yomi page on the other hand is a random drop off the Adonis catacomb bosses. Those bosses are roughly level 210, so soloing there is not for the faint of heart. This map, courtesy of Spheremap, shows the spawnpoint of the bosses:

Once those two items are safely tucked away in the inventory, it is time to start the quest chain. The first Unredeemed to talk to is the Hypnagogic Ixi-Lum Van. He's the temple's librarian, and can be found in the 100% suppression gas western side room, before its very core.

For the ones among us interested in the reason why you had to take a hold of a Yomi page, feel free to have a quick chat with him. If you're more interested in getting this all done and over with, it's okay to just trade him said page. In return, he will hand you a Book of Insignificant Rituals, and ask you to deliver it to the Prophet Urga Van.

The Prophet isn't far, in fact he's just a short walk south from the room entrance. His gigantic proportions also make him very hard to miss. But before handing the Book to him, it might be advisable to check the other side room. In case a Clan raid force is forming there bent on killing Vanya, it might be a bad idea to spawn him for them... So after a mandatory check, or if you're feeling adventurous, feel free to talk to the Prophet, and tell him you have something for him. You will get prompted to hand him the book. He will immediately send you over into the eastern sideroom in 75% suppression gas, where he has spawned the Unredeemed Vanya, who is eager to find out who called for him. So best not make him wait!

Vanya is a very straight forward creature, so he immediately asks about your business. After reporting to him that you would like to know about the Ice Golem, and that you need to "meet" him for Ergo, he finally asks for the Book of Insignificant Rituals. As soon as he received this, he will despawn and hand out a mission to strike down the Redeemed Cama. This mission is on a 10 hour timer. Since Cama isn't necessarily a soloable creature and his placeholder has a long respawn timer, it is a good thing we already have his beating heart ready! So, the next step is to report our "success" to the Prophet Urga Van. He should be readily waiting for us in the 100% suppression gas room. As we state that we need to see Vanya and that we have a "delivery" for him, he asks to see it first. So, it's time to hand him Cama's Beating Heart! After fumbling around a bit with it, and basically turning it into a bloody mess, he spawns Vanya for us and asks us to deliver what remains of Cama's heart.

So off we go into the 75% gas room again. The chat with Vanya is yet again refreshingly short, as soon as we hand over Cama's slightly battered heart, he hands over the Ice Golem pattern and continues to perform some grisly ritual.

Blueprint must be turned into a Pocket Boss crystal (crystal filled by the Source from an MP + raw novictum you refine) and the result can be used on the Penumbra Incarnators. Just be careful with squishy lowbies and nanoresist noobs, as the Golem can do AOE nukes. 6 Molars will drop from pocket remains.

You finally can head to Penumbra's Ergo, all north of its icy map, and trade the molar. You then should receive the Sanguine Ring corresponding to your profession ... but before using it on Inferno's portal nearby, remember to do your Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer quest first or you'll burn in a few seconds !

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