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Alien Invasion

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Name   Description   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
...And you will leave in pieces   Exterminate the source of the alien larvae   18.3.14   75-99   All   All Factions
A-Pods!   Destroy two alien pods before they can ambush you!   N/A   200-220   All   All Factions
Bugs!   Get rid of alien spiders. Lots of alien spiders.   18.5   75-100   All   All Factions
Distress Call   Investigate a distress signal   N/A   150-200   All   All Factions
Go to Sector 07 (Team)   Collect a Gene Pool Sample for analysis.   18.3.14   151-200   All   All Factions
Green Sticky Goo   Disarm alien mines before somebody gets stuck   18.3.14   All levels   All   All Factions
High Toxicity   Daily mission to help find some dangerous plants.   18.4.9   All levels   All   All Factions
Place the Bomb   Plant the bomb on the flight deck and escape before it is too late.   18.3.14   All levels   All   All Factions
Salvage Mission   Return the artifact to the Alien Handler.   18.3.14   All levels   All   Several
Seedy Growth   Strange alien plants have been found   18.5   All levels   All   All Factions
Spaced Out   An alien abduction investigation takes a bad turn.   18.3.14   All levels   All   All Factions
Terminate the Alien Cocoons   Reduce the number of alien attacks on Rubi-Ka   18.3.14   All levels   All   All Factions
We Come in Peace...   Alien larvae escape from a crashed ship! Stop them!   18.3.14   25-49   All   All Factions