Loren Warr

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In the year 29470 (1996) the Tir Accord is signed. One of the clauses is that Newland City is to be granted neutral status within 60 days of the accord being signed. The Tir Accord has been in effect for 6 years when Omni-Tek declares it annulled after the Council of Truth suddenly and unexpectedly disappears in 29476 (2002). Considering the Tir Accord no longer binding, Omni-Tek personel begins walking around freely in the city of Tir again. A few weeks later, the radical clan the Sentinels attacks Tir and occupies it, considering both Omni-Tek employees and neutral citizens enemies.

Unhappy with these events, the citizens of Newland City raise funds to upgrade the protection of their own city, by hiring a group of Omni-Tek mercenaries led by Loren Warr in 29477 (2003). These mercenaries are hostile to clan members.

Not long after however, Dust Brigade attacks start happening, targeting members of the Newland City Initiative, an organisation seeking to remove the Mercenaries from Newland City. Suspecting the Mercenaries might have ties with the Dust Brigade, the citizens of Newland City raise yet more funds to form the Newland Militia. Loren Warr and her mercenaries are evicted. The mercenaries do not leave without a fight, but are eventually successfully fought off. Loren's last words as she leaves the city are "I demand severance pay!"

For years nothing is heard of her, until Loren Warr suddenly reappears in 29493 (2019) and again in 29494 (2020).

If you are interested in these and related events, you can find more details on the official timeline.

Loren Warr

During the Anarchy Online Birthday event, Loren Warr spawns every 9 hours outside Newland City, on the
far side
Newland - 350x500
of the Newland Lake.

When she spawns, a global server message pops up:

A hardened mercenary steps out from the shadows, outside of Newland City. Hurry to coordinates X: 350 Z:500 in Newland. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.

As the message indicates, Loren will be immortal for 15 minutes, giving people some time to gather. Just like her brother Ian Warr in the Mercenaries Camp, Loren Warr is level 300, hits hard, and has AOE stuns and nukes. Additionally, she will spawn some Hired Assassins, Hired Goons and Hired Medics around level 220.

Loren Warr


She has a chance to drop the following items:

When Loren Warr dies, an Equipment Cache spawns. If you stand close to it, you will receive a random reward from her loot table or one of many social items, such as a Leet Pinata. The Anything, Bloodjack and Overtuned Very Light Notum Tank Armor do not appear to be possible rewards from the cache.

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