Professional Stellar Nanodeck

Class: All Classes
Faction: All Factions
Level: 201-220
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Time to kick your Professional Nanodeck up a notch! This tradeskill does not require any skills, but it does require for you to have items which can only be acquired if you have access to Mitaar Hero (The Alien Threat), Ground Chief Vortexx and the 12-Man (a.k.a "The Xan" or "Elder Hall") as well as a few key items from various high-level encounters/quests

Here is what you will need:


Drops from The Deranged Xan

Drops from The Deranged Xan

Drops from Mitaar Hero, Ground Chief Vortexx and The Deranged Xan

Can be bought at Uncle Bazzit's Workshop in Meetmedere
<Profession> Nanodeck
Given as a reward from the Dust Brigade / Peacekeeper Constad Quest
Star of <XXX>
Reward from the Guarding the Source Quest

For demonstration purpuse we'll show how to build MA one:

There you have it, you now have your own Professional Stellar Nanodeck, enjoy!

Last updated on 01.18.2012 by Silvana
Written by Windguaerd.
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