The Alien Threat

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Level: 201-220
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Mission : The Alien Threat

Location: 350 x 410, Central Hub.
The entrance to this instance, AKA Mitaar Hero, is at the bottom of the ramp to Arid Rift. The actual way in, is the portal on the floor.

The Alien Threat.

Inside you will see lots of pretty coloured lights and a not so pretty looking alien boss mob.

Technomaster Sinuh.

Technomaster Sinuh does not agro until you shoot him. So, feel free to buff your team inside this instance should you wish to. As soon as you are ready and someone damages him, the fun begins!

At intervals throughout the fight with Technomaster Sinuh, spirits will spawn on the coloured platforms behind where he was originally stood. The spirits will then move from their coloured platform to the corresponding coloured platform on the ground.

What you need to do, is watch the spirits and make sure you get to their platform as they are rising into the air so that you can gain the protection buffed into your NCU from the coloured platforms. The spirits spawn depending on how much health the Technomaster has remaining, so remember the more people you have, the faster you are likely to beat down the Technomaster so the spirit waves will be faster in succession.

The Platforms

Successfully getting to the platforms will trigger 3 things.

1) A system message will read: "A pure note sounds inside your mind" or "Your NCU remains intact"
2) Visual effect: Rings corresponding to the platform colour will burst out from you.
3) NCU: A program will be uploaded into your NCU.

Here is some information about each coloured platform.

All team members HAVE to reach yellow or:
Technomaster Sinuh becomes bigger and susequently hits harder (upto 11k)

All team members HAVE to reach green or:
- All team members become cocooned.

You have to reach blue or:
- A short NSD will effect you individually.
- Your nano will be drained by the buff cast on you.

You have to reach Red or:
- Your NCU will be wiped and you cannot re-buff for about a minute (can still buff others).
- Failing to reach red means that whoever has agro will be stunned by the Technomaster. They will be morphed into a tree if not already polymorphed.

Although ideally you will reach each platform, the priority for the entire team is:

The spirits sometimes linger for a while on their platforms before rising into the air and causing the activation. Should this happen, it's a good idea to prioritize green, then if possible yellow. The healer does not want to miss blue, but if the boss doesn't grow there is a greater chance of survival. The tank might prioritize Red over Blue, but you get the picture. Green is ESSENTIAL, if you are hit by green you are almost guaranteed to wipe.

The Technomaster morphs its target every now and then into a tree which stuns them (unstunnable doesn't work against it) and this appears to prevent cocoons from popping if this person misses the green pad.

When you have defeated the Technomaster Sinue, a Watchful Spirit will spawn alongside a Strange Alien Device.

Watchful Spirit and Strange Alien Device.

You can speak with the spirit, although the conversation will be quite minimal unless you have already completed the Ground Chief Vortexx instance.

To exit the instance, click the Strange Alien Device to be teleported outside into the Central Hub.

Loot from this instance:

NCU Parts

Guide - LoX: NCU Memories
In general, 2 to 4 Base NCUs drop and upto 3 Memories.

Xan Beta Symbiants

Please note that these are Beta Symbiants and are available as Artillery, Control, Extermination, Infantry and Support.
(Note: These are NOT right clickable like the quest symbiants are. You CANNOT change their profession tags.)

Xan Beta Spirits

Spirits are used only by Shades and are available as Beta version in the following types:

Belt Devices

These devices are not used up in the tradeskill process.

Merit Board Bases

Usable by shades, can also upgrade exemplar boards (not shade or neut friendly)

Weapon Upgrades

For upgrading Lord/Lady of XXXX :: Drop from The Beast
Also upgrades Rebuilt Perennium Weapons.


A Nanodeck Activation Device is used in the process to make a Professional Stellar Nanodeck.

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