Xan Weapon Upgrade

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Level: 201-220
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The Xan Weapon Upgrade Device which drops from the Mitaar Hero, Ground Chief Vortexx and 12-Man instances can be tradeskilled with 30 different Shadowlands weapons to upgrade them and make them even more deadlier!

The Lord and Lady weapons drop from The Beast high level encounter in Pandemonium (and soon to be an instanced encounter). The only difference between the Lady and Lord weapons is that the Lord is QL 300, while the Lady is QL 299, otherwise both weapons are identical.

Regarding the superior rebuilt weapons, you can read our Perennium Weapons guide here if you want to build your own Superior Perennium weapon, otherwise you can try looking for the QL 200 weapons you need for the tradeskill on the Global Market Interface (GMI). Please be aware that you need the Alien Invasion expansion to use GMI. Once you have the Superior Perennium Weapon, you will need a Perennium XXX Rebuilt Kit which is one of the rewards from the Spirits Quests.

We also have a guide for the creation of both the Swords of Dawn and Dusk here.

Abandonment of the Xan

Anger of the Xan

Angst of the Xan

Chaos of the Xan

Deceit of the Xan

Envy of the Xan

Gluttony of the Xan

Greed of the Xan

Hatred of the Xan

Lust of the Xan

Pride of the Xan

Sloth of the Xan

Kuma Tonfa

Dusk of the Xan

Dawn of the Xan

Some of the xan weapons are now even further upgradeable. It only requires you have your xan weapon and a few components which are easy to buy in the trade section in the normal shops, you get them from either melee weapon components or ranged weapon components shop terminals depending on which type of weapon you are upgrading

NOTE: All the bought items must be at least QL 150+

Bhan'Zor Hammer

Kur'Ush Mallet

Peh'Wer Pistol

Rhat'Ata Gun

Troa'Ler Pistol

Gan'Kar Rifle

Enjoy your new toys, from what I've seen the textures are pretty sweet!

Last updated on 01.06.2020 by Saavick
Written by Windguaerd.
Thanks to Lordran (Atlantean) for providing info regarding the Superior Rebuilt Perennium weapons.
Additional Information on how to upgrade LoX weapons provided by Morgo
Cariadast Updated (2019) Rifle provided by Uneedgsf
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