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Those nice Melee energy swords will take you through Pandemonium all the way to the Beast. They are also one of few items that require faction to wear, and since neutrals cap their faction at 25k Redeem/Unredeemed, they have to sit this one out. You'll need following items:

- drops off The Night Heart, Unredeemed(Omni)

- drops off The Night Heart, Redeemed(Clan)

- drops off The Beast, Unredeemed(Omni)

- drops off The Beast, Redeemed(Clan)

Traveling through Pandemonium is rather straight forward. And since it's usually carried out over Raidbots, you should check out what bot is raiding on your server and what requierment does it have. Once you're on the way, you won't be able to miss The Night Heart.

Seeds don't drop 100%, but since they aren't nondrop, you can check player's shops and get them at budget prices. Next,or rather last stop is The Beast.

Hilts have 100% droprate and since raidbots usually carter just for one side , one of Hilts rots on regular basis. And yes, this one is Nondrop, so it can't be traded to interesting party which isn't on raid.

Once you have both parts, assembling is easy, all it takes is 500 Weapon Smithing skill :

For upgrade look at LoX: Xan Weapon Upgrades

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