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We speak of the highest symbiants available ingame, requiring to gather 2 high QL items detailed below, but also enough skills & buffing gear to twink it ...

So first, make sure you know what symbiants your caracter can theorically wear using this guide.

Second, better precalculate if you can reach the whole requirement of 2088 in Treatment & 1276 in 3 abilities, 2 being fixed (+ 1 changing according to symbiant slot) :
Artillery => Agility/Strength fixed
Control => Intelligence/Psychic fixed
Extermination => Intelligence/Psychic fixed
Infantry => Stamina/Strength fixed
Support => Sense/Agility fixed

You indeed have to take account of your profession & breed (for perk, buff, gear, etc) to verify if you're able to succeed.

Third, make a list of all items you need to assemble & twink you alphas. Could take some time to gather it all.
We can't enter all gear details here as it depends a lot on your profession as much as personnal choice, but we can see what's needed to produce the alphas themselves.


Of course, there's no alpha without obtaining corresponding betas first !
For that, you have to encounter 3 instances detailed in this section.

So go collect the Beta symbiants for all desired slots upto 13, among the existing ones.
Sidenote : Ear and Thigh are also possible to obtain through 2 different (long) quests respectively in Arid and Neretva.


Beside this, you'll have to pay frequent visits to real or instanced Pandemonium islands.
The Night Heart is succeptible to drop QL 200+ symbiants ; those you're after are the highest, QL 300 and named Intelligent.
Exception made for Ear & Thigh detail below, you must collect Intelligents in the very same unit than the corresponding Beta you plan to upgrade.

Example :
Xan Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit Beta
Intelligent Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban

No other Intelligent could upgrade this particular Beta.

Please note Intelligents are YESDROP so you can collect it with any caracter ; most Betas are also YESDROP except Ear & Thigh that are NODROP (you must loot it with final wearing toon).


Got all collected, buffed up & geared like a ready twinky king ?
Just beware : once assembled, the Alpha result is NODROP and cannot be reverted, while you might need some intermediate Intelligent or Beta swapping steps before you can reach final Alpha requirement in some slots ... so doublecheck your twinking process before doing the following !

Combination example :


Nice trick to know is that Beta Ear & Thigh don't require to collect the exact same Intelligent unit, as they can change unit by right-click like for their resulting Alphas. That means ANY Intelligent of same slot can work !

Example : let's imagine you have a Beta Control Ear but no Intelligent Control Ear ... then suddently a friend (or GMI) provides you with an Intelligent Extermination Ear ? Easy peasy : right-click your Beta Ear until it goes Extermination, then assemble with Intelligent Ear. You end up with an Alpha Extermination Ear you just right-click until it goes back to Control (or whatever wanted) unit.

Here's the full list of all existing Alphas.

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