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Symbiants, installed into the "Implants" tab on your character, are specifically for inhabitants of Rubi Ka with the Shadowlands Expansion Pack. With a broad range of benefits, such as the fact that they are already made for you when you manage to get your hands on them and also that they start at QL 1 and as high as QL 300, surely you don't want to miss out!

Symbiants can be very useful when you require several skills that are used in the same implant cluster. Crats/MPs/Engies and their MC/TS for higher pets come to mind as an excellent example of this.

An example symbiant layout

With the positives however, always come negatives. Symbiants do have a level requirement and quite a difference in skill required to equip them in comparison to implants. Compared also to implants, symbiants are not currently customiseable.

What first?

First, you need to make some decisions

1. If you want to use symbiants.
Sometimes, implants can provide a better skill set for you because of their equipping requirements. For example, say you want to equip a certain gun and keep it from being over equipped. If you use a set of weapon skill increasing implants, you may end up with a higher weapon skill than if you equipped the symbiants that you are able to at your given level and abilities. There are also occasions where the symbiant for one of your slots may be completely useless and not be of benefit to you.

2. If you do want to use symbiants, which you can use.
For some professions, you have a multiple choice when it comes to symbiants. For example, an Adventurer can use Artillery, Infantry and Support Symbiants (We will look at this a little further on).

Made your mind up? Let's continue!

So... which symbiants can I use?

Well, as mentioned above, some professions get to choose from up to three different types of symbiant. This can either be a blessing, or it can be confusing trying to decide which modifiers from the symbiants will suit your characters build best.

Martial Artist---YesYes

As you may have noticed, Shades do not get symbiants as an option. Instead Shades use something called Spirits .
Exactly what is for me though?

Well, the best thing you can look at is either the symbiant item listing on AOItems listing

or consult the extensive database at AO Pocket. The benefit of AO Pocket over any of the item databases is that you can see which pocketboss is associated with which symbiant. We will look at that next ...

Where can I get Symbiants from?

Symbiants are gained from killing Pocketbosses. As you can see from the guide on Pocketbosses, you need to find out which pocketboss is likely to have the symbiant you want in its loot table and do some work, including tradeskilling, to even get to the pocketboss stage.

Some people enjoy the process of collecting the patterns and then having pocketboss killing sessions. Others don't. That is the nature of how things work on Rubi Ka. So, more often than not, if you do want to get your hands on a symbiant and you do not want to go through the whole process yourself, maybe you will find what you want for sale on the shopping channel or GMS.

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