Guarding the Source (Beast Star)

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Getting your Profession Star is an important step in this game. Not only can it be placed into your HUD or Utility slots in order to add vital stats, but it can also be upgraded using parts found in the Outzones via the Legacy of the Xan expansion area in the Central Hub. To learn more about how to update your Profession Star, and the areas to acquire the needed parts to update visit our: Professional Stellar Nanodeck

Getting the Beast Star

There are two ways you can acquire the star itself. One is to repeatedly kill the Beast and hope it drops for you, or you can run the following quest for the Beast Star. Should you choose the first option, feel free to visit our guide on Pandemonium and acquaint yourself with all its inner workings and needed knowledge!

This guide is going to focus on the QUEST!

Starting the Quest for your Beast Star

To start this quest visit and chat with a Yutto by the name of
One Who is Invited Last
Inferno Burning Marshes - 2485x1190
in Yutto Marshes.

One Who is Invited Last

Traces of Past Crossings

He will send you to find another Yutto, just around the corner from:
One Who talks with the Past
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1190x755
in Valley of the Dead.

Yuttos Past2
One Who Talks with the Past

Chat with One Who Talks with the Past in the area of Albtraum. This Yuttos will send you to a randomly selected mission location in order to recover Temporal Recovery System Unit (pick it up from the floor).

Note: If you do not like the location that One Who Talks with the Past sends you to, you can delete the mission and talk to him again.

Once you have the Temporal Recovery System Unit, bring it to
Inferno - 2800x375
in Inferno. Open a chat with him.

As usual, Ergo is a chatty...thing, but he's making even less sense than usual. When he is done talking, you can ask him what is wrong, but he will just shoot out more nonsense. Your better bet is to just Insert recovery unit.

To do this pick up the Temporal Recovery System Unit, and trade it with Ergo, then click the check mark to complete the trade. Keep chatting with him until he finally asks: "Can you help me get this code?".

Tell him: "I'll help you!", and as he speculates what is wrong with him, he tells you he needs codes from Libra in Pandemonium.

Get the Activation Code to Ergo

Each of the Inferno quests has a bottleneck. This can be one for this quest line. You need to kill Libra (first Zodiac in the middle of Pandemonium) and loot one of the Activation Code he drops on his death.

  • At this point, you can choose to leave your raid group or team and bring Libra's Activation Code back to Ergo. Then you have to hope that once you talk to Ergo, you can get back to, and rejoin your raiding party in taking out the rest of the Zodiac, TnH, and finally Beast, which isn't the easiest to do without help at times.


  • Now that you have Libra's Activation Code you can continue on with the group, and wait to finish this quest another day when you're back once again facing the Beast!

Note: If you know how to wall jump, it can help and make it easier to get back to your group. If they are willing, having your team escort you back is an option as well.

Whatever you decide, the next step is to shut that terminal down!

Shut down the terminal

So, once you return to Ergo, open another chat with him and tell him you have the activation code! He will askyou to give it to him. Doing so will complete this part of the quest and set Ergo's system back on track.

He wants you to shut down The Terminal aka The Beast. He explains that The Terminal can be found in the heart of the place called Pandemonium. He ends you up begging you to shut it down, so he can once again gain the access he needs.

Since it's enough to just attack the Beast, and not to be in the Kill Team, this part is a bit easier than the one before.

The Terminal aka The Beast

Go ahead and take a few swings at him, or help finish him off. Then, once the Beast is dead, and the loot divvied up, use the portal that spawns and enter it to reach the Pyramid in Broken Shores.

Number Nine

There you'll encounter Number Nine. This is the mob that helps you finish up the quest. For a change you do not need to speak with it, you just need to target it in order to get the update on the mission.

Once that is completed (if you encounter problems, try standing closer to NPC when you re-target it), just return to Ergo and you'll be awarded with a Professional Star based on your profession.

And there you go!

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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