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Guide to the Bureaucrat Profession - version 1.2
This guide was Originally created by Shevaya in January 2006
Updated by Lunaspell in October 2006.
Updated by Lunaspell in March 2007 with information about Lost Eden Expansion
*The terms "I" and "my" can refer to either author.*

I will say now this guide is by no means ''the way to play Bureaucrat'' or finished. It is only here to help you out. Doing something which is not in this guide will not make you:

-A leecher
-A bad crat
-A gimp

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1.Planning your Bureaucrat
- 1.1 Breed
- 1.2 Levels 30-70
- 1.3 Implants/Symbiants

2.Suggestions for Armor usage
- 2.1 Startup levels
- 2.2 Levels 30-70
- 2.3 Levels 70-110
- 2.4 Levels 110-175
- 2.5 Levels 175-190
- 2.6 Levels 205+

3.Weapon choices
- 3.1 Weapons before level 50
- 3.2 Weapons from level 50-100
- 3.3 Weapons from level 100-150
- 3.4 Weapons from level 150-200
- 3.5 Weapons from level 200+

4.Bureaucrat Perklines
- 4.1 Profession perks
- 4.2 Group perks
- 4.3 General perks
- 4.4 Lost Eden Perks

5.Bureaucrat Nano Programs and their usage
- 5.1 Nukes
- 5.2 Snares/Roots/Stuns/calms
- 5.3 Pets and Charms
- 5.4 Buffs and Auras
- 5.5 Debuffs
- 5.6 PvP only Nanos

6.Leveling Areas Some suggestions to areas where its nice to be Bureaucrat

7.Tips & Tricks on Charms and Calms
- 7.1 Charms
- 7.2 Calms

8.How to Stack for more XP/SK

9.Buffing Items

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Image 1. Planning your Bureaucrat Image


He will have the advantage of having a higher level bot and the higher charm a bit sooner. But once you reach higher level with level locked nanos this bonus will fade away a bit. But its still a nice edge the first 130 levels. Nanomage will have to twink HP if you wish to solo, and stamina to achive the 2 sec healdelta tick.

He will have to twink nanoskills alot harder then all the others and will be painfull the first 130-150 levels in the nanoskill department. Atrox get nice HP boost and have with Mongo Rage as PvP alternative. (will be about 1.5K hp more at 220 vs a 220 solitus crat)

He has normal nanoskills. Will evade more and have higher weapon skills (pistol is fully dependent on agi/sense, so is fling). Opifex needs to twink HP and stamina for the 2 sec healdelta tick.

Your normal allrounder. Cant really go wrong with it. Solitus can choose to twink HP or Evades. Also has access to the solitus beta Gnome heal perk.

Giving the Bureaucrat playstyle, the breed is not so important, any breed will be able to solo Inferno bosses and to PvP successfully with the right gear, though for PvP Atrox and Solitus will have a small advantage in their breed perks for heals and added AR. Also you should consider the use of the Shadowbreed, some are more useful than others.

Useful links: Small Breed discussion, What are the Shadowbreeds for each breed and what do they do?, Plans for pvp crat, How To Guide: PvP

IP Spending

IP is very tight for the Bureaucrat due to the many blue skills, however spending IP wisely with an adjusted playstyle, it isnt really a problem, and once you reach TL7 you will have enough free IP to max the skills you desire.

For the first ~120-130 levels you have a to make a choice if you want to focus on your bot, or your nano skills for charms. For the bot, MC and TS is needed, and for Charms you need BM, PM and SI. For the first ~60 levels the bot will be more usefull to you since the charms has a very short duration, around level 60 start focusing more on charms as they last longer by then, and you get the opportunity to charm monsters that has more HP than your bot and is better suited for taking hits. A level 100 bot is no match for a level 80 Nacesence Heckler, but a charmed level 80 Heckler with a level 80 bot as extra damage works nicely. The Bureaucrat Bodyguard is no match for Engineer or Meta-Physist pets, so dont compare those with each other, the Bureaucrat playstyle is very different from the other pet professions. Having easy access to a Trader for a Skill Wrangler (Premium) and a MP for Composite Mastery/ Composite Infuse With Knowledge helps alot, and will allow you to use the best of both worlds.

Primary abilities is Stamina, Intelligence and Psychic and they should be maxed out at anytime as they trickle down to your nanoskills and Hitpoints, Strength, Sense, and Agility is mostly needed to equip Implants, Symbiants and Armor and can be left out if you feel you need IP elsewhere. Other important skills is Bodydev, Nanopool, all nanoskills except MM (we have no nanos that use MM so never spend IP here), Psychology, Runspeed and Nano Init.

Note: Psychology and Nanopool are very often reset by level 220 Bureaucrats, even if psychology is used in the attack skills of our charms, they are less important so generally there is no need to max this, a few points now and then will be fine and after 150 there is no need to spend IP here anymore. Same with nanopool, once you reach the 2 sec Nano tick you will never run out of nano, and a 6-7k nanopool is more than enough, not spending IP here after ~TL5 will be OK if combined with some nano cost items and a Clan Merits - Double Sun or Omni-Tek Award - Flags of Glory and Redemption if you are Omni

When you reach TL4 breed cap you can consider spending IP on weapon skills, and at TL5 breed cap evades and such, maxing out weapons will cost a lot of IP, and if you choose to max evades first it will be OK to. Spending IP on weapons and evades before this is generally not needed, your pets will do the work for you.

Once you can self cast the Level 200 Director-Grade Bodyguard, dont spend IP on MC/TS before you have updated your Symbiants at level 205 for the Corporate Guardian (to save IP for other purposes). Keep maxing PM/SI/BM since these are you attack skills for your charms and calms, the higher you can get them the better you are at calming. Once you self cast the Corporate Guardian, don''t spend IP in MC/TS before you get Carlo Pinetti (Which is the level 220 Bureaucrat pet that must be gotten from a Biodome raid).

Get as much IP as possible in Computer Litracy untill you can equip QL200 NCU''s, a QL250+ Viral Compiler, QL200 Computer Deck Range Increaser, and Hardcore CPU Upgrade, these are essential tools for the Bureaucrat. Once you reach the fastest nanodelta tick (which happens at 781 or more psychic) the Hardcore CPU Upgrade might not be necessary anymore.

Symbiants and Implants

The first ~60 levels get some ready made implants, dont just buy them all as some are ridicules so save the few creds there or see if there are others avalible in the other professions ready made shops. If you are into making your own, it isnt half bad idea. At level 58 you will benefit alot from Symbiants, especially for your Eye, Head and Right hand as these adds to MC/TS to buff your nano skills is by far better than using implants, however some are hard to come by, especially the Eye.

Bureaucrats can use Control and Extermination Symbiants. The Control set is by far the best for us, but during your leveling it will be OK to use Extermination as well since these are a lot cheaper and most are easier to find, and the benefits of Control Symbiants really takes off at TL7 where your are going for the 2 sec Heal and Nano tick. The difference between Control and Extermination is that Extermination does not have Stamina and Heal Delta on them, and these skills makes a huge difference when we are going to solo in Inferno, but for generally leveling, they are less important. The most important Symbiants is Eye, Head, Ear, Chest and Waist, these are the ones you will benefit most from until you reach TL6-7

Also note that control symbs add to the needed tradeskills for use of trimmers to apply to your robotic pet. Using control symbs might save you some ip if you use trimmers.

Image 2. Armor Image

Startup levels

This will add treatment and first aid. At lower levels, this will enable you to use much bigger stims and treatment kits.

Levels 30-70:

Carbonum Plate Armor is a solid option, adds NCU and Nanopool both things is good to have plenty of. Also consider the modified versions Omni Carbonum Plate and Storm Carbonum Plate for Clan players.

Junkmetal isnt a bad choice either. It adds decent ACs and some max health.

Levels 70-110:

Prowler adds to your inits and evades. A very decent armor.

Predator armor is another really good choice. It also adds to inits and evades, but it also adds a few additional nice stats.

**note**If you cannot afford any of the above 2 armor, Carbonum or Junkmetal are also fine choices.

The parts to build this suit are found in the forman''s office. Get this before level 100 as this place is level locked for that level. (guide on how to make the Suits can be found here).

Another option for you back is the Neleb''s Nano-circuit Robe. This adds a bit of nano skills. It can be found in Steps of Madness. (Guide here)

This cloak is slightly better than the Neleb robe. It also adds to nano skills, and is upgradable. The parts to make it are found in the Crypt of home. (Guide here)

*note* Do NOT use a Albrecht Heavy Tank Armor as these gives you +Nanocost, only the QL200 Albrecht Heavy Tank Armor does not have this flaw.

Around these levels First Tier Bureaucrat Armor isn''t a bad option either. It adds some nice HP and nano for the mid levels, and the gloves is especially nice with the +16 Pistol. Around 110 your should be pretty close to casting your top RK Charm Total Mental Domination so it should be quite possible for you to solo your Tier 1 pieces in Elysium and Scheol Catacombs, good place to practice your Bureaucrat skills.

A very nice shoulder item. It adds many important skills such as nano, health and a few abilities.

Alvin & Dodga Shoulderpads. These are especially nice since they have a mesh, and will show on your character, something not all shoulderpads do. The guide can be found here.

This can be found in ToTW. They have add damage mod, so a good choice if you have some pistols like CDR''s equipped.

Levels 110-175

An interesting option if you're a froob. You can wear it from level 147. It drops from Smugglers inside Smugglers Den. The droprate of this armor isnt the best, but the 980 HP and 49 NCU makes it a very nice set, especially if you do a lot of soloing.

Reactive & Proactive is also a nice choice from level 150, and can easy be used untill level 190. It can be hard to get, and you will need a decent team to get it. They drop from the biodome hags.

A little known item for head armor is Spirit of Saccelum with a nice 400 HP, I still use this at level 216.

Nelly Johnsons Little Black Dress or Meister's Reinforced Suit is a must have for any serious Bureaucrat, even if the mods on them arent that nice, this is the pieces of armor that sets us apart from all the other professions.

Levels 175-190

Azure Reveries with Heavy Notum Tank Armor is a solid option, has lots of nice mods for Bureaucrat's, best pieces is Chest, Boots and Gloves these should be the ones to go for first. Getting to Merc raids at this levels can be very hard, chances are you wont get these on this side of TL7, but its a nice set of armor worth some work to get. If you cant get it, previous armors will do OK, after all we do not get hit that much.

Levels 190-205

For clan Superior Sentinel isn't half bad. It has many useful mods.

For Omni, Omni-Armed Forces is good. The Omni Armed Forces Tank Armor is a good alternative instead of a Notum Tank Armor if you are Omni.

Exterminator Unit Chest Plate will do as well. It helps with many nano related abilities.

Levels 205+

(Merlin Armor)

Armor of Merlin is a good option for TL7, has a nice add to HP, nano cost on sleeves and 25 Stamina on chest (and the +AAD fits nicely with your HM/CP/CiB setup), which will be handy for your 2 sec heal tick very soon. The helmet isn''t particular interesting, though the +25 sense can come in handy for equipping Symbiants, just like the +15 Agility for each sleeve. The set has no pants, Superior Sentinel or Omni Armed Forces will do good since they add more HP, or you can use a piece of AI armor, something that adds to nano skills would be ideal for level 205.

Kegern Molybdenum Plate and Jathos Molybdenum Plate are very solid options as well, though getting it from the Biodome can be a lengthy process

Its a good idea to look at the individual pieces, some might be better for you depending on how you play or where you play, and how your funding is. As Bureaucrat the Spintooth bosses that drops the Merlin Armor is soloble with a bit of practice, so getting some pieces is doable even if you don''t have 150mill for a full set.

Tier Armor have had very little mention, this is due to the fact that it isn''t that good compared to the effort/cost it takes to get it, with so many nice free armors avalible, there isn''t much point in spending 50mill+ per piece of Tier 3 armor or the weeks/months it takes to farm it.

A closer look at Image
Chosen / Faithful Bureaucrat Armor

Boots: Nice HP mod and AC but for Pistol/MBC/KSMG users the OTAF/Sentinel boots are better imho.
Cloak: Nice AC but i would prefer OTAF Tank Armor or HNTA or Merlin Coat or Spirit Shroud or ... over it
Gloves: Worth having. not uber AC but the mods are very nice, especially the adds to Pistol, by far the best piece. Also a decent HP modifier on these gloves.
Helmet: Aka the Fork Helmet. it is a good item with good AC/mods on it. It''s worth the trouble getting it. Altough the Sentinel/OTAF has some other mods worth considering depending on your playstyle
Pants: Low on AC but the other mods are all very good. Worth the trouble. Especially the CL mod which you need if you raid pandemonium.
Shoulder pads : 300HP per side with 6strenght and 275 AC. Yep sounds like a good deal to me.
Sleeves: Seem not so good. Merlin sleeves will add to nanocost reduction and have higher AC. Only the HP mod on them seems good.
Body: Decent AC but only half the mods are good for us and it lacks a HP mod...

As a full set maxed out to QL300 it isn''t all that bad, it has a lot of HP which is good for Bureaucrat''s and adds a bit of PM/SI skills as well, however once you can max it out around 215-217, there is also a lot of nice AI armors and some of them aren''t really that expensive compared to the Tier 3 set, and you will also have access to the armors from Pandemonium at this point, so you might want to consider what pieces will benefit you most.

Ofab Bureaucrat Armor is a valid choice as well, looking at the QL100 set it has many more advantages over the Tier 1 set, and opposed to other cheap Armor option, it also adds some Nano skills, Nano pool, Nano cost and Nano Init. that is very useful around these levels, in all its a pretty solid set compared to other options avalible. A set of QL200 Penultimate Ofab Bureaucrat Armor looks damn nice spec wise, lots of useful bufs for a Bureaucrat and far more useful than other armor options until TL7, after TL7 the set becomes less interesting, but there are still some nice pieces that can be used even at end game, Gloves and Helmet is pretty good compared to other options and even a full set would be OK if you are planning on soloing a lot in Inferno.

Alien armor''s:

These are a solid option since we are a profession mainly defendant on nano programs, Calms need alot of attack skills to be realy effective, so if you are very much into calming, these are it.

Combined Paramedic for the soloing Bureaucrat sounds like a plan. It has loads of HP, so if you are going for a HP setup or if you are a nanomage, Paramedic is a solid option.

Combined Sharpshooter''s for the Bureaucrat that wants some personal damage and wants to consider the PvP option

The is really a mix of the different armor sets along with some Pandemomuin stuff in it for the 210+ crats out there, again it really depends on what you are doing with your Bureaucrat.

According to your own playstyle try to max out your HP if you solo. Go with weapon skill mods if you consider PvP or are a dedicated team player or just leveling, and fill up in nanoskills where needed. etc...

Image 3.Weapon Choices Image

Weapons before level 50

At these levels, starter Island upgraded weapons and almost any random pistol you can find are fine. Don''t invest to much into Pistol/Fling/Multi Ranged/Burst/Ranged Init till you get Nano Init and nanoskills up, in fact don''t even touch them, its a waste of good IP at this level. Below are some choices that you can make.

This is a good choice since it will add 10+ to MC/BM allowing for a higher pet/charm. Even if the weapon is OD you still get those bonuses. To equip the pistol get Extreme Prejudice from Engineer, Pistol Mastery from Soldier, and a 131 wrangle from a Trader, with Comp. Ranged you will have 311 Pistol skill without spending any IP.

The Soft Pepper Pistol can be expensive and if you do not have the funding or found one during a mission you can use a Second-Hand Old English Trading Co to buf Intelligence by 10pts.

The Original Electronicum for +4 NCU (yes it will make a difference at some point).

Weapons from level 50-100

The Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 has a low IP sinkage to get Fling/Burst and is easy to Dual wield due to low MR requirements. This pistols stays good till your shadowlevels really. The CDR drops from The Director in the Biomare Dungeon in the Longest Road.

Crat only gun that drops in Crypt of Home from Dark Cenobytes in varying QL''s but get the ''of the revoked'' version. Nice int/xp mod on it and the damage is solid and good. Good gun till about 175-190 depending on how much you twinked pistol since you can get the AR cap on this gun pretty fast. Once again low reqs. Don''t touch Kyr''Ozch weapons yet.

Weapons from level 100-150

You can still use dual CDR or CDR/DP combo or start looking at CDR/ql 100 Flux Pistol or if you don''t want Burst DP/Flux. Personally i don''t like the Flux pistol for the main reason it needs more skill to equip and it shoots extremely slow and no mods on it to boost. CDR has no mods either but at least shoots fast with fast Fling/Burst recycles.

Weapons from level 150-200

Same as 100-150.

After 190 you might look into a Kyr''Ozch Pistol - Type 1, to use next to your CDR/DP or if you are low on funds you can go with CDR+untyped ql 150 Kyr'Ozch Pistol (or DP/Kyr''Ozch of course although DP looses its charm after 190). Be aware that the Kyr''Ozch Pistols require a lot of IP and buffing to get a decent QL on, around level 160-170 without having Perks in weapon skills, a QL155 will be a challenge to get on and keep out of OE

Weapons from level 200+

By now you have maxed out Commanding Presence and are running Motivational Speech: Heroic Measures so your AR gets a nice boost at all times. You have a variety of options to you. Kyr''Ozch Pistols Type 1/Type 4 will give you the best damage, and are supported in our Symbiants. You also gets the highest AR by using Pistols. At 220 it is possible to use a ql199 type 4 and a ql300 type 1.
The ql 199 means you wont need insane amounts of Multi ranged. And why burst for the lower ql? because we cant get high enough burst skill to get a decent recharge on it and to reliable hit with all 3 bullets. Whilst fling is easier to cap and more consistent.

The Massive Bolt Charger is a good option to. Altough Heavy Weapons is not really supported in AO at the moment. You might need Champ of Heavy Artillery 10 to get it on and keep it out of OE. MBC has advantage that it will Fling/Burst faster then most other weapon choices. Search the doctor forums for the MBC tactics. My personal experience with it however is that it needs alot of +DD items to come close to the damage output of the pistol setup.

This is a decent option as well, however it is not supported by our Symbiants and even with Implants for SMG/MG you will get a lower AR = more misses. Fling/Burst cycles very fast though and being Energy damage you might do pretty well if you have all the expensive + damage items, Living Dragonflesh Body Armor, Robust Backpack, Electrophoridae Gloves.

Probably not the best choice for PvM, though if you are very much into PvP, you can swap this with a Ithaca, this will save you a load of IP that you can spend elsewhere to enhance your PvP abilities. Again Shotgun is not supported by our Symbiants, but the location of the Shotgun Clusters doesn''t affect our Nanoskills that much, so at the end game you should have no problem having Implants in all 3 locations (Right arm, Right Hand and Waist) to get a decent QL equipped.

The new Pistols that came with the Lost Eden Expansion. There pistols are basically upgrades of the Kyr''Ozh pistols, but with the added advantage of lower Burst and Multi Ranged requirements. It is doable at 220 to Equip a QL275 MK6 Pistol without to much sacrifice, and the damage output is ~20% higher due to the ~12s Burst cycle (QL250+ Burst implants in Right-Hand and Right-Wrist). Burst is still tough due to our very blue burst skill and no bufs for it, but it is still a very valid weapon at any level for the Bureaucrat. If you are not willing to do the sacrifice, a QL250 Ofab Peregrine MK6 will still do more damage than the older QL300 Kyr''Ozch Pistol - Type 1

The latest addition to our weaponry, this pistol is an excellent alternative to the Kyr''Ozh pistol - Type 1, if you can get your hand on it. It drops from the new dyna boss introduced with 17.2 (requires Lost Eden expansion to wield). It does more damage than a ql 300 type 1 (260-365), with fling shot, while having very low requirement (without any piece of AI armor, you can self-equip it at 220 if you have maxed the research line for pistol), it adds 15 to strength and stamina, and it has a chance to fire a proc on hit that debuffs nano init for 250 and healing efficiency for 25%.
The only drawback is the attack/recharge speed, 1.2/1.2, which gives a slightly longer fling short recharge and makes attack slower at full def.
Designed for PVP, it lacks aimed shot, but with its low requirement, you can easily hotswap with an AS weapon like Enchanted Waterfall Eye Wind Onehander.

Weapons for PvP: Ithaca Ki-8 Snakemaster, Zastaba Velocity SX - Special Forces, Professional Sapphistic Bow. You can almost just look at what most doctors use for PvP and slap that on a crat. Or just look at Avon''s PvP guide for more information on the matter.

Image 4.Bureaucrat Perklines Image

Profession perks:

Bureaucratic shuffle
Excellent perk special with ''Dodge the Blame''. short recharge on the special and excellent when you fumble a recharm or are in a tight spot. Will give you a massive AAD bonus. Succumb: AC debuff which is noticealbe in RK/aliens but will do a grand total of nothing in SL. Confound with rules: dont except to much from it...10minute recharge is bad. Total of 200HP and 40 to all evades to if you perk Bureaucrat Shuffle up to 10. 10 perkpoints for such a small static boost....3 to 4 points crat shuffle if you feel you need it to make the first special really effective imho. Once at 220 when you reset XPperks and/or insurance you can consider raising it to 10. If you pvp you might want to consider raising it to 10 aswell. Both succumb and confound with rules use psychology as their attacking skill so it will be difficult to land it on most mobs/players.

Commanding presence
First 130 levels bonus from this will be small. From 150 and up it does wonders to your teams AR/AAD in combination with Heroic Measures. After 150 i advise to max this at all times.

Our XP pulsing aura along with the +XP perk specials. Can also provide you with the last few needed points in PM/SI/BM. This is one of the things people like in Bureaucrats (it stacks with baton). Directorship has 3 Perk Specials for 50, 75 and 100% more EXP for ~1min each.

Insurance agent
Regain XP, Provides a special to recoup xp faster and a pulsing aura for your teammates. 1 perkpoint adds 330% xp regain which is more then enough imho...some go for it all the way but the perkline adds almost nothing else of value (1 point of BM/PM/SI is not that spectacular). 1 Perk point will reclaim ~300k SK from and inferno mission, if people have a larger pool than that, they proberly deserved it.

I never really worked with it but i tried it the first special puppeteer and it seemed to have very little effect in SL. 60% of the cases my robot pet just got killed faster. Antitrust does a bit low dmg but overrule seems worth it tough. static mods seem decent to. Note: I''ve tested this a but further and the 3 specials are not that spectacular at all.

Group perks

Carefull in battle
Train it up to 5 for PvM. if you PvP alot then training more might be advisable, after level 210 going a defensive way you can add more points here aswell. Just like bureaucratic shuffle you can decide to put more perks into CiB at 220 when you reset xp perks and/or insurance.

Nano doctorate
Use it along the way if it allows you to cast a higher nano program but try to be without it after 210.

Pistol Mastery
Use it to twink into a higher pistol or once you''ve decided on pistol you can put your spare perks in here. Also a good line to keep trained at 219/220.

It is worth almost nothing in PvP but gives you a decent slow to stack with malaise+1 crap DD special+2 decent to good DD specials in PvM. However we dont have the necessary MC skill (attacking skills of this perkline) like NT''s, MP''s do. So most highlevel mobs (250 or higher) will evade this. The perks also take some time to ''go off'' so the total time to fire off all 4 is a bit long at times.

General perks

Enhance health
Is good for us, especially when soloing a good place for spare perks. Eventually when you have some HP gear you can untrain it a bit. I feel that 7 perks with no perk specials for 1.5K HP more is a big perk investment for a less then average gain.

Freak Strenght
if you need it to get to 801 stamina for the 2 sec natural heal delta tick. and a solid PvP option.

Enhance DNA 10
the HoT from it is not really that good...it locks to long

First Aid 2
Gives a heal special that heals you/others depending on how high your first aid skill is, if you solo alot around level 130-150 this can be very usefull to have, eventually use a perk from Directoship and move the Insurance one, any pool can be dealt with later.

Champoin of Nano Combat (AI)
Most train this up to 10. it gives you bonus to nanoskills + 2decent DD specials. One of the better options to keep trained

Champ of .... (AI)
Whatever your weapon is. Normally you will not have any spare perks to place here untill late in game. but one of the better options to keep trained at 219/220.

Genuis 2
Excellent special with regain nano, a must pre level 150

Genuis 3
If you need it to get 781 psychic for the natural regain nano tick

Lost Eden Perks
Thanks to Sobeguy for providing the overview

The Lost Eden Perklines can be trained along the way of your leveling, getting the first few perks done early can be an advantage, but I would not say its needed, otherwise it can be a good idea to research some of the lines while farming tokens or aliens, put the personal slider to 100% and it is quite fast to do the first 3-4 levels in each line.

Executive Decisons
Not much interesting in this line, the 50 Multiranged can be handy when you equip weapons but you need Level 190 to train it, skip this line untill you have nothing better to train, or if you need the int/psy for something.

Hostile Negotiations
Very nice perk line when you get around the level where you are considering getting some decent pistols on. The proc Social Service is nice when soloing if it lands, also very useful in PvP. getting to level 5 for the stun proc at level 125 would be a good idea

Human Resources
Good perkline to start with, NCU, Complit and nanoskills is always nice to have, keep this updated as often as possible.

Market Awareness
Nothing special in this one, save until later levels or when you have reached max in other more useful perk lines

Process Theory
Good perk line to train early, 50 points PM and the 10s stun proc Wait in That Queue is very nice for soloing, and it will allow you to save some IP on PM and use it elsewhere.

Professional Development
Mainly nanoskills and rather useless procs, the amount of MC & TS can be handy, but you wont benefit that much from them. Only thing I can see is to balance some issues with MC/TS skills in Implants since low level Eye Symbiants are hard to find, otherwise save until later levels

Team Building
Nothing special in this line, save it until later levels. The damage proc Tax Audit isn''t bad once you get in teams where the tank can handle your taunts form nukes.

LE Perk Line overview

Executive Decisons
Psych 10
Pistol 10
Unknown ItemID: 263462
Nano damage buff, +3 Type 2
Intelligence 10
Psychology 25
Fling shot 25
Psychology 30
Multi ranged 50
Stamina 20
Time and Space 60

Hostile Negotiations
Pistol 10
Fling shot 15
Pistol 25
Fling shot 25
Unknown ItemID: 263442
Stun, 15 seconds Type 2
Ranged Init 30
Multi Ranged 30
Pistol 50
Fling shot 50
Pistol 60

Human Resources
Complit 10
SI 15
PM 25
BM 25
Forms in Triplicate NanoDelta +60 Type 1
Int 15
Wrong Window Nano damage buff, +4 Type 2
Sense 20
Int 25

Market Awareness
Papercut DD proc, 10-23 cold Type 2
Psychology 15
Body Dev 15
Stamina 10
Dodge 15
Ranged Init 15
Stamina 15
AAD 50
Max Health 150
MC 60

Process Theory
Inflation Adjustment Nano damage buff +1 Type 2
Wait in that Queue Stun, 10 second Type 1
Sense 10
PM 25
PM 25
Psychic 15
Nano delta 10
AAD 15
SI 50
Psychic 25

Professional Development
XP 1
MC 15
Next Window Over Nanodelta buff, +30 Type 2
Lost Paperwork DD proc, 264 - 532 melee Type 1
TS 25
MC 25
TS 30
PM 50
BM 50
Mobility Embargo AOE root, 15 seconds, unresistable Type 1

Team Building
First Aid 10
TS 15
Psychology 15
Body Dev 15
Comp lit 25
Stamina 15
Tax Audit DD proc/taunt, 1375-3211 engergy, taunts 3574 Type 1
First Aid 50
SI 50
Please Hold AoE Snare, 30 seconds Type 2

Image 5. Bureaucrat Nano Programs Image


Fast firing with relative low DD on em unless you are nuking grey stuff. Rule of One (RoO) also comes with a rather high taunt value, so spamming it might be hazardous for your health, 3500 taunt on RoO with a 1375min dmg, 2200 taunt on Monofilament Cat-O'Nine-Tails with a 863 min dmg, In pvp this hits for 1375/2 points of dmg...rather low... Chain nuking with Rule of One at Hecklers in Elysium will often take aggro from the Enforcer, so hold back a bit here, later on this isn''t really a problem in teams. If you go to high with the taunt value then remember that calming the mob wipes the hatelist. Dodge the Blame and Defensive Stance can help survive the aggro of course.



Single and area''s. Once again our top snares come with a high taunt value. In SL they dont land much but in RK/aliens they get the job done. Shackles of Obedience last 27min and has a very low chance of breaking, and for some reason it works like a root, so its a very effective tool when soloing. Same is with the Area snare Greater Enforced Sloth very nice for RK dynas.


Void Inertia & Greater Fear of Attention have much lower taunt than the snares, but also has a higer chance of breaking, but is still very useful for holding a target. On RK and Aliens it pretty much land 100% of the time. For SL we have the Puissant Void Inertia instead , these lands pretty well on SL mobs but their duration is pretty low and break almost instantly when you hit the target. The top root as pretty high requirements, if you don''t spend the IP to use it, you wont notice a difference, Puissant Captivating Speech will get the job done aswell.


Rubi-Ka Calms Contemplation is our only calms that wipes the mobs hate list and keeps it pacified easy to land on RK mobs, but murder to land on SL mobs. SL or Empowered Contemplation calms has a high chance of landing on SL mobs but only a small chance of pacifying/wiping hate list. Skill requirements are somewhat high, but as with the roots there is no idea twinking in to use higher ones, as the lower ones gets the job done just as fine, Empowered Contemplation is more than enough, no need to use a higher one. We also have a area calm Disrupted Psyche useless in SL, but extremely useful on RK and Aliens.


In the calm line we also have Living Embalming which is a 5.5sec stun, never really had a need for this in PvM since the tough stuff is normally a boss and it wont work then. Handy in PvP to keep your opponent to cast nanos, like healing.

Fear Line

Horror From The Darkest Pit, cool name but less useful. Checks on psychic < 449 so it wont land on higher level mobs, and has no effect in PvP. Combined with root/snares you can keep fighting the target while it does not have the attention to you... at low levels on RK it can be handy to have around.

Pets and Charms

Bodyguard heal nano''s

We got em but don''t expect much from these. Slow recharge and they don''t heal enough to be useful.

Gallant Slave Nanos

Buffs our charmed pet but only if the charm is alot lower then you (below a certain level). This boosts the pet''s HP/AR/dmg by a bit but not enough to make a difference. If you never buy a nano from this line you will never know the difference... almost. This comes close to a Fixer''s Summon ammo nano line when it comes to being usefull. Gallant Slave: The Vengeful Toiler is the only one you really need to get if you are hunting in lower zones.

Gallant Hero line: Gallant Hero

Gallant Hero: The Vengeful Butler buffs our Bodyguard pet with more AR/dmg/taunt per hit. Very good in team situation, but worth nothing when solo''ing, the extra damage will just give it more aggro and get you and the Bodyguard killed faster.


We have 2 Charms, one with long duration "The Voice of Truth", and one with short duration "Displace Thought Patterns", this allows us to have 3 pets as damage dealers. It is possibe to have 1 long and 1 short charm, or you can have 2 short charms. You can not use your Long charm if you already have a pet on short charm.

Buffs and Auras

Cut Red Tape/Red Tape

Alot of NCU for a rather small boost, no one will blame you for not using them. However the Improved versions: Improved Cut Red Tape and Intensify Stress is a must have. You should try get Improved Red Tape as soon as possible, it can debuf aliens and stacks with UBT on other mobs, and it makes a huge difference when you solo, Improved Cut Red Tape is more a PvP item, the bufs are nice even for a Bureaucrat, but the price tag is rather horrible. Improved Cut Red Tape is good for buffing your pets with as well, but not essential, if you get this nano late in game its OK.

Nano Delta

(Nano Restoration Escalation): Once you get the nano delta tick up there this is pointless really, however for the first 200 levels the Soothing Calm is very handy, to your self and to other casters as well like Enforcers, Doctors, Trades, MP''s, and to some extent Adventures, and even at TL7 many Enforcers loves to be buffed with this nano.

XP Buffs

...no explanation needed

Motivational Speeches

Motivational Speech: Heroic Measures adds to AAO/AAD, without doubt our best speech and they stack with keeper AAD/AAO aura''s. Motivational Speech: Assassin's Focus adds to crit increase...doesn''t stack with Mark of Peril from a MA but is more ncu friendly. Hunting in lower zones it can boost damage from pets by quite a lot. Motivational Speech: Improvise and Adapt adds NR but the boost is rather small, cant remember ever using it. 3 crats in team means you can have all 3 speeches running, even pets get the effect of these.

Root and Snare removers

We have quite a lot of these, some that are self only, we have some for others and we have for the Bodyguard, and we have a area deroot/desnare. While doing missions on RK you need some of these, in Shadowlands you will never have any use for them. The area version Corporate Leadership: Exoneration is essential for Tower wars and other mass PvP situations. While the Bureaucrat have some problems with pets and weapon damage in mass PvP, they are exceptional in keeping the blob derooted. The area version also effects all pets in the area.


Demotiviation Speeches

One to lower NR, one to lower their Crit chance and one to steal nano from opponent...a lot of ncu for something with a very short range and low impact. In a team situation it can be useful to reduce the crits from a mob on a tank. Demotivational Speech: Certainty of Defeat would seem to be the only really useful one with -11% Crit chance, while in the Shadowlands mobs still hit very hard even if they do not crit you, but can make a huge difference to remove crits from RK mobs.

Malaise (Init debuf)

Malaise of Fervor doesn''t stack with UBT, and overwrite MP debuff. Mighty handy for those aliens the doc cant get UBT in like Alien Generals/Bosses. Malaise Nanos also stack with the Improved Red Tape, and together they come very close to UBT. Essential tool for soloing..they have a taunt value as well. but if used wisely they do wonders.

PvP only Nanos

With the Lost Eden Expansion we got a new nano that works vs Adventures only, the Nemesis nano Nano Crystal (Bur: Rabies) is a DoT that will run for 20s and do ~750 damage every 2s, it will not kill the Adventurer alone, but it''s nice added damage.

Image 6.Where to level as Bureaucrat Image

The Bureaucrat has it easy when it comes to get teams due the extra XP we can provide, and at some point you will find that you have leveled way to fast and missed some opportunities to play your Bureaucrat in some places where you can experiance the potential of your toon (or maybe you dont care). The places below is ment as suggestions to where you can go level and learn the way of the Bureaucrat, and at some levels where you benefit from it aswell, ofcourse you will learn something by hecklering aswell, but pushing limits solo is much more satisfying.

The Subway (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 7-24

Not much reason to level here, but go get a Morphing Memory, eventually you would like the 35 NR when you do PvP. Eventually you can play around with the first Charms. Before you ding 25 you might want to get a Juggler's Treat if you plan on using pistols.

Temple of Three Winds (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 25-45

Not much for Bureaucrats here, and since most of the mob here are small bosses, nothing much we can charm, or calm except Cultists and they arent particular good, if you try hard enough you can eventually Charm a lego, but dont count on recharming it. Just go there, and get Barrow Strength, Withered Flesh and some NCU rings and never come back.

Biomare (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 45-60 & 90-100

Low levels around 50ish its a decent place, some nice NCU drops here that adds to Nano Init. The new Biomare also offeres some quests with nice rewards for treatment buffing. The mobs inside Biomare drops alot of loot aswell, make sure you have atlest 9 emty bags with you for some creds. The Biomare is also the first place where you can start to use your toolset and a good place to practice with roots, snares and calms. Around level 80 you should be able to cast your first Area calm, so eventually you might want to go back and play with that here and experiance the ultimate power of the Bureaucrat. As mentioned before, the end boss The Director drops CDR and the form for the Crat Suit ( you can also buy the form from a player shop, it isn''t NODROP like the CDR ).

Crypt of Home (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 90-110

You need to go here to get your Dark Pistols, they drop just inside the door to the right at a very good rate, and at level 100-110 they are easy solable. Not many other interesting parts here, except if you would try get some of the weapons fron the Cenobyte Shadows and parts for your Crawler/Prowler armor. A small team might be adviserble if you go deeper in there, though Calms and Charms should work OK IIRC.

Rubi-Ka missions
Levels 60+

Like other pet profesions you can run 100% missions most of the time if you want, EXP isn''t that good in most cases but the 1k Tokenboard is a must for the soloing Bureaucrat. Best levels for tokenfarming is from level 100-120, missions can be pulled to the City of Home, and completed in 10-15min for 5 tokens. At level 112 you can roll QL200 missions, EXP isnt half bad, and you get phat loot from mobs and chests, also the chest loot around level 150 can be extremly nice, especially the NCU''s that can sell for a small fortune since they are somewhat rare on the market. High level missions is good practice aswell for your Bureaucrat skills. If you solo team missions, dont kill off all the mobs before you kill the boss, a Slayer or Hellhound boss can be quite tough to kill if you dont have the right pets charmed... or spares to get. Rolling full chaos missions gives you a wide selection of pets to choose from, getting a Slayer or Hellhound can speed the killing up quite a bit.

Missions to the Alien Mothership
Levels 80+

Aliens are very easy to control for us, since they are not immune to our snares and area calms. Make sure you have the best Area Snare as possible before you go hunt aliens, because it is very effective in these missions. You can start on AI missions sooner than level 80, but it is a huge advantage to be able to use the first Area calm (Muddled Psyche) aswell, since some of the aliens has some nasty nukes and calming zix 1 at a time is time consuming. For more information about aliens and Bureaucrats, Malaxia has made a nice overview of their various resists and immunity''s.

Elysium (Shadowlands)
Levels 65-85 & 100-140

Visit some of the Dungeons here maybe you get lucky and find some Wierd looking nanos for some creds or maybe you are even more lucky and find the ones for Bureaucrats, have a look at Jexai''s maps for the level ranges and locations. In the chests you can also find Spirit Tech Circlet of Edamie-Ang a very nice head item, though somewhat rare. When you can cast Inveigle Support you can charm Hecklers and Horrors on the Brink, go to Jagged cost and solo for some sweet EXP and the fun of having a Horror as pet.

Scheol (Shadowlands)
Levels 85-100 & 130-150

You can enter here at level 80 without doing the quest, though at this level it might be a bit hard unless you are well equipped and have a lvl 200 bot or close to. The zone is pretty much emty, but the Chimeras is a realy nice place to get EXP, and they are soloble from around lvl 80-90, but they are tough, and it is a hard place since they walk around alot and there is no wall to hide behind. With some practice and taking advantage of the lanscape its very good EXP, about 50% better than Mortiigs in Elysium. Skip the spiders, that place has a horrible pet pathing. Also the dungeons gives good EXP and as in Elysium, a chance of a Wierd looking nano or Circlet. The Hecklers and Horros are bugged in this zone (they dont move and have insane range), but as Bureaucrat its no big deal, and they are easy to solo (watch out for Eremites).

Smugglers Den (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 110+

Long trip to get there, but well worth the effort when it comes to play as the King/Queen of Crowd Control. Just inside the entrance to the right is a small cave, in here you can find a level 180+ Mantis to take as pet. You can either kill of all the small Matis and see if you can get some parts for Mantis armor some QL''s sell pretty good or you can just calm them and move along to the Smugglers in the back of the dungeon. Inside the Smuggler Hangar is the Smuggler Pilot, he drops the Small Titan Message Container that we need to make our Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine soloing this while all the mobs was deep orange was a kick ass experiance. The de''Cranum armor is nice to, apart from that there isnt much interesting stuff here. Eventually go to the other part of the Den and kill of all the Mantis for get some Rings of Power, Reflect bracers or a Mantis Egg to make Virral Triumvirate Egg''s.

Medusa Territory (Rubi-Ka)
Levels 120+

When you get tired of Hecklers in Elysium, this is the place to go. The Medusas is around level 170-190 and do pretty awsome damage and gives good EXP for RK mobs, try run a Damage dumper while having two charmed Medusas and be surprised, if u feel lucky run the +crit speech and have it affect your pets and the damage will sky rocket. Medusas also drops pretty nice loot, Gold, Silver, Soul Fragments and Cold Stones that most tradeskillers pay a decent price for, and you get good EXP while farming it. Reflect Bracers and Damage rings also drops here, although rare. Medusas use Bureaucrat nukes so be carefull, they hurt alot and they also have nasty crits, lots of HP is advised.

Adonis (Shadowlands)
Levels 140+

Not much to do here, but the dungeon The Fifth Pantheon is famous for having Wierd looking nanos is the chests, Improved Cut Red Tape can be found here, and the top Fixer damage buf and the Doctor Heal delta buf aswell, any of these are good $$ and the EXP while soloing isnt to bad. If you find a Sewer Scutter in a chest, it makes a bad ass pet, if not grab the highest level Mortiig in there. The dungeon is also known for having mobs spawn 10 sec after you killed them, so have your calms ready.

By now you should have reached level 160 and learned the way of the Bureaucrat, and can venture into Penumbra and Inferno. Penumbra is soloble aswell at 160, and there are some nice dungeons around for great EXP, and you will proberly also get offers a spot in teams for Penumbra missions, and the team will be much higher than you, the EXP from these missions is awsome, and you will ding atleast once on every mission, but you must be aware that your powers as calmer is very limited at this level against the mobs in the missions, and there isnt much for you to charm since the mobs are to high level, so make sure that your team knows this before you start. Same with Inferno, though there is alot outdoor killing going on in Inferno, and here our calming works better than on sided mobs, and you can grab a Spinetooth as pet and deal some decent damage. Inferno hecklers gives about 1.2mill EXP per kill, so the levels from 190-200 will be fast here.

Soloing as Bureaucrat

No need to get in to many details here, besides Czarina already wrote a great guide on soloing, also a tread here that might be informative. Soloing at lower levels isn''t much different, key is to stay out of sight/range and have enough HP to take a hit or 2, cause aggro will shift from time to time, get a Computer Deck Range Increaser to Root/Snare/Calm from a safe distance, and be patiant (thats the hard part).

A few tips to avoid trouble solo and in teams

-If you plan on calming a RK mission or SL dungeon, dont have any pets as they will go completely nuts with all that calming and mostlikely they will be out of your range when you need them, eventually stuck in some wall. If you have to do calming, make sure your charm isn''t about to expire anytime soon, if the pet runs of and the charm expires, it will attack anyone in sight and you lost the pet for good.

-If you cant get your pet to stop attacking your calmed mobs, recharm it to reset its hatelist, and always use /pet behind and /pet wait, /pet follow seems to be a cause of the problem.

-After you zone your pet will guard you, always do /pet behind after a zone, if possible, dont travel with pets out they always mess things up.

-Always check your NCU if Commanding Prescence has refreshed after you zoned, sometimes it can take 4 minutes, and you realy feel the difference.

-If you are unsure if you can calm a mob or several, root/snare them first so they dont run around causing havoc.

-If you release a charmed mob, it will hate you alot, always calm it with the RK calm to wipe its hate list before hitting it, or zone.

Image 7. Tips & Tricks on Charms and Calms Image


The pet window

Get out a robot pet. Then just type in /open pet. The pet window will appear. You can now select pets by clicking their name in the pet window. What also works is shift+f1 (first pet), shift+f2 (second pet) , .... Next time you log in the pet window will still be there wether you have pets out or not.

What to charm and where (taken from another post of myself in the crat forum)

Rubi-ka missions: Enforcers, MA mobs, Mechdogs, Slayers
Outdoor Rubi-Ka/Rubi-Ka raids: Whatever you can find. but most stuff in Rubi-Ka raid situation is charm resistant. HI: Nothing you can charm. IS: those floaty black dudes. Mercs: Primus mob but insane NR. Eventually check the Citys for a high level Bartender, thoose are very good DD
Aliens: Hoppers. Dont go with Nahkti & Ankari mobs for sure.
Nascensce: Cripplers/Croakers/Heckler... almost anything you can find.
Elysium: When levelling in it: Those infector looking mobs near ergo cave. Tiger looking mob are good to. Mortiig predators at their various locations, ff you are Heckler''ing...grab a Horror. In dungeons like Tinker tower: Malah or Vortexoid
Scheol: Whatever you can find worth having..c elysium, Eremites to the west and Vortex to the East is good choises
Adonis: Almost nothing in ado worth charming. Inside the abyss i would go with the pothole Eremites/Eremites in general. Those Abysal Roamers sometimes resist charm/calm. Heckler''ing: either the big fish landmark or get a Crippler/Croaker or whatever you can find.
Penumbra: Outdoor Vortexoids, Shadows, Mortiig''s. At 195 you can add Notum Scourges to the list (Voice of Truth charm). In missions: Vortexoids, Malahs, Shadows or for the higher missions a chest mob. Dont charm sided mobs if possible...they usually suq.
Inferno: Spinetooths, Vortexoids from near Afreet, Notum Scourges, Anansi''s child, Anansi''s Cosset, Burning Shadows, Mortiigs from Tiun island. In missions: Shadows or a high level Hiathlin.

Worst charms IMHO: Hecklers, Spirits, Unredeemded mobs, Redeemded mobs, Nano-Technician mobs in RK, Doctor mobs in RK, Engi mobs in RK.

If you want to compare the pet options in Inferno, here''s some numbers (based on experimentation):
(Thanks to Malaxia for providing this small overview)

Anansi / Asase Child :
Level range: 230-235 (outdoors Inferno only)
Approx damage: 2500-5000 (7000) - slow attack speed - huge HP

Inferno Notum Scourge :
Level range: 230 (outdoors Inferno only)
Approx damage: 1600-3500 (4500) - slow attack speed

Infernal Vortexoid :
Level range: 230-255 (missions)
Approx damage for lvl 250: 2000-4000 (6000) - slow attack speed

Malah-Fama :
Level range: 230-255 (missions)
Approx damage for lvl 250: 1500-2500 (3500) - fast/med attack speed

Shadow :
Level range: 195-205 (outdoors)
Approx damage for lvl 205: 1000-1600 (2000) - fast attack

Fiendish Mortiig :
Level range: 230-240 (outdoors)
Approx damage: 1400-2000 (3000) - slow attack

Carlo Pinnetti :
Level range: 220
Approx damage: 1300-5000 (6200) - fast attack

Notes :
-In missions and outside, Hoathlans, Shadows, Koloanna, Rafters, Dryads, Spirits are not worth charming when you can have Malahs, Vortexs or Mortiigs.

-Outside, Eremites and Anansis Cosset are decent damage dealers and also good aggro holders.

-Spinetooths are decent pets with their huge hp. However, they don''t hit hard (the lvl 230 spinetooths are only doing around 1700 pts of damage).

-All those numbers are not meant to be exact...

I didn''t list at what level you can charm what, Since

-I long ago forgot what charm you need to charm something in nasc/ely

-That''s half the fun exploring

-Once you have TMD at like 120ish it''s your only charm till 195 to carry you trough Ely-Penumbra/Inferno

General charming trick if psy debuff is needed:

1. Calm whatever you wish to charm
2. Psy debuff it...it will aggro you but calm will not break
3. Shoot at your target or have your robot pet attack it to break calm. Don''t use a nuke to break calm we don''t want nano recharge at this point
4. Once the visual effect of the calm is gone charm the mob...the psy debuff will still be there

Remember : You can not charm calmed mobs/bosses/uniques/guards...


On Rubi-Ka this works realy well and its rarely resisted, some mobs do have higher NR than others and can be quite tough to calm. Be aware that Doctors like to debuf calmed mobs and that the areal calm breaks on debuf, also Engineer auras can breake your area calms.

In Shadowlands its a different story, area calms doesn''t work here so don''t even bother with them. (past 215 you might land AoE calms on level 205- mobs in SL) We have special calms for SL, those have very short duration and almost never wipe the hate list and completely calms the mob, in fact it works more like a stun as the mob is still awake and generate hate towards your team. Depending on your team it is rather random who generates the aggro, if the Doctor heals alot he is a likely target, or if you have a lowbie in team they are also at risk, therefor it is nessesary to calm the mobs with your RK calm after you have landed the SL calm so that the mob get the hate list wiped and does not keep building up hate. Landing the RK calm can be realy realy hard, and sometimes you wont even succed, and other times it lands first time.

Attacked by Demon of Shadow!
Executing Nano Program: Empowered Introspective Engagement.
Attacked by Demon of Shadow!
Nano program executed successfully.
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Your target countered the nano program.
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Your target countered the nano program.
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Your target countered the nano program.
Attacked by Demon of Shadow!
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Your target countered the nano program.
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Your target countered the nano program.
Wait for current nano program execution to finish.
Unable to execute nano program. You can''t execute this nano on the target.
Executing Nano Program: Contemplation.
Nano program executed successfully.
Attacked by Demon of Shadow!

This is what you should be prepared for when calming in Shadowlands. When you reach level 215 calming become a bit easier, unless you have been slacking on your PM/SI skills. When you pass 1600 PM/SI you can land Contemplation on first try on outdoor mobs most of the time, and dont have to cast the SL calm first, though if you see a MP running around, get your CI/CM for more attack power, it all helps. If you team with a Trader or NT, let them be primary calmer, and you can focus on dealing damage instead since their calms are much better than ours.

That said, we still can calm 5 hecks before ppl die, the SL calm is hardly ever resisted and even if the mobs still build up aggro, at least they dont hit ppl, you just have a lot of work after to wipe the hate list.

Some of this info has been copied from this thread, give it a read as there is still some useful information there.

Image 8. Stacking and the use of XP perks Image

No reason to deny it, we have them, so I might aswell pass on some of my experiance. The first perk you can get at level 110, at this level it isn''t that usefull unless you are in a kite team... which you ofcause are not, the perk action Leadership adds +50% EXP for 45 seconds. Second perk action Governance at level 160 adds +75% EXP for 50 seconds, and the last perk action The Director at level 208 adds 100% EXP for 55 seconds. When you run around in Elysium, you will get alot of tells to join kite teams, if you want to join or not is ofcause your decision, and from what I am told, unless it''s a very good NT that knows what he is doing, the EXP/Hour isnt always that good, also have in mind that some NT''s gets payed per level, and they do not share with us. When you get passed 160 they will temt you with Penumbra and Inferno Spiritroom kites, which at this level isn''t all that bad EXP/Hour but once you reach 200 its not worth the efford, as the EXP/hour drops to 1/3 of what you can get in a mission.

While soloing, by all means hit the perks when possible, EXP is EXP no reason not to get +50, 75 or 100% extra EXP when possible, keep in mind that some mobs gives more EXP than others, RK mission bosses gives a great deal, and also Hellhounds gives quite alot more EXP than other mobs.

When you enter Penumbra and Inferno people likes to stack mobs to get more EXP. Stacking is when you kill 2 or more mobs when the +EXP perk is running, and by that get +100% of 2 mobs instead of 1 = better EXP/Hour. So how is this done:

1. The team has to decide who tanks and who pulls, this cant be the same player.
2. You decide how many mobs you want to stack, this depends on your team setup but normally its 3-4 mobs
3. The puller get 1 mob and hit it down untill it has about 3 baubles HP left, and then he pulls another
4. Between 1 and 2 baubles the team changes target so that the 1st mob will still aggro the tank while the next has its HP reduced to 2-3 baubles.
5. Puller gets another mob, and is reduced to 1 bauble, at 1 bauble you do /t KILL KILL KILL and hit the XP perk action.
6. Team kills all 3 mobs thus gets + exp For 3 mobs

On paper this looks realy good, in reality it isn''t always the best. Even if you get more EXP per mob, the EXP/hour can be bad. A good stack team needs a good tank or more than 1, and good healing and enough damage to kill of the mobs before the perk action runs out. Adventurers are great for stack teams, lots of damage, heals, and great evades to tank 1 or 2 mobs, Doc or Agent for UBT to keep the damaged mobs slow (dont forget your Intensify Stress when stacking), Soldier or Engineer for reflect aura makes things easier aswell, and both professions do great damage. You can get a Enforcer aswell though its not essential for a good stack team, also dont expect the Enforcer to tank all the mobs by his own, its better to spread out the tanking if possible, this will make it easier for the healers, if healers have to heal all the time, damage goes down and starts to hurt the EXP/hour. Good stack teams consist of 215+ players, atleast if you do stacking in Inferno, can do with lower players aswell, but it is my experiance that if you get a the team flowing, you will normally kill 2 mobs whilere the perks is running, and then its not worth the hazzle to arrange stacking, the EXP/hour is just as good, if not better because a team that works well together is more likely to stay together for a long time, nothing that hurts the EXP/Hour than wait time.

Stacking is best done outdoor doing Inferno Hecklers, but you can also stack in missions its just a bit more complicated, also the level range of mobs in missions can vary alot, and some mobs doesn''t give as much EXP as others, like Craig-Or and Turrets so the benefit from your perks can be good or bad, depending on how the mission is. I normally dont do stacking in missions on purpose, instead I plan when I want to perk. Hitting a perk on the 1 mob in a small room or the last before you zone, prevents you from killing 2 mobs on the same perk. If you however perk in the rooms where there are 2 or more mobs, you can normally get them on the same perk action if you have enough damage. Sometimes you get teams where you kill 3 mobs per perk without even trying, thats when you get 180k SK per hour, trying to stack with a team like that isn''t worth it, it wont get any better. Use a damage dumper that can show SK/hour so you can gather information on how teams are performing, will be usefull for you later and the last few levels. And dont forget, as Bureaucrat you can deal alot of damage aswell, and not only perk EXP.

Pandemonium Raids... well you can get 100k+ per raid if you do it right

Image 9.Usefull items Image

While leveling and when you do missions there are some items you will have good use for when we are updating, and most of it you can find in RK missions, no reason not to pick it up along the way.

Treatment buffing

We have blue treatment, QL150 and QL200 treatmet implants is needed, also get a QL22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz for+10 treatment, and while in Elysium a ql 60ish Visionist Tool and update it when possible in higher zones, and dont forget your Treatment Library.

Burst and Multiranged

You will hate this if you are going with pistols, QL200 Implants for Multiranged and Burst is essential to save IP and get decent guns on, when making the implants, favour Multi Ranged over Burst, since you can get the Riot Control buff from soldiers for 110 Burst, Also get a pair of QL180 MTI SW500 Geyser. Another nice item is [itemname]223099[itemname] (how to make). Dalja's Ring and Vanya's Pearl of the Left Brain


Depends of your breed ofcause so best is to visit the List of Ability Buffing Nanos here at Anarchy Online Universe, in any case you should get the Ability buffing pistols from the RK Missions when you get the chance, they will mostlikely be usefull to you no matter what breed you are.

Int/Psy: QL100 O.E.T. Co. Jess
Sense: QL98 Galahad Inc T70 Zig Zag
Stamina: QL100 HSR Arms N.M.
Agility: QL180 MTI VP300 Red s. Caseless or at lower levels QL40 Tsakachumi PTO-HV.2 Counter-Sniper Rifle
Strength: Never had a need to buf this, besides Behe and Prod Str should be enough for your needs.

Other Items

QL44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer +20 Computer Litracy, QL200 Nova Dillon Body Armor each piece adds +4 to all abilities

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