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Introduction: The Triumvirate Egg

The Virral Triumvirate Egg is one of the most useful items you will find. The main reason is that you can wear two at a time on either the left or right shoulder and they increase your Intelligence and Psychic ability +30 (wearing 2 of them). They also increase Health, Nano has some damage bonuses.

They are often used to equip armor that requires Intelligence and Psychic or to raise Nano Skills a bit to cast a nano formula which otherwise you may not be able to execute. By wearing 2 of them your Health and Nano are increased +300 with the low requirement of 321 in Intelligence and Psychic to equip.

Required Items in The Triumvirate Egg Creation

Note: All QLs listed are based on the lowest required QL 190 Soul Frags, Robot Junk, and Gold Ingots needed. Using higher QL in these items may require higher QLs in Wire Drawing Machine and Nano Circuitry Wire.

The Mantis Egg drops from Mantis Breeders and the Mantis Queen inside the Smugglers Den in Southern Foul Hills. The Breeders drop the egg occasionally while the Queen has a 100% drop rate.

Soul Fragment and Small Gold Ingot are found on mobs or missions in chests anywhere on Rubi-Ka but the droprate is not high, so you may spend a bit of time acquiring one. Gold in this QL also has a high drop rate from the Medusas in the north west corner of Eastern Fouls Plains.

Robot Junk drops from high level robots mobs like Slayerdroids and Ninjadroids on Rubi-ka.

Note: All the remaining items are tools and can be purchased at general shops in the tradeskill department (be aware you will need to buy high QL tools).

Note: Jensen Gem Cutter, Screwdriver, Wire Drawing Machine do not get consumed and may be reused.

Now it's time to make your new Virral Egg with the following process:

Tradeskill process

Step 1

  +    =  
You will need to do this step for all 3 of your Gold Ingots.
Requires 3.4x Ql of the ingot in Mechanical Engineering.

Step 2

  +    =  
Requires 4.8x Ql of the gold in Mechanical Engineering.
The Wire Drawing Machine must be at least 30% of the QL of the Ingot.

Step 3

  +    =  
You will need to do this step for all 3 of your Soul Fragments.
Requires 5x the Ql of the Soul Fragment in Mechanical Engineering and 1.9x in Agility.

Step 4

  +    =  
No tradeskills required.

Step 5

  +    =  
Requires 3.5x Ql of the Nano Sensor in Mechanical Engineering and 4.25x in Electrical Engineering.
The Nano Circuitry Wire must be at least 50% of the QL of the Nano Sensor.

Step 6

  +    =  
Requires 760 in Mechanical Engineering.

Step 7

Step 8

Requires 788 Mechanical Engineering and 275 Agility.

Step 9

  +    =  
  +    =  
  +    =  
Requires 807 Mechanical Engineering and 304 Agility.
(285 Agility for the first Fragment, 294 for the second and 304 for the last).

Now you have your very own Virral Triumvirate Egg! Although, these often work best in sets of TWO! So, time to create another!

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