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Once you have some credits in your pocket, you might want to go shopping, be it to upgrade your weapon, armor or just to get some ammo.

Most items in shops have a quality level (QL), it is recommended that you look at requirements to use the item you're looking to buy. If you don't meet the requirements of the item, you won't be able to use it. For example, a QL 200 weapon will be impossible for a level 20 to use, therefore, it would be best to shop for something closer to your skills like a QL 20-30 weapon.

When you are looking for weapons or item which requires a certain skill, you should be aware that nanoformulas from different professions can affect your skills which will then allow you to equip something that otherwise you wouldn't be able to use.

It is fairly easy to shop, there are terminals all over the planet outside as well as a few types of shops.

The Shop Terminals

Some shop terminals do not show externally what they stock and you won't know what they are selling until you use them. Some have different icons floating above, a cross means medical supplies, a figurine means clothes, a large gun means weapons and ammo, etc. You are likely to learn quickly what each icon represents.

An Omni-Tek Shop Terminal.

Some terminals change stock, so you can't always expect the same items to be for sale. Although, if you know a terminal rotates stock, the approximate time for rotation is about 15 minutes.

NPC Shops

NPC shops provide items which rotate completely. This means that if the NPC sells weapons and ammo, when the stock rotates he is likely to have a different set of weapons (ammo usually doesn't change). The same happens with NPC's that sell medical supplies, implants, clothing, etc.

Not all shops look the same, but you will easily recognize what they sell when you are inside with the design of the shop or as we said previously with icons.

A Neutral NPC Vendor in his shop.

NPC Vendors

NPC vendors are out in the open, within cities or outside in the wilds of Rubi-Ka, hoping you will stop by and purchase some of their stock to enable them to earn a living. These vendors usually offer more credits when you sell to them compared to terminals.

Almost every city/town has them which makes them quite easy to find. Out in the wild they can be in unusual and far locations including outposts which are rarely visited by players, so you may want to take note of where they are if you bump into an NPC selling items that you may want later on.

A vendor out in the wilderness.

The shopping cart icon is on the far right side.

City/Town Shops

These shops are the the life and blood of every city and town. They come in different categories:
    Basic Shop - Stocks items between Quality 1-40.
    Advanced Shop - Stocks items between Quality 40-75.
    Superior Shop - Stocks items between Quality 75-200.
    Luxury Supplies Shop - Has only 4 shopping terminals, one stocks vehicles (best place to find lowest QL yalmaha).
    Finest Edition Shop - Has 4 shops terminals, including one which is for traders only.

Basic Shops have up to a 5 room layout. A center room with entrances to 5 adjacent rooms. The Center room for armor, weapons, implants, medical supplies, containers, maps and miscellaneous items. An entrance to a small room close to the exit has pre-built-implants for beginners (for specific professions). A room which is specialized in Implants, another room specialized in Tradeskill items, and the third room for each profession's Nanoformulas. You can easily identify them because each entrance/door has a sign above it with "Trade Department", "Nano Department" or "Implants Department".

The Advanced and Superior Shops have a 4-room layout. They don't have a room near the exit with implants for beginners.
Basic/Advanced/Superior Shops are also under different names beside the obvious names, like "Fair Trade".

Luxury and Finest Edition carry furniture, ground/water/air vehicles and miscellaneous items.


All shops are based on faction, this means that an Omni-Tek NPC/Shop/Terminal will not sell to a clan player, the same applies to any Clan sided NPC/Shop/Terminal toward omni players. Neutral NPC/Shop/Terminal sells their stock to everyone.

Buying & Selling

Here is what a few new players may not know.

Your Computer Literacy affects the price for which you sell/buy items. The higher your skill the better price you will get either selling or buying. You probably won't notice a difference until you reach higher levels.

Neutrals may not buy from either Clan or Omni shops. Omni shops give the greatest return. Characters from non-Omni factions used to be able to sell to Omni Map Terminals, but this has been "fixed" in the 17.3 patch series. The trade department of all general stores sell to all factions. In other words, Clan and Neutral characters can use all the terminals in the trade sections of Omni shops for clusters, and vice versa for Omni characters.

Get to know shops near Whom-Pahs and Grid Terminals so you are able to hit as many shops as possible in the shortest amount of time when looking for a specific item. The Global Market Search Terminals you see in the larger cities work only for the players that have the Alien Invasion expansion.

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