Elite - The Condemned Subway

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This daily mission is given by the Senior Agency Handler from the office in Athen and Rome Blue. The mission will require you to travel to the Subway. If you have never before been to the Subway on Rubi-Ka, please consult this guide for information about where to find it.

Entrance to the Subway in ICC HQ.

Another thing to do before you start this daily mission is to get the quest for the Vagabond Cloak if you haven't already done it. There are different questlines for this depending on your faction:

Clan Start up Quests
Neutral Start up Quests
Omni Start up Quests (Though it isnt mentioned in this guide yet!! Sorry.)

Anyway, let's get started with this daily...

Your daily mission gives you a list of things that you need to kill when you are in the Subway:

Kill 3 Violent Vagabonds
Kill 3 Muggers
Kill 3 Looters
Kill 3 Stim Fiends
Kill 3 Workman Strikers

Kill 3 Neural Burnouts
Kill 3 Premature Patterns
Kill 3 Incomplete Rebuilds
Kill 3 Empty Shells
Kill 3 Melded Patterns

You need to find and kill these mobs in the order they are listed. So, head into the Subway, you should find that the upper level of the Subway is really crowded with Vagabonds, Muggers, and Looters.
Hint: Check out the area with the merchants to finish this part of the quest very fast.

When you go further down the Subway you might also encounter one lonely Workman Striker. If you check out their "meeting place", beware of social aggro.

You have to go deeper down the subway for the second part of the quest. After the spiral staircase, you might see the first Neural Burnout. The rest of the mobs are found shortly afterwards.

Careful pulling does the trick. This is a good place to learn your profession.

If you team up with others be careful to stay in (close) level range. You might not get rewards if the levels are too far apart. (This is true for all Daily Missions. Even if you get normal xp and are in team range you might not get full xp from the mission.)

Consult the map below for the location of each of your targets. It is taken from Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka, available in the downloads section.

Map of the Condemned Subway.

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