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Tower shops are the only place you can purchase your own notum mining and defense equipment. They are located in Borealis, ICC HQ, Old Athen and Rome Blue. While there is a shop for each faction, you can purchase items from the other factions' tower shops as well, if you brave the trip there.

731 x 652
Borealis - 731x652

3206 x 820
Andromeda - 3206x820

Old Athen
480 x 285
Athen Old - 480x285

Rome Blue
674 x 356
Rome Blue district - 674x356

The tower shop holds more than just org contracts and towers, however. In another corner, there is a large Yalmaha on display, and a booth which sells a premium series of vehicles. In the other room, you can find the Veteran Rewards terminal, as well as various terminals that sell buildings for your organisation's city.

Note: prior to the 18.7 patch, Ofab equipment was also sold in the tower shop. This is no longer case. You can now find Ofab items in the Unicorn Defense Hub. See our Battle Station guide for more details.

Towers Section

In the room on the left, to the right of the stairs, are the tower terminals with pre-built towers and parts to make your own.

Tower terminals.

The following towers are available:

Control Tower - Clan
Required to build other towers on a Land Control Area. This particular Control Tower is for Clan players.
Control Tower - Neutral
Required to build other towers on a Land Control Area. This particular Control Tower is for Neutral players.
Control Tower - Omni
Required to build other towers on a Land Control Area. This particular Control Tower is for Omni-Tek players.
Emergency Defense Shield Neutralizer
Disables the defense shield on Land Control towers. This means that the defending org can no longer plant any more towers until the LCA (Land Control Area) goes back to 75% gas. It also allows players without orgs or in orgs that have no LCAs to attack the towers. The EDSN has to be at least the same QL as the Control Tower on the LCA to disable it.
Fire Sprouting Turret
Modifies: MA, Brawl, Riposte, Dimach
Guardian Conductor of Derivation
Modifies: NanoC. Init
Guardian Conductor of Life
Modifies: Max Health
Guardian Conductor of Mind
Modifies: Max Nano
Guardian Conductor of Ransacking
Modifies: Ranged skills
Guardian Conductor of Speed
Modifies: Physic. Init, Melee. Init
Guardian Conductor of Tapping
Modifies: Concealment
Guardian Conductor of Transfer
Modifies: Add All Def.
Guardian Conductor of Will
Modifies: Psycho Modi, Sensory Impr
Massive Cannon Turret
Modifies: Bio Metamor, Matt.Metam
Personal Grid Converter
Can be used to warp yourself into the grid from your Org's LCA. The QL is required to be at least 1 QL higher than the LCA's Control Tower.
SAM Battery
Modifies: Perception
Simple Missile Turret
Modifies: Melee/ma AC
Solar Turret
Modifies: ACs

In addition to the Ready-Made Towers, the components found in Land Control Building Components can help you build additional Turrets and Conductors. And there are also two terminals to buy Universal Advantages from.

Vehicles Section

In the room on the left, to the left of the stairs, are the vehicle terminals. Watercrafts, Aircrafts and Hovercrafts are available.

The most popular vehicle is the Yalmaha XL - 29478. A Yalmaha of any QL will allow you to fly, which makes the lowest QL, 30, a very popular option since it costs the least and requires the least amount of Vehicle Air skill to use; 80 Vehicle Air at just under 5 million credits. The QL 30 is always in stock. Gone are the days of looking around in many shops to find the lowest one.

Note that since the 18.7 patch, higher QL Yalmahas allow you to fly faster. Previously, any Yalmaha would fly at the same speed. This might be a reason to buy a higher QL one.

Vehicle terminals.

Veteran Rewards Section

In the room on the right from the entrance, to the left of the stairs, are the Veteran Rewards terminals.

Veteran Rewards terminals.

Organisation City Section

Finally, in the room on the right, to the right of the stairs, are the organisation city terminals.

Organisation city terminals.

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