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In addition to the Basic Turrets you can get from the Tower Shops, there are some that needs to be tradeskilled with the use of a wide variety of items, most of which can be gotten from the Tower Shop itself.

So let us get started with the items you will need to make these Turrets:

Buyable from both the Tower Shops and from Uncle Bazzit in Meetmedere.
Note:The Bioplate determines the final QL of the Turret.

Drops from sided mobs in Avalon and Wailing Wastes.

Can be found in random QLs up to QL255 in Tower Shops and in Uncle Bazzit's shop.
And one of the following weapons

Atomic AF is not ingame, Cold Laser is very rare. From the Wailing Wastes or Avalon camps
Omni Quest
Clan Quest

There are currently two turrets that you can reliably get tradeskilled ingame

Min QL
Personal Modifiers
+ Cold & Poison Dmg / Trap Disarm & B&E / Cold & Poison AC

Min QL
Personal Modifiers
+ Proj & Energy Dmg / Proj & Energy AC

Min QL
Personal Modifiers
Radiation, Fire, Chemical, Cold, and Poison damage shield

With all the items in hand it is time to start tradeskilling:
(For this example we will make a X-11 Ejector Turret)

  +    =  

Requires x5.75 Mech. Engi & x4 Nano Progra Skill based on QL of X-11 Ejector Turret Controller

  +    =  

Requires x5.75 Mech. Engi & x4.5 Weapon Smt Skill based on QL of the Weapon.
QL will now equal the QL of the weapon.

And voilá, your advanced Turret is complete! Make good use of it!

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Written by Quilluck
Additional Help by Ophiuchus
Additional Information by Notnotnotnod
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