General Freewheeler's Quest

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Omni
Level: 100-220
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This quest involves collecting weapons for General Freewheeler. He is located in the Main OTAF Base in Avalon, the quickest route is to head south from the Camelot grid exit or, even quicker, using the Fixer Grid.

Once inside, you can find the General standing at the Southern end of the base in his shiny Omni-Tek Armed Forces uniform.

If General Freewheeler isn't around, it just means that he's taken a quick trip to reclaim. Just hang around for 5 minutes and he will return.

After a quick chat he will hand you A Dimension Crushing Storage Device

However if you are doing this quest for either tokens or the tower weapons rewarded to you by Supply Master Eel it might be a better idea to first find the various weapons he is after:

These can be found from the regular mobs in the Sentinels base in Wailing Wastes:

Fly south-east from the Main OTAF Base, zone into Wailing Wastes and head eastwards. Beware that there are plenty of aggressive mobs inside and quite a few high level mobs too. The quickest and easiest targets to focus on are:

Defense Patroller
Guard Patroller

Also be sure to be on the lookout for Omni-Tek Bravery Tokens while you are collecting the weapons, these give you one extra token and drop quite frequently from these mobs.

Once you have 12 of one of the three weapons it is time to start tradeskilling:

Repeat the process until you finally have one of the following:

With that in hand it is time to head back to the Main OTAF Base.

Have a chat with General Freewheeler again and let him know which of the weapons you have completed and then hand him the A DCSD containing 12 BBI Minami-90 Sticky Love Rains. He will reward you with a:

At this point he will ask you if you would like one of the "Tower weapons" which and give you a A Note to Supply Master Eel, depending on which of the weapons you have collected.
Note that this is completely optional and only required if you wish to build one of the Advanced Notum Wars Turrets.

Currently the turrets you are given for the M150 N.A. Booster Edition are not ingame.

If you wish to get one of the tower weapons, head North-West from the Main OTAF base to the Secondary OTAF base

Just inside you can find Supply Master Eel who seems like quite a busy man.

However he will accept your Note and hand you the tower weapon.
Below is the list of tower weapons you will receive depending on which weapon you have collected:

These weapons can be used to build Advanced Notum Wars Turrets.

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