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These quests are aimed at levels 1-220 for RK2019 (RK6) only at this time. These quests are for pieces of the Serpentine Sneaking Armor.

This quest line is only available on server RK2019 and may be obtained via the quests or the Annual RK2019 Anniversary events!!!

Boss loot is set to level 220, but if you're lucky and close enough to the boss you may get one of any of the Serpentine Armor pieces set to QL 1 in the boxes they throw into player inventories when it dies! Just run through the box to ensure you get loot

Each piece of armor is earned through separate quests and based on what ever your level is at the time you complete the quest. If you are level 25 then your armor piece with be level 25 when you receive it. Not to worry though! This armor self levels with you all the way to 220.

The NPCs for this quest line are located standing together on the raised platform at the center of ICC.

You need to speak to them in the order of level of the progression server RK2019. If you aren't high enough, they will tell you in their own way that you aren't going to cut the mustard...I do not think you've got what it takes for this one. Additionally, if you've out-leveled the quest you will get a message indicating that as well. Be very careful if you want a full set of this armor to do the quests before you are out of the level range required to complete any of the quests. Since these quests are dependent on certain instances and Dungeons, there is no way to go back and get the piece you missed out on once you've out-leveled that area.

Toof the Short

The first NPC is Toof the Short. If you are level 25 or less, he will start you off with a quest to deal with Abmouth Supremus deep in the bowels of the Subway.

The Subway is located conveniently just East of the of the raised Platform and the NPCs. To learn more about the subway please visit our The Condemned Subway guide.

Once you have taken care of Abmouth Supremus you will see in your inventory:

Toof will also give the next quest to visit The Temple of Three Winds and take care of Aztur the Immortal One and rewards you with:

*Toof is a bit greedy with this quest and limits it to one sleeve only. No matter how you try to convince him, Toof will not offer you the chance at a second sleeve!

Anthix the Brave

Anthix the Brave is the next NPC you'll want to speak with when you..."come of Age..."! He's on the same platform as Toof looking tough and ready to swing his steel beam!

Anthix the Brave will give you a quest to first take care of T.I.M. in Foreman's (Biomare) located in Longest Road for:

Then a quest to deal with Cerubin the Rejected in the depths of Crypt of Home located in Broken Shore. You'll get:

Fiona the Wise!

After you complete Anthix's requests it's time to move to Fiona the Wise who is dressed in blue and if not for the huge sword she carries could be mistaken for an innocent!

Fiona will expect you to be able to wear your big girl and boy pants and she'll test your metal by sending you to the Inner Sanctum to take out Hezak the Immortal One! This will definitely take a team on this server, so make friends with your local friendly Doc and Enfo, or gather you best 220 friends to take you in! When you conquer him you'll get rewarded with:

Fiona sure did take her time, but she has finally worked out the kinks, and has shaken out the cobwebs to reveal her plan to challenge you to visit Mantis and Smuggler's Den deep in Southern Foul Hills to hunt down and to kill the Mantis Queen deep inside her lair.

Note:* You can team with a much higher player and once inside, (if you know how), jump up on the lip of entrance just inside the Mantis Den to avoid being attacked. You may then let the high character(s) kill the queen and still enjoy reap the reward of Fiona's coveted:

After that, she will push your skill with a trip to the Ace Camp and the Mercenaries to tackle the god of War, Ian Warr!
After taking him down, everyone in the team with the mission will get:

Once you obtain the shoulderplate, your full set of armor is ready to wash and wear! You're now set to conquer dungeons, demons and dragons!

Serpentine Copy
Full Serpentine Armor Set

The armor may not be the best there is, but for the RK2019 server, it is a great starting armor to currently get! Its unique in that it will level with you all the way to 220!

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