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To celebrate the anniversary of Anarchy Online, a number of unique bosses spawn in various places on Rubi-Ka. This guide details the location, loot, and tricks for each boss. This event was originally introduced on the Rubi-Ka 2019 server for its one year anniversary, but as of 2021 it's available on both servers throughout the game's birthday event in June.

The bosses spawn every nine hours. Each time a boss spawns, a global server message pops up, like:

A mutated husk slithers to the surface, near a crashed meteor site, within the Coast of Peace. Hurry to coordinates X:3150 Z:1550 in the Coast of Peace. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.

Many thanks to Berael for letting me use her notes and to Sloth for letting me use his screenshots of Abmouth, Zaal and the Serpentine Armour.

Note: Serpentine Sneaking Armor Boss loot (from the dead, rotting, smelly bodies) for the Anniversary event is set to level 220.
However, if you're lucky and close enough to the boss, you may be able to snag one of any of the Serpentine Armor pieces from the box that the bosses will drop at their feet when one dies! These pieces are set to QL 1 and each piece varies from boss to boss. Just run through the box to ensure you get loot. Check your inventory to be sure something spawned in your inventory and you might just be the proud new owner of a piece of slithering Serpentine Sneaking Armor.

Abmouth Indomitus

Coast of Peace
Coast of Peace - 3150x1550

The quickest way there is via the grid exit to Lush Hills Resort and heading south.

Spawn timer: Unpredictable. Due to low player activity in Coast of Peace, the zone regularly goes idle and this interferes with the timer.

  • AOE nukes with melee damage; upwards of 5-8k.
  • Two Plaguebearer adds. They respawn when killed.



Upper Stret East Bank
Upper Stret East Bank - 1900x3000

The quickest way there is fixer grid exit 7-M in Upper Stret East Bank and then head north.

Spawn timer: About 30% chance to spawn every 3 hours.

  • AOE Frost Burn. Visible as a white cloud. If you stand in it, you get nuked.
  • Very high defense rating, difficult to perk.
  • If he is not killed fast enough, Atma will pull the raid group in and then blast them into another nearby zone like Varmint Woods.


Cerubin The Reborn

Avalon - 2100x280

The quickest way there is fixer grid exit 8-L in Avalon and then go southeast.

Spawn timer: About 80% chance to spawn every 9 hours.

  • Tentacle adds. These have various abilities, including healing Cerubin and forcing you to attack them instead of what you were fighting before.



The Longest Road
The Longest Road - 1130x1530

The quickest way there is fixer grid exit 6-R in The Longest Road and then head northeast.

Spawn timer: About 55% chance to spawn every 6 hours.

  • Executive Defender adds.
  • 50% reflect shield.
  • Area Nano Shutdown.


Zaal The Immortal

Southern Artery Valley
Southern Artery Valley - 1730x1200

The quickest way there is fixer grid exit 7-M in Southern Artery Valley.

Spawn timer: About 55% chance to spawn every 6 hours.

  • Fanatics that explode and do AOE damage. They also spawn a Tortured Soul if they explode.
  • Charms (mind control) such as from Medusa Grandmatriarchs and the 12m instance. If you have a Complete Heal nano, make sure to keep the nano line on lock. Otherwise you will fully heal Zaal when you are charmed.



After each a boss dies, a crate spawns. If you stand close to it, you will receive a random reward. The crate rewards include QL 1 Serpentine Armour and Armour of the Eight, as well as specific items from the boss' loot table. For example the crate that spawns after Zaal the Immortal may give a Skull of Anguish, and the crate that spawns after T.A.M. may spawn a HUD Update: Super Target Scope 7.

Important: QL 1 Serpentine Armour will adjust to your level when you equip it, but QL 220 Serpentine Armour cannot be equipped unless you are level 220.

Serpentine Armour

Armour of the Eight

Last updated on 01.26.2024 by Cariadast
Written by Saavick.
Thanks to Berael for letting me use her notes.
Thanks to Duncain and Conciliator for spawn timer estimates.
Thanks to Sloth for letting me use his screenshots.
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