Reet Retreat

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Reet Retreat
Stret West Bank - 1196x2818
has been one of the most popular places to party 'til you drop on the weekends.

Reet Retreat

Location: 1196 x, 2818 The Last Ditch.

Located in the neutral town of Last Ditch, this popular neutral hangout can be reached through whompahs from the towns of Hope and Borealis, making it an easy and safe trip for neutrals, clanners and omnis.

The whompahs at The Last Ditch.

Outside of Reet Retreat, front end of the building.

Outside of Reet Retreat, side of the building.

Location of Reet Retreat on the AoRK (Atlas of Rubi-Ka) Map.

Reets Retreat is a well known establishment on Rubi-Ka, where every year AO celebrates events in mass, like it's anniversary, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and more. The place it's also a favorite spot for Gridstream Production's DJ's and ARK for parties and events.

You can enter through two doors from the outside, one is on the ground level, the other entrance is on the second floor, you can get to it through a ramp on the side of the building.

Entrance at street level.

Ramp on side of the building leading to second floor entrance.

Wilson Robert will be next to the second floor entrance. He gives you the Gridstream Productions T-Shirt quest.

As you enter from the ground floor, you'll see a corridor with a door to the left that leads to the "Fire Room" and further down it makes a turn to the right.

The "Fire Room" resembles some parts of the well known Camelot Castle in Avalon, giving it a very medieval feel to the room. With comfortable sofas and two chimneys it creates a very cozy atmosphere.

Going back to the corridor, as you make a right, you'll see a way up into an intersection where you can go either left or right.

You may bump into Circe Levi, a female nanomage that works for Omni-Tek, who roams all over the place. If you speak with her, you'll get to know a bit about her work and some history about The Inner Sanctum.

To the right, will be the way out (the entrance on the second floor).

The left turn leads to another intersection.

If you take the right, you'll end up in the restrooms. Please be aware that the Mens bathroom is a disaster, while the Ladies bathroom is pristine (I'm not surprised about this at all).

Captain Lewinson will be hanging out here, if you speak with him you may find an interesting aspect about him.

If you take the left, you'll end up in a series of dinning rooms. As you enter, to your left will be a nice room with fancy glass tables and comfortable seating. This is a perfect place for an organization to meet socially if they do not own a city.

A Food Provider will be available, offering several choices including beverages, and even cake!

The right side has a more casual style, with marble tables, seating and lighting which seems to resemble a sunset.

Now to the part which may not be as pleasant as the rest of the place. There will be a door in the middle, which will lead you to a unique dinning room (to say the least). It's not for the weak of heart, that much I can tell you. The room is decorated with replica bronto bones and meat (I hope they are replicas) with a... humanoid hanging from the ceiling (which I really hope is either a prop or an unused clone).

A Bronto Chef will be available, offering a few choices of beverages, bronto burgers and muffins. If I were you, I'd stay away from the burgers...

The other side of the room is not any less shocking, with two metal tables covered in blood.

As you run away and back into the main corridor, going straight through the middle door you'll find once again another intersection.

Going to the right will lead you to what seems an old storage room which has been slightly modified for the tough party goer.

If you look up, you'll see four large speakers hanging from the beams above.

A Bartender will be available, offering a few choices of beverages, from coffee to beer.

If you head back and take the left instead, it will lead you to the most popular section of Reet Retreat.

As you enter the large room, to your left there will be expensive "This Means" furniture. If you want some for you own apartment, check out this guide on how to get them.

To the right, there will be a ramp leading to the glass floor above (the dance floor).

Rita Deluth is available in the back, offering a large option of beverages. She's also part of a Daily Mission.

As you go up to the dance floor, to your right there will be more of the classy furniture that you saw downstairs.

To your left, there will be a bar.

At the bar, Pulcinella, a member of the theatrical group "Commedia Del'Atrox" will share his... talent and personal history with you. Try not to judge him too harshly. The Bartender offers a few options of beverages

With such a prime location, a mixed atmosphere that welcomes all factions, it's one of the classic favorite hangouts for the weekends. If you're ever looking for a place to chill out and mix it up with people who usually would try to kill you, Reet Retreat is a perfect option for you.

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Written by Windguaerd.
Maps: Atlas of Rubi Ka.
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