William Robert

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You can find
William Robert
Stret West Bank - 1200x2800
at 1200x2800 in Stret West Bank, just outside Reet's Retreat.

William is on a quest. A quest to (ab)use alcohol. Unfortunatly he didn't manage to get any from last night's party. His main worry is a lack of beer with substance...or at least something that ain't crystal clear. So he tries to molest anyone that knows how to obtain "stuff", whether he/she is a supplier or not.

If you speak with him you will find he wants to bring him an Undamaged Roller-Rat tail as well as a XXX-Plumbo Beer Can. Neither of the items are hard to come by, Roller-rat tails drop from, yeah you guessed it, Rollerrats and you can get that particular brand of beer in any shop, just look for a drinks terminal in the tradeskill section.

Once you bring him both items, he will reward you with:

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