William Robert

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William Robert

In Stret West Bank,
just outside Reet's Retreat
Stret West Bank - 1200x2800
, you might find a man named William Robert. William is on a quest. A quest to (ab)use alcohol. Unfortunately he didn't manage to get any from last night's party. His main worry is a lack of beer with substance... or at least something that isn't crystal clear. So he tries to molest anyone that might know how to obtain "stuff".

If you speak with him you will find he wants you to bring him an Undamaged Roller-Rat tail and a XXX-Plumbo Beer Can. Neither of the items are hard to come by. Roller-rat tails drop from, yeah you guessed it, rollerrats. You can find them in many places, for example in the backyards in Borealis. XXX-Plumbo Beer is sold by bartenders all over Rubi-Ka, such as the one right inside Reet's Retreat or the one in Fair Trade in Borealis. Note that their particular offerings can vary so you may have to shop around a little.

Once you return to him with both items, William will reward you with:

GridStream Productions

The GSP T-Shirt celebrates Rubi-Ka's very own radio station, GridStream Productions. You can meet their DJs and their dancers at many parties. To learn more about GridStream Productions, such as planned events and parties or news, check out their website. To tune in, click here.

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