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Circles - garden and sanctuary exits
Circles - garden and sanctuary exits
Circles, numbers - Gurading the Source quest line
Circles, numbers - Inferno Tour quest line
Circles, numbers - Spirit Quests line
Circles, numbers - The Anansi quest line
Where circles are multi-colored, there are NPCs from different quest lines

Gurading the Source quest line
1- One Who is Invited Last
2- One Who talks with the Past
Rest of mobs/NPCs are in Pandemonium (with exception f Ergo, who we had to leave off map since it would be too big to manage

Inferno Tour quest line
1- Stephen Richards
2- Weakened Chimeras, Chimera Crushers, Aberrant Chimera
3- Desolate Malahas, Grieving Malahas, Embodiment of Sorrow
4- Smouldering Shadow
5- Feral Vortexoid Strikers, Feral Vortexoid Soothers, Feral Vortexoid Mindbreaker
6- Ember Chimera
7- Coal Lizard, Smoky Salamander
8- Xark, Razor

Spirit Quests line
1- One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme
2- Contemplating Spirits, Unrepentant Spirits, Spirit of Disruption
3- Somphos Argef, Somphos Argeele, Somphos Sorlivet
4- One Who Asks The Unasked
5- Anansi Gopher
6- Meditating Spirits, Conflicted Spirits, Spirit of Coercion
7- Spirit of Malice
8- Relentless Spirit
9- Ashen Viper
10- Ira Atlin, Eddie (not listed, not in Inferno)
11- Courier Lizards
12- Victor Nonya

The Anansi quest line
1- One Who Learns the Past
2- Anansi Zealots, Anansi Diviners, Anansi Dreamkeeper
3- One Who talks with the Past
4- Anansi Devotees, Anansi Protectors, Anansi Scribe
5- Shy Eremites, Bold Eremites, Calamity Eremite
6- Guardian of Dissent
7- Anansi Orators, Anansi Speakers, Anansi Storyteller
8- Brimstone Demon, Scalding Weaver
9- Ansasi Right Hand, Anansi Left Hand

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