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We all know that fast food joints usually offer an odd job or two. And while Bronto Burger in Holes in the Wall don't employ atm, you can drop by to pick up a quest of two from regular customers there.

Two guys there offer a bit more rewarding (and also more time-consuming) employment, so we dedicate special guides for them:

Corporal Ashley Winstead - reward is profession specific nano
Engineer Heath Bridges - rewards are new upgrades for weapons

The rest of NPCs will reward you mostly just with xp and credits, but they will also explain you a bit about their theories how Shadowlands and Rubi-Ka affect each other. And you'll get to see some of more spectacular sights all over Rubi-Ka.

Botanist Tuscany Devereaux

She's mainly concearned about plant life (surprise, surprise ;) ). As such, helping her shouldn't be too hard, since plants usually don't attack back. However, since your first task will take you NW corner of Greater Tir County populated with Sandworms (lvl 130) and Scavenger Vultures (lvl 100), a flying vehicle might be needed for lower levels in order for fast escape.
Botanist will provide you with Pruning Knife as well as 3 different containers in which you should collect different colored Desert Orchids. While you'd be provided with map waypoint, use this just as help, since Orchids are in reality scattered all over the desert.

Blue Desert Orchid

Pink Desert Orchid

Yellow Desert Orchid

Once you collected flower(s), just pick it up and shift+r-click with it on container to store it. With all 3 containers full, return with them (as well as knife) to Botanist. She'll reward you with 200000 xp and 200000 credits, and since you're such good guy/gel/neutral, she'll have another task for you. This time you'll have to collect just 3 specimens of plant life in Clondyke. Again, map waypoint is just an orientation help, since plants are scattered all over the zone.

Cardboard Palm

Fly Agaric

Angel's Trumphet

When you locate the plant, r-click on it (and hold still for few seconds) to collect the specimen. When you have all 3 plants, just return for 200000 xp and 200000 credits reward.

Killian Sweeney - Rubi-Ka Tours

RK Tours provide trips to different locations all over the place. So be prepared to travel a fair bit if you decide to sign Rubi-Ka Tours Standard Expedition Disclaimer and pay the fee. This will get you a pass to 10 different locations, selected for their historical or natural importance. On the location you'll find info disc, which will explain you a bit more about that place and then upload map marker for next location.

With this being a "guided tour", once you're done with all 10 locations, mr. Killian won't have a reward for you.

Sergeant Marion Sweet

Level req: 120+

This sweet lady is out for blood. She issues bounty for some "terrorists" to anyone, regardless if she thinks they are fit for the job or they'll get smoked. Anyway, in order for you to claim bounty, you should kill 5 Banished Con Men, 5 Delerict Gunmen and 5 Exiled Raiders (3 separate missions that give 200000 XP each). For lower levels a team is advised, since mobs are level 150-175. And to save you you a bit of runing, we advice you wait till you get mission to kill some cyborgs from Corporal Ashley Winstead, before you turn to bountyhunter (since they are in close proximity).

Banished Con Man

Derelict Gunman

Exiled Raider

If you're not familiar with that area of Milky Way, refer to lower picture to find the passage to where those mobs are hiding.

Reward: Prototype Cyborg Token Board, 1050000 XP, and 1050000 credits

Dr.Amanda Leon

Dr.Amanda is a zoologist, so a task to observe and tag couple of animals isn't a real surprise. namely, she wants you to mark Lacerator Gunbeetle, Penpod Trapper and Gouger Scoripod in Pleasant Meadows (you'll get Location Marker, with which you should r-click on those mobs). Exact locations of those mobs is concealed in mission description, but if you still can't find them, click on pictures below and check location on map (Disclaimer: mobs can wander around a bit, especially Scorpiod, or can be killed by other enthusiastic players. Just circle a bit around general area and tab to find them)
Once you manage to mark all of them (they must be tagged in right order and after each successful task a mission name will change), just return to Dr.Amanda for reward. The reward is 850000 XP, 200000 credits, but in this case it's also 2 stacks of QL150 HQ Health Laboratory

Lacerator Gunbeetle

Penpod Trapper

Gouger Scorpoid

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