Corporal Ashley Winstead

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Level: 60-220
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Corporal Winstead
Holes In the Wall - 371.1x750.2
is hiding among other people at Bronto Burger in Holes in the Wall. And like the rest of the bunch, he wants you to do the work for him. But the reward that he offers stands out among the rest of the quests, as it is a Nano Crystal that you cannot obtain anywhere else. You'll get mid-high level (it's matter of perspective) nanoprogram from him. While lower level players will be able to start out solo, they will need team, for sure, as they progress.

His first task is simple. All you'll have to do is kill 10 Nanobot Hackers, 10 Crypto Crackers and 10 Black Hats in Varmint Woods. You'll get 3 separate missions for that, so the order of your kills doesn't matter (just make sure you complete all 3 quests before heading back). They are level 80-90, and can be found in the various "Camps" and "Ruins" spread throughout Varmint Woods. Because there are fewer than ten of each type of criminal at each camp, it is usually faster to go from camp to camp rather than wait for respawns. Here's a listing of all 5 camps:

Criminal camp #1
Varmint Woods - 1071.3x1894.7

Criminal camp #2
Varmint Woods - 705.9x1003.2

Criminal camp #3
Varmint Woods - 1077.3x911.3

Criminal camp #4
Varmint Woods - 3562.5x1018.1

Criminal camp #5
Varmint Woods - 3682.1x738.1

Nanobot Hacker
Crypto Cracker
Black Hat

But don't get your hopes up too fast, since he'll be ready with next mission for you (and no, you won't get that nano just yet).

Note: To proceed to this part of the quest you must be level 80 or higher. If you are not then Winstead will tell you that he doesn't feel your training is complete, and suggests you get a little more experience.

Once you reach level 80 and return, he wants you to go to Avalon and kill 10 Anun Slicers, 10 Nanomutants and 10 Sandcrawlers. In this mission, Waypoints will be uploaded to your map for various locations in Avalon. The Anuns are found at the
Anun Tree Knoll
Avalon - 2124x2846
(2124x2846). The Nanofreaks are found at the
Nanofreak Abode
Avalon - 1666x743
(1666x743). The Sandcrawlers are found at the
Rocky Pass
Avalon - 2531x1705
north of the Notum Tree, at 2531x1705. The order of killing matters this time and upon successfully disposing of 10 critters, their body parts will spawn in your inventory (one part representing the 10 killed). All of these creatures are level 100 to 120.

When you return to Corporal Winstead and hand over the trophies, he'll have a final task for you. Now he wants you to head to the
Cyborg Valley
Milky Way - 4339.2x861.9
in The Milky Way and kill 7 Cyborg Nanobiologists, 7 Cyborg Constructors, 7 Cyborg Aggressors, and a Cyborg Techwrecker (in that order). At this point, chat with Sergeant Marion Sweet (if you haven't yet) also located at Bronto Burger and grab a mission from her as well, since it's right next to Cyborgs. This part is level locked at 120+ (lower levels won't be able to pull qust yet).

Cyborg Nanobiologist

Cyborg Constructor

Cyborg Aggressor

At this point a Cyborg Dogtags should spawn in your inventory. Last mob is located somewhere closer to Valley entrance, near the cliff wall (if not pulled away).

Be careful!
The Cyborg Techwrecker
Milky Way - 4208.3x779.7
is a borg boss, and he has a few interesting tricks up his sleeve. Primarily, he has a special attack that removes all of the buffs from your NCU! He also is immune to most calms and roots, similar to some other unique bosses.

Upon killing it, Cyborg Techwrecker Dogtags should spawn in your inventory and you're ready to head back to Ashley (he must have been bullied in school) to reap the final reward, profession specific nano.

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