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Some of the old RK weapons, most of which can be built from Manuals, found as loot on random mobs or simply rolled as mission reward, can now be upgraded. Each of them have several upgrades, so you can modify them to suit your skills. However, even though the list includes 120 weapons, the upgrades and skills needed are exactly the same for each type of main skill of the weapon (for example Rifle).

There are several ways to get these upgrades. You can buy them from Andre Bottle or from terminals in the tradeskill department of neutral general stores, such as Fair Trade in Borealis. You can also get them by helping out Engineer Heath Bridges with short quests. Finally, you can also loot them from engineer mobs in RK missions or from various robot mobs, such as Bioarranged Beast - Model 666.

Note that you can find the penultimate weapon, such as the E-Beamer - 405, in the weapon terminals in general stores. The stores sell all QLs from 1 to 300. The tradeskill department in neutral stores has the final Ranged/Melee Weapons Adjustment Kit, so you can easily upgrade it to the final step too; e.g. E-Beamer - C05.

Weapon Overview

The following table provides examples of different types of upgrades. Scroll down to see how it's actually applied. The total number of weapons that can be upgraded is quite extensive. For a full listing if all upgradable weapons, you could search for "000" on AOItems item database site.

Main skill
Basic upgrade
First advanced
Second advanced
Third advanced
Last upgrade




Assault Rifle



Martial Arts

Melee Energy




Ranged Energy



The Tradeskill Process

As you can see in the above table, you need 1 basic upgrade and 3-4 (depending on type of weapon) advanced upgrades. Assembly itself is as easy as it comes (provided you have x5 ql of weapon in WS):

  +    =  
  +    =  
This process takes 5x QL of weapon in Weapon Smithing.
The upgrades must be at least 90% of the QL of the weapon you are upgrading.
They are consumed in the tradeskill process.

This final step requires no tradeskills.
The upgrade must be at least 90% of the QL of the weapon you are upgrading.
It is consumed in the tradeskill process.

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