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Level: 50-100
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This daily mission is given by the Senior Agency Handler from the office in Athen and Rome Blue. The mission will require you to enter Biomare. We have a separate guide to direct you to Biomare, as well as a detailed guide for a line of missions that you can complete there.

Map of The Longest Road.

Entrance to Biomare, in the Foreman's Office.

The following is the description of the mission:

The Biomare institute was disowned a long time ago and is now a dreaded place where toxic creations and prototype constructs are loitering.

Kill 3 of each of the following to claim your reward.

Kill 3 Toxic Floaters
Kill 3 Toxic Bloaters
Kill 3 Heavy Cargo Haul Bots

Kill 3 Neutralizers
Kill 3 Alpha Bio Constructs
Kill 3 Shadow Mutants

Kill 3 Chemical Vindicators
Kill 3 Beta Bio Constructs
Kill 3 Bodyguards

Your mission will update after you kill each group of mobs, and you will receive XP and tokens as your reward for each step. Consult the map below for the location of each of your targets. It is taken from Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka, available in the downloads section.


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Written by Windguaerd.
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