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Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol Upgrade

Class: Engineer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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It appears this tradeskill process was designed to challenge Engineers who complained building items is too easy. Anyway, the 3 parts needed to build the pistol can be found inside the Machine, for a second tradeskill you'll also need Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol.

This process will require 1200 Weapon Smithing, 1950 Electrical Engineering and 1950 in Mechanical Engineering skill.

This process will require 1000 Weapon Smithing, 1800 Electrical Engineering, 1800 Mechanical Engineering skill.

Pistols can be futher upgraded using items that escaped prisoners drop. The exact process is explained here.

Last updated on 11.23.2012 by Llie
Information provided by Trgeorge. Corrections submitted by Khaldore.
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