Exchange Officer of IPS

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Been hunting in the Catacombs for your Tier parts but picked up stacks for every other profession but your own? Fret no more! You can exchange them with the Exchange Officer of IPS.

Exchange Officer of IPS

Exchange Officer of IPS
Jobe Harbor - 171x402
is located at Jobe Harbour, 171 x 402

To check which type of Vision, Will, Advent or Fruition you need to get your hands on, and also what you can do with them if you aren't sure - check the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 armour guides.

You appear to only be able to exchange for your own types, so this should remove any chances of messing up!





Last updated on 11.02.2012 by Llie
Written by Ukblizzard
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