Jobe Armor Tier Two

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Level: 180-220
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Got your Tier One armour? Want to know how to upgrade? Then this is the right place to be!

An overview of wills, advents and glyphs can be seen in the table below:

So, ingredients per piece. You will need:

3 x Will of <xxxxxx> for each piece
1 x Consanguineal Embryo of Yomi'Arallu for each piece
3 x Advent of the <xxxxxx> for each piece
1 x Canister of Pure Liquid Notum for each piece (Min QL 80).
1 x Joker's Glyph (Obtainable from Adonis Abyss)
1 x Jobe Armour / Tier 1 piece of armour you want to upgrade

Just as for the Tier One armour, you will need to take into consideration that the visions, wills and eventually the glyphs you use are dependant upon your profession (as shown in the table above). As you hunt for visions and wills, if you pick up a will that is not for your profession, do not fret. Take it to the Exchange Officer of IPS to swap it for one for your profession.

Recipe for normal armor pieces (excluding Helmet, back item and Shoulderpads):

To gain a red glyph you need to visit your IPS Representative and trade the following, depending on your profession.

To gain your coloured glyph, you will need to trade the following with your IPS Representative:

So you have grafted away, blood, sweat and plenty of tears - or you just popped along to your local GMS and bought your glyphs. Either way, you now have the glyphs you need to make your Tier Two. Next for some tradeskilling!

As mentioned in the ingredients list, you need a Canister of Pure Liquid Notum for each complete armour piece you want to make.

So, using the Red Glyph of Aban as an example, you will need to find a tradeskiller to awaken it (unless you are one yourself of course):

  +    =  

To combine them you or the tradeskiller need 880 in Quantum FT and Computer Literacy.

Once you have the Red glyph awakened, you need to combine it with your profession specific coloured glyph. Baring in mind that this example will lead us to a glyph for an Enforcer ONLY you should do the following process:

  +    =  

To combine them you or the tradeskiller need 960 Psychology.

This profession specific glyph can then be combined with the piece of Tier 1 armour you wished to upgrade and you will finally have the piece of Tier 2 you wanted. To combine them you need 720 in Computer Literaracy.

Upgrading Shoulder Pads, Back Item and Helmet

After consulting the item data base, we were able to create the following list so you can see which items you can newly make at Tier 2:

To make the items that are available for your profession, you need to apply a Jokers Glyph to each piece of Jobe Armour that you need to make into a Tier 2 armour piece. To combine them you need 720 in Computer Literaracy.

The Jokers Glyph drops from Eradicus in Adonis. You only need 1 Glyph (it is NODROP UNIQUE and it does not get used up in the tradeskill process) to apply to the shoulderpads, helmet and back item.

You will find Eradicus at this underwater dungeon in Adonis:

Applying the glyph to the armour pieces will make an Advanced Jobe Armour which can then be upgraded as before with the Red and Coloured Glyph.

T2 Enforcer Armour
Modelled by Pizza RK1

Now that you have your Tier 2 armor, you'll probably eventually be interested in upgrading it to Tier 3.

Last updated on 11.02.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by tcollings to the SL Library Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd & Theophrast.
Guide rewritten with new information and images by Ukblizzard.
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