Transmographic Dimension Shifter

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Level: 201-220
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Dr. Ness (from the Arid Rift quest) has a very nice tool for you after you've built a Ness' Decoy Device for him. By selecting yourself and right-clicking the tool, it will warp you out of whatever place in Arid Rift back to Ryker's Unicorn staging area ... and as you will find out very soon after you've started the Arid Rift quest this might be very handy!

So how do you get this item? First, you will have to go to Alien Agency Handler to obtain an Alien Team Daily Mission in Arid Rift that will lead you to Dr. Ness. He will send you on a quest for some items that drop from Assembler mobs. You have to search for the following items:

The items can drop from any mob in Arid Rift but it is much better to follow Dr. Ness' advice and kill Assemblers. You will find them near their leader at Location 409 397

After you've got all four parts (they are all nodrop and unique) you have to combine them:

In the team alien mission you will have to give Dr. Ness the Ness' Decoy Device in order to finish the mission. But you can talk with him a little longer and he will tell you about this wonderful idea about an enhancement to this device. He will give you a

which you must combine with a Ness' Decoy Device. So go back to the Assemblers and get the above items again. Combine them and also add the Algorithm: Replotting Matrix

When you select yourself and right-click the tool, you will get warped back to the Unicorns at the entrance of Arid Rift.

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