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This is a great quest for some nice armor for low level characters. The Living Cyber Armor will level up automatically with you until you reach level 200. It should last you a little while.

This quest helps you to get your hands on the Body Armor, the Boots and the Gloves. If you would like more pieces of this armor, you can loot it in The Condemed Subway.

To start this quest, you will either need to talk to a Good Time Party Mixer or an OT Party Mixer.

Party Mixer's

There are quite a few Party Mixer's across Rubi Ka, you will find some of them at the following locations:

Good Time Party Mixer in Newland
Newland City - 458x336

Near the Bronto Burger, usually at 458 x 336

Good Time Party Mixer in Stret West Bank
Reets Retreat, underneath the Glass Dance Floor

OT Party Mixer in Baboons

OT Party Mixer in Rompa

OT Party Mixer in Trade
Omni-1 Trade - 400x415

Slightly north of the whompas, 400 x 415

So, start the quest by talking to the party mixer. When you ask about the Living Armor, the Party Mixer will give you the option to ask about Body Armor, Boots or Gloves (each with its respective quest).

Body Armor

The Party Mixer needs to get a Pure Carbon Fragment to Bjorn Krax. He wants you to make one, and bring it to him. In exchange Bjorn will give you the body armor.

He tells you that you need to refine Carbonrich Ore with a Hansen Personal Ore Extractor. You will need to get both.

1: Ore Extractor
The first thing that he asks you to get is the Ore Extractor. You will receive a new mission (shift-left click it to get info on it - and right click and choose "upload to map" to put the mission location on your map). The mission is in a random location usually located in Stret West Bank.

As the missions will sometimes put Omni players in Clan territory, and visa-verse, you are able to delete the mission and speak with the Party Mixer again to hopefully get a better location.

This is just like a regular "find item" mission. Simply run around until you find the extractor.

Finding the Hansen Personal Ore Extractor in the mission

When you locate it, click on it to update the mission and then double click it to pick it up. Make sure it is in your inventory before you leave the mission building.

2: Carbonrich Ore
The Carbonrich Ore you are looking for is in another random mission location, usually in Athen Shire.

The Carbonrich Ore in the mission

Do not pick up the Carbonrich Ore. If you do by accident, set it back down on the ground to use the ore extractor on it.

Instead of picking up the Ore, you have to take the Hansen Personal Ore Extractor from your inventory and use (shift+right click) it on the Carbonrich Ore that's on the floor. This will put your Pure Fragment into your inventory, and will update your mission.

3: Bjorn Krax
Your next mission will be to bring the Pure Carbon Fragment to Bjorn Krax. He is in Wartorn Valley.

Bjorn Krax
Wartorn Valley - 753x584

Wartorn Valley Junk Yard, 753 x 584

When you give him the Carbon Fragment, he will trade you both versions of the Body Armor, the Male and Female.


Before starting the boots quest, it is recommended that you buy a low quality cyber boot from any basic shop. You will need them for this quest. If you don't buy them in advance, you will just have to buy them later, with the mission timer ticking.

Note: DO NOT accept the boots and gloves missions at the same time. It has been brought up that it will cause the glove mission to be incomplete-able.

Once you have bought your boots from a basic shop, go and pick your quest up from a Party Mixer.

1: Mission
The Party Mixer will tell you that they need someone killed and you're the perfect person for the job. This is simply a standard kill person mission, located in Varmint Woods. Once you complete the mission, you will get a mission reward of a crashed implant.

This is for the second part of this mission.

2: Crashed Implant
The party mixer wants you to take this crashed implant to Sarah Winter. She is located NW of Newland City.

Sarah Winter
Newland - 640x780

Newland, 640 x 780

When you find her, open a dialogue with her, and give her the implant.

3: Boots
Sarah will ask you to bring her a normal pair of cyber boots. If you haven't done so yet, now is the time to do so. You'll need to run around basic shops, until you find a terminal that will sell you a pair of cyber boots. It doesn't matter what QL they are, but the lower they are the cheaper they will be. Once you find the boots, take them to Sarah, and she will update them for you to Living Cyber Boots.


So, go and talk to the Party Mixer and pick up the quest for the gloves.

1: Find Mission
The Party Mixer wants you to find someone. This is a regular find person mission. He will send you to Newland Desert for this part of the quest. Upload the mission to your map, and head there.

Once inside the mission, look for the named NPC. Once you find them, target them to update your mission. You will get a banded ring of hope as your mission reward.

2: Take the ring to Sarah.
Once you have this ring, simply take it to Sarah Winter, shown on the map for the Boots part of the quest, and she'll exchange it for the gloves.

Congratulations on finishing these 3 quests. As mentioned at the start of the guide, if you want more of this armor, you can get your hands on it in The Condemed Subway. Living Cyber Armor is a nice set to have for players starting out. Most professions will want to put maximum IP into their intelligence and psychic skills in order to have trickle down for nano skills, maximum nano points, and nano delta anyways, so the requirement isn't unreasonable at these low levels. The ACs for the three main types of damage that you are likely to receive is quite good compared to other armors at the same quality with similar requirements. There are three AC "holes", but the armor has a nice buff for your maximum health points, which is always a good thing at low levels. Here are the stats for the highest QL that Living Cyber Armor can be upgraded to:

(Female) Living Cyber Armor

QL 50 Living Cyber Armor

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